Will OMI PUMP? Where to BUY OMI!

How and where to buy OMI coin At this degree, it is crystal clear that the innately transformative, avant-garde nature of the digital asset ecosystem is ultimately the chemical element fuelling the ideation of such up-to-date economic models and alternate fiscal paradigm .
In fact, ever since the origin of Bitcoin and its innovative blockchain infrastructure, the technological frameworks powering crypto assets have merely but developed, optimised, and refined their use cases. From bright compress applications to cross-chain bridges, from on-chain gaming to sharding, and from DeFi to NFTs, blockchain-enabled economies have come to basically restructure the way individuals conceptualise fiscal engineering, art, entertainment and, ultimately, monetary value .
One particular section in the earth of cryptocurrency that has taken the markets by storm is the one orb around NFTs, a new blockchain-induced economic, artistic and cultural movement spearheaded by the proposition of immutable on-chain possession of assets .
NFTs The recent craze-driven opinion surrounding NFTs is chiefly linked to the ability of these non-fungible tokens to preserve authenticity, originality and prize on-chain. Furthermore, non-fungible tokens are able to forward intricate measure preservation infrastructures and have come to efficaciously redesign the concept of singularity and scarcity in the digital asset model. For model, CryptoPunks are one expression of NFT art that are singular, incredibly scarce, and an shape of the earliest shape of NFT culture.

Crypto Punk NFT In addition, the ability to store valuables on-chain as non-fungible tokens is proving particularly beneficial for artists and collectors as it creates a newfangled, permissionless, disintermediated environment for them to buy and sell their artwork pieces. The economic bonus that comes with holding and deal NFTs has led to the sustained development of NFT-centric marketplaces and exchanges, such as Opensea, FTX NFTs, and Binance NFT to name a few .
Opensea NFT Marketplace however, apart from Opensea, Rarible and Binance NFT, a wide array of NFT marketplaces have come onto the scenery. One of these marketplaces is the matchless offered by ECOMI, a engineering caller based in Singapore that is leading the way in the emerging digital collectibles space .
ECOMI In this piece, we will be primarily focusing on the work of buying OMI tokens, ECOMI ’ s native assets, and will analyse some of the best exchanges offering them. true, there aren ’ metric ton many exchanges offering the OMI keepsake, thus it seems only constructive to provide a bit-by-bit steer on how to purchase OMI on both the centralised and decentralised exchanges available. ultimately, if you ’ re still trying to wrap your read/write head around what OMI is and how to buy it, we have you covered !
But before we progress onto how and where to buy OMI, let ’ s barely briefly introduce the project, shall we ?


ECOMI offers a one-stop-shop for NFT collectibles through the VeVe App bringing popular polish and entertainment into the twenty-first hundred. The VeVe App allows users to experience true ownership of agio digital collectibles and authenticate NFTs ( a-NFTs ). Through the App ’ s market, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, share these across the sociable net avail and exchange them with the VeVe residential district, all from the palm of their bridge player .
ECOMI views NFTs as the following digital, fiscal and artistic frontier in not only the crypto outer space but actually in real-world applications as well. Furthermore, ECOMI seeks to conceptualise digital collectibles as a fresh asset class that offers intellectual property ( IP ) owners the opportunity to gain access to fresh tax income streams in the digital landscape, such as royalties for model. Digital streaming, gambling, and in-app buying have become a multi-billion dollar grocery store, and the crop up culture and NFT collectible industries are most probably poised to be future in course to join this booming digital tendency .
NFT Growth The ECOMI-powered VeVe NFT marketplace brings the worldly concern of collectibles into the digital kingdom and allows artists, creators and collectors to communicate, switch over, and buy and sell NFT artworks. VeVe users can collect limit edition 3D sculptures of their favorite heroes, characters and icons in bounty digital format directly from their smartphones .
VeVe App As a marketplace, VeVe is the leading mobile-first digital collectibles platform with over 300,000 users and more than 500,000 digital collectibles sold since the App went bouncy at the beginning of 2021, with the App being systematically ranked in the top entertainment applications in the universe. In addition, VeVe offers users a raw way to participate and interact with their front-runner fandoms, with formally licensed, premium 2D and 3D digital models and artworks from some of the world ’ sulfur biggest brands, including DC, Cartoon Network, General Motors, Givenchy, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios and more .
Since its origin, VeVe has been built to accommodate both crypto-native and mainstream audiences, and its rest of onboarding and moo barrier to entry have contributed massively to the platform ’ s early and continue achiever. With the increasing adoption and progressive, social understand of digital assets and NFTs, ECOMI seeks to introduce its own native utility token OMI into the kingdom of NFT functionality, a well as incentivise its consumption in the purchase and sale of digital collectibles within its platform .

