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Wall Decor, Wall Planks & Home Accents at Ace Hardware

Furniture & home page accents aren’t the only things that affect the appearance of your room. The way you decorate your round wood sign
s can have a big impact on the rest of the space. Walls are a great place béo focus your decorative energy if you want mập change the look of a living room, bedroom or entryway. Whatever your kiến thiết vision is Ace can help you bring it phệ life with a wide range of wall décor products sold trực tuyến & in stores .

Wall Planks and Wood Shiplap for Added Texture

Wall planks và wood shiplap both add textural appeal lớn spaces & can cover flaws in drywall. They are a great way Khủng reinvent a room .There are some differences between these two wall décor options .

  • Wood Shiplap: Wood shiplap has a groove at the bottom that accommodates the board that you place below it. Once installed, shiplap overlaps to prevent gaps. Generally, shiplap is a good option for beginners to install because it is relatively straightforward to fit the boards together. It also works well in rooms where temperatures vary or moisture may be present because the overlap ensures that spaces won’t develop as boards shrink and swell.
  • Tongue and Groove: This type of wall plank typically has a u-shaped channel on one side and a protrusion on the other. The sides fit together as you place the planks on the wall. Typically, tongue and groove wall planks are highly durable and can be a good choice for high-traffic areas. They are slightly more involved than wood shiplap.

What’s more, you can find wall planks with adhesive backings that are easy mập fit & offer great versatility for trang chính décor. The ease of use with peel-and-stick wall planks lets you bởi up an entire wall or select areas for a chất lượng look .

Add a Stylish Finishing Touch with Trim Boards

You don’t have mập cover your entire wall with planks or wood shiplap Khủng spice up your décor. Strategically placed wood trim boards can also add character mập spaces. Install classic crown molding where the ceiling meets the wall lớn elevate your room, or put in mới ra baseboard trim lớn polish off an area. If you want bự experiment with color-blocking paint or mixing wall décor lượt thích paneling và paint, a chair rail can visually divide the wall bự accentuate the differences between colors or textures .

Spice Things Up with Wall Décor

If you want béo quickly make your walls pop, try wall décor that’s easy béo install. Adorning your space with a hanging wine rack can add a touch of rustic charm, while wall mirrors can bring shine béo spaces & can make smaller rooms feel more open và spacious. At night, light candles on surfaces near mirrors phệ mix a relaxing, tranquil mood in your space .Hang wall signs béo give your interior more personality. Some wall signs include hooks for hanging keys & other decorative accents in your room. Even swapping out your current curtain rod for a mới nhất one phệ complement your hot nhất wall plank décor can have a dramatic impact on a space .

Shop Home Accents at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware can help you find whatever home page accents you need Khủng complete your décor. If you kế hoạch phệ install trim boards, wall planks or wood shiplap, you can purchase the tools you need for the project, lượt thích miter saws & jig saws, trực tuyến & in stores. For mounting mirrors & wall art, kiểm tra out the selection of hanging hardware currently in stock .

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