How to Swap Crypto in MEW, in 3 Steps or Less

How to Swap Crypto in MEW, in 3 Steps or Less

Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay If you are like many cryptocurrency users out there, you might have a crypto wallet, or flush several, and you might be HODLing some Bitcoin and Ether/Litecoin/Ripple, but other than that, you ’ re not quite sure what to do with crypto. You ’ re probably not using it to buy coffee, pay lease, or contribute to your 401K. Might deoxyadenosine monophosphate well fair leave it in that wallet, right ? possibly, as grocery store natural process intensifies and some of your crypto friends begin to move their funds around, you get some FOMO, but the barrier to enter is besides high and you remain hesitant ( which, by the way, is bright — caution is still your best ally in crypto ). now, Ethereum is a pretty unique blockchain in that it actually offers a lot to do with crypto besides just holding it or sending transactions. You can play games, collect singular digital objects, earn an annual share on your savings, get a loanword in minutes, and invest in cool projects. many of these things are actually quite easy to do, you DON ’ T have to risk a distribute of money, and you can do them in one companion place — your MEW.

nowadays, we ’ ll begin out with just one thing you can try out, and that ’ s swapping currencies. Did you realize that you can swap more than 150 ERC20 tokens and other coins right inside your MEW wallet, without having to figure out exchanges ? Did you know that you can get from no crypto to owning a couple of different currencies in about 3 or 4 steps without ever leaving our interface ? You can, and we are going to walk you through those steps, right here .

Step 1: Wallet

If you already have a wallet that you use with MEW, you ’ re all set, skip right ahead to Step 2 ! If you don ’ thymine have an Ethereum wallet at all, it ’ mho easy to create one with MEW. Just download our MEWconnect smartphone app, and then use it to securely connect with the web interface. We have great teaching guides and videos to help you. We DON ’ T recommend creating wallets with software methods like keystore file or mnemonic phrase. If you access your wallet on-line using those methods, the chances are high that your funds will be stolen finally. MEWconnect, on the other handwriting, keeps your keys stored in a fasten placement on the earphone and never reveals them to the internet. future to a hardware wallet, it ’ s the safest option. Speaking of hardware wallets, they are quite user-friendly and reputable ones start at around $ 50. If you ’ re getting more dangerous about investing in crypto, a hardware wallet is your best choice for large amounts of currencies. You can buy one mighty here. You can read much, much more about wallet security on our MEWtopia web log and our Knowledge Base .

Step 2: ETH

If you have a new wallet, it ’ randomness empty, but you need to keep in mind that doing pretty much anything on the Ethereum blockchain requires Ether. Sending a transaction, swapping tokens, giving your wallet a name, playing a game or winning a collectible pool — all natural process on Ethereum is fueled by ETH. Any given transaction doesn ’ t monetary value a lot — possibly a few cents, or even a divide of a penny — but if you have zero ETH, you might end up having zero fun. ( You don ’ t need ETH to receive funds, so if you have person who is uncoerced to send you ETH to get you started, that works ! )

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You can buy ETH in MEW with a credit calling card via our spouse Simplex. It alone takes a few minutes. The minimum ETH purchase is $ 50, but that ’ s all the investing you need to make to play around with a fortune of features and decentralized apps. When you are swapping, you can often get precisely a few dollars ’ worth of a cryptocurrency. Exchange minimums can be identical gloomy, and crypto coins are about boundlessly divisible .

Step 3: Swap!

With ETH in your wallet, all you need to do is go to the Swap page in MEW and explore the options in the dropdown lists. Choose the currency you have on the left side ( normally, this will be the ETH in your wallet ) and the currency you are matter to in on the veracious. It ’ mho pretty intuitive, but we have some videos to help you anyhow ! There are two categories of coins to swap for : ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, and currencies based on other blockchains. If you are swapping for ERC20 tokens, they can be sent to the lapp MEW wallet you are swapping from — equitable choose your own address from the dropdown under the ‘ To Address ’ discipline. If you ’ re trade to a different blockchain asset like Bitcoin, you will need to put the address of a Bitcoin wallet that you have previously created elsewhere. MEW is an Ethereum wallet and can ’ metric ton accept currencies from other blockchains .

Some of the popular tokens that are available for swap on MEW are

basic Attention Token ( BAT )
Binance USD ( BUSD )
Multi-Collateral Dai ( DAI )
EnjinCoin ( ENJ )
Maker ( MKR )
OmiseGo ( OMG )
Chainlink ( LINK )
Huobi ( HT )
USD Coin ( USDC )
TrueUSD ( TUSD )
Augur ( REP )
0x ( ZRX ), but the entire tilt is МUCH longer — over 100 tokens !

Currencies based on other blockchains include

Bitcoin ( BTC )
Cardano ( ADA )
Dash ( DASH )
Dogecoin ( DOGE )
Ethereum Classic ( ETC )
Litecoin ( LTC )
Tron ( TRX )
Tether USD ( USDT )
Monero ( XMR ), and many others. You can scroll through the dropdowns on the Swap page to explore the entire tilt and see if anything catches your eye. Of path, do your inquiry before investing in any token or currentness : go beyond the price history and find out about the team, the roadmap, the long term goals of the project and at least some of the technical school behind it. Before you know it, you ’ ll have insights that will have your crypto friends turning to YOU for advice. And there you have it : Wallet, ETH, Swap ! We hope that you ’ ll find the summons easy and reward, and as constantly, we are here for you at support @

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Swappingly yours, MEWteam

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