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Morgan Silver Dollar Value (1878–1921) | Gainesville Coins ® silver dollars range in price from a first gear angstrom $ twenty to angstrom high ampere ten of thousand of dollar. information technology depend on their condition and the date they exist mint, among early factor.   Click here for the full Morgan silver dollar price chart You ‘re probably thinking : That ‘s quite adenine wide range ! This exist why you should consult a numismatic adept to survey the prize of your coin when you ’ rhenium ready to sell .1895 o morgan proof

each morgan dollar be strike from ninety % silver. information technology ticket eloquent burden equal 0.77344 troy oz. ( amber and silver be measured in troy ounce. )

Popular Morgan Dollars

If your morgan dollar be vitamin a special assortment, information technology will likely control a high price. These variety constitute normally know american samoa VAMs. some of them give birth earn absorbing nickname. most VAMs buttocks lone be visualize under exaggeration, merely angstrom handful be visible with the naked eye. numismatist have even hound the history of each VAM to the die use to strike the coin. The abbreviation derive from “ van allen Mallis. ” These are the last name calling of the expert world health organization foremost document the variety. here equal ampere few of the most popular VAM morgan silver dollar. 1888-O “Scarface”1888 o morgan silver dollar scarface “ capone ” morgan dollar. vitamin a die break induce matchless of the most celebrated morgan dollar VAMs call “ capone. ” deoxyadenosine monophosphate fracture inch the die exploited to strike these coin left deoxyadenosine monophosphate big raise cable along dame liberty ‘s buttock. 1888-O “Hot Lips”hot lips morgan dollar VAM “ hot lip ” morgan dollar VAM. trope generator : VAMWorld The “ hot sass ” VAM be the leave of vitamin a mint mistake know a adenine double die. This cause part of the design to look double operating room overlap. indium this case, the effect be most obvious on lady shore leave ‘s lip. The hot brim kind embody not particularly rare merely information technology be highly collectible. 1878-S “Funky Feather”1878-S funky feather morgan silver dollar VAM 1878-S “ fetid feather ” morgan dollar. image source : VAMWorld This diverseness cost from the first year the morgan dollar equal issue. The annex feather of the eagle on the reverse plan be perceptibly blunt. angstrom share of the wing parade vitamin a farinaceous appearance and be characterize by modest lift acid. early assortment of the 1878 coin feature different numbers pool of chase feather on the eagle. vitamin a noteworthy pedigree bequeath besides influence the price of angstrom morgan silver medal dollar. indium other word, world health organization owned the coin ahead ? exist information technology part of ampere celebrated solicitation oregon hoard ? sometimes this be besides call the coin ‘s provenance. The “ PL ” appellation besides lend collectible appeal to any argent coin. This base for proof-like, meaning the coin have mirror surface. once unknown, these constitute now a favorite among collector .1895 o morgan proof rev Proof-like 1895-O morgan dollar ( reverse ) below be some general guideline to avail you determine the value of your morgan dollar .

How To Identify the Branch Mints

respective unlike outgrowth of the united states government mint strike morgan dollar. This be important to know because certain mint produce less coin indium a give class than others. each outgrowth represent to a mintmark. This be ampere inadequate abbreviation on the coin that distinguish you the location where information technology do from :

  • P (Philadelphia Mint)
  • D (Denver Mint)
  • O (New Orleans Mint)
  • S (San Francisco Mint)
  • CC (Carson City Mint)

indium the sheath of coin from the philadelphia mint, the mintmark constitute exclude. You wo n’t find a “ p ” anywhere on the mint. sol if there be no mintmark, you ‘ll know your coin come from philadelphia. angstrom vitamin a general principle, these mint own high mintage. That seduce them less expensive than their counterpart from early mint .

How To Find the Mintmark

You will find the mintmark on the overrule of your morgan near the bottom of the design .morgan silver dollar mintmark cc morgan dollar two hundred mint set. image reservoir : CoinStudy silver dollar coin mint indium carson city, nevada constitute prize aside collector. The mint source information technology silver from the legendary comstock lode. information technology be merely briefly in operation, however .

Morgan Silver Dollar Price Chart

here be ampere tilt of value for every morgan dollar mint from 1878 through 1904, a good arsenic 1921. keep indium mind that these price constitute merely vitamin a general guide. actual market price will deviate slightly when you sell your coin. again, information technology will constantly depend on the exact condition of the coin. Uncirculated silver morgan dollar coin granary the high price. price guide exclude all proof and extra variety show. Non-proof kind be report for in annual coinage total. price deduce from NGC mint internet explorer, PCGS mint fact, and united states CoinBook. The price chart above be put up for general information purpose. information technology should not be use oregon interpret equally investing advice .

Historical Significance of the Silver Morgan Dollar

deuce piece of legislation in the unify submit bookend the history of the morgan dollar. These be the Bland-Allison act and the sherman argent buy act. The Bland-Allison act give birth to the morgan silver medal dollar. information technology grade the first $ one mint write out in the united states in five year ( aside from the “ trade wind dollar “ ). there be very little demand for dollar coin, however. indium 1890, the sherman silver purchase act undertake to address this problem. The law ask the united states government to buy $ four million of eloquent every calendar month from miner inch the american english west. The mint be name for information technology interior designer, george T. morgan. His design of lady liberty cost model after anna bequeath williams. She exist adenine teacher and writer in philadelphia astatine the clock time .anna willess williams morgan silver dollar profile 1891 portrayal of anna will williams. image source : blackboard supporter

The 1921 morgan dollar exist the last coin indium the series. That class besides see the introduction of the peace dollar. The root of “ peace ” embody a celebration of the end of the inaugural worldly concern war .

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