Trang chủ » no title fits me anymore… — Wincest non sexual age play with Sam as the kid?

no title fits me anymore… — Wincest non sexual age play with Sam as the kid?

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Wincest non sexual age play with Sam as the kid ?answered :

“Jesus, Sam,” Dean exclaimed, slamming the motel door behind him. “Why didn’t you tell me? You could’ve gotten killed!”

Sam ác ôn his head & stared at his feet, his eyes filling with tears. He knew he’d messed up ; he’d started slipping into his little headspace while he & Dean were in the oto on the way bự take out a vampire’s nest, but he stayed quiet about it, deciding the hunt was more important. If he could hunt when he was big, surely it wouldn’t be any different when he was little – or so sánh he thought. Turns out, Sam was much slower và less attentive when he was in his little headspace, và a vampire had been inches away from ripping out his throat when Dean intervened, cutting off the bloodsucker’s head in one swipe of his machete. It didn’t take long for Dean phệ realize why Sam had been so sánh off of his game, & béo say he was upset would be an understatement. Sam had silently listened as Dean yelled at him the entire ride back béo the motel, curled up in the front seat và blinking away tears. He hated when Dean yelled at him, though he knew he deserved it this giây phút .“ Sam, what is my biggest rule when it comes lớn you being little ? ” Dean demanded, và Sam swallowed .“ No hunting when I’m in my little space, ” he mumbled, still staring at the floor .“ Exactly. It’s too dangerous for little boys phệ hunt, và you know that. You should have told me so sánh I could have left you at the motel. ”“ I didn’t want you phệ leave me, ” Sam said, wrapping his arms around himself. “ I wanted phệ show you I could bởi it. ”“ Well obviously, you can’t, ” Dean snapped. “ If I’d been a second later, that vamp would’ve had you for dinner. And what the hell would I bởi vì then, huh ? ”A couple of tears squeezed out of the corners of Sam’s eyes, & he sniffled, whispering, “ I’m sorry, Dean. ”Dean closed his eyes & took a few deep breaths, his hands clenching và unclenching at his sides. Slowly, he felt the rage draining out of him, replaced with a bone-deep exhaustion. He opened his eyes again và looked at his brother, standing in the corner of the motel room with his head Ác low, arms wrapped protectively around himself. It always amazed Dean how small Sam could make himself look when he was in his little space, & he felt his heart clench at the sight of tears streaming xuống dốc Sam’s pink cheeks. For the first phút giây, Dean noticed a deep gash on Sam’s arm, & he let out a deep breath, taking a step closer lớn his brother .“ I know you’re sorry, Sammy, ” he sighed, reaching out bự put a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “ I just worry about you, you know ? I don’t know what I’d bởi without you. I’m sorry I yelled. ”Sam peered up at Dean through wet eyelashes. “ Do I have mập go in thời gian out ? ”Dean’s eyes softened, và he wiped away the tears from Sam’s cheeks with his thumb. “ No, baby. Not today. You just gotta promise me that next phút giây, you’ll tell me if you’re feeling little on a hunt, alright ? ”Sam nodded solemnly & allowed Dean Khủng pull him into his arms. He rested his head on Dean’s shoulder và closed his eyes, letting out a shaky breath as Dean ran his hand soothingly xuống dốc his back. “ I’m so sánh glad you’re safe, ” Dean breathed. “ Let’s take a look at your arm, okay ? ”Dean took Sam’s hand & led him end lớn sit on the bed. He helped Sam out of his tattered jacket, và Sam grimaced as the fabric brushed against the gash on his arm. Dean tenderly rolled up Sam’s sleeve lớn reveal a deep cut across Sam’s upper arm ; he frowned as he inspected the wound, ultimately announcing, “ Looks lượt thích it’s gonna need stitches, buddy. ”Sam whimpered. “ I know, honey, ” Dean said. “ You hold tight while I go get the first aid kit, okay ? ”“ Will you get Bones, too ? ” Sam asked quietly, and Dean nodded .“ Sure, Sammy. ” He pressed a kiss bự Sam’s forehead before crossing the room mập his duffle bag. When he returned a moment later, he held a first aid kit in one hand & Sam’s stuffed dog, Bones, in the other ; he handed the dog end phệ Sam và sat next phệ him on the bed, digging around in the first aid kit while Sam clutched the stuffed animal lớn himself .“ I’m gonna clean this up first, okay, Sammy ? ” Dean said, pulling out some disinfectant from the kit. “ It’s gonna sting a little. ”Sam let out a quiet whimper at the initial sting of the disinfectant on his arm, & he squeezed Bones tighter mập his chest, biting his lip lớn keep from crying .“ I’m gonna start the stitches now, Sam, ” Dean warned his brother gently, threading a needle. “ It’s gonna hurt, baby, but just hold onto Bones và it’ll be kết thúc soon, okay ? ”Sam bit his lip harder & closed his eyes, gasping in pain at the first prick of the needle against his ragged hình mẫu. Tears immediately sprang mập his eyes, & he buried his face in Bones’s soft fur, crying quietly as Dean worked on stitching up his arm. Dean spoke softly in Sam’s ear as he worked, hoping lớn distract his brother from the pain with his voice. “ You’re doing so sánh good, Sammy, ” he said. “ Just a couple more, & then we’ll be all done. I know it hurts, baby, I know. Just keep your arm still for me, alright ? Last one. And … Done. ”Dean cut the thread on the finished stitches & placed the first aid kit aside before pulling Sam into his arms. “ Shh, Sammy, you’re okay, ” Dean murmured. “ You were so sánh brave, little brother. It’s okay now. ” He rubbed Sam’s back until the boy’s tears gradually slowed, & he looked up at Dean with wide, red-rimmed eyes .“ ‘ M sleepy, ” he sniffled, wiping his cheeks with the back of his hand .“ I bet, ” Dean said. “ You had a long day, huh ? What bởi you say we get you in your pj’s ? ”Sam nodded và waited patiently on the bed as Dean grabbed a pair of Sam’s pajamas from his duffle bag. Moving carefully as béo not mess up the stitches in Sam’s arm, Dean helped Sam out of his clothes và into a pair of soft plaid pajama pants & a t-shirt before stripping into his own pajamas of a shirt & boxers. Holding Bones tight against his chest, Sam crawled under the blankets on the bed, and Dean turned off the light before joining Sam under the covers. He held his arms open, và Sam curled up against Dean’s chest, nuzzling his face into the crook of Dean’s neck .“ I’m sorry I broke the rules, ” Sam murmured .Dean said, “ I know, Sammy. I’m not mad. I just worry about you. ”Sam yawned, and Dean trailed his fingers lightly up và lao dốc Sam’s spine. “ I love you, De, ” Sam whispered in the darkness .“ I love you too, baby brother, ” Dean said, kissing the top of Sam’s head. “ Get some sleep, okay ? ”“ G’night, De. ”

“Goodnight, Sammy.”

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