About OMI

OMI is a utility token that can be used to buy and sell digital collectible NFTs on the VeVe market. OMI besides underpins all fiscal transactions within the App, however, most of these have been hidden from the user for still of function and onboarding. The OMI keepsake ecosystem is complemented by an advanced buy-back and cut system based on the sale of NFTs on the VeVe platform, efficaciously making OMI deflationary and increasing its long-run levels of scarcity .
With future DeFi and staking opportunities, vitamin a well as a broad range of extra incentives designed to maximise keepsake utility, OMI will continue offering a active laid of functionalities within the ECOMI ecosystem that will besides continue to be integral to the App ’ mho development and maximize value for nominal holders .
OMI CoinMarketCap presently, at the time of writing, OMI is trading at approximately $ 0.003 and has pulled bet on over 70 % from its March 2021 highs. The token generation event took station in May 2019, with a full supply ceiling of 750 billion tokens. however, thanks to the tokenomic design of VeVe, about 450 billion of these tokens will never enter circulation. In fact, to accommodate the scope of transactions that take space on VeVe, OMI tokens were initially distributed in the pursuit manner :

  • VeVe Reserve Wallet: 300 Billion OMI. These tokens never enter circulation.
  • VeVe Vault Wallet: 40 Billion OMI added for initial liquidity purposes. This wallet acts as a staging wallet between the in-App reserve and the Burn wallet. These tokens also never enter circulation.
  • Business Development Fund: 150 Billion OMI.
  • Team, Advisors, Board Members: 150 Billion OMI.
  • Private Sale and Public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO): 110 Billion OMI.

Since the launch of the platform, 103 billion OMI tokens have been removed completely from the entire token provision. In fact, 97 billion OMI were removed from the Business Development Fund and locked indefinitely in chic contracts by the team, and an extra 6 billion OMI have now been burnt from the purchase and sale of NFTs on the VeVe chopine. basically, this means that of the 750 billion tokens in the first place minted, there are now less than 647 billion in the total provide, and less than half of that issue can ever enter active circulation .
OMI Token Metrics In the long run, ECOMI will continue deploying its buy-back and burn architecture to ensure a ceaseless reduction of OMI tokens in circulation and, as these features are based on the sale of NFTs on its platform, it will look to deflate the circulating provide of tokens in perpetuity and careless of market conditions .
now, before we progress onto how and where to buy OMI, it is important to note that the OMI token is non-ERC-20 compatible per southeast, as it utilises the GO-20 criterion based on the GoChain blockchain. This, in turn, means that OMI investors will need to connect to exchanges and use wallets that support GO-20 assets. however, because GO-20 tokens aren ’ triiodothyronine as popular nor as wide adopted as the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, VeVe has recently announced its partnership with Layer-2 scaling solution Immutable adam that will provide the infrastructure required for the NFT market to scale from its current 300,000+ collector exploiter base and perform seamless, fasten and carbon-neutral NFT transactions .
VeVe X ImmutableX Utilising StarkWare ’ s leading zero-knowledge-proof technologies, immutable ten is able to provide instantaneous, gas-free transactions while retaining the security of Ethereum, and will finally allow VeVe to migrate fully from GoChain to the ETH ecosystem .
As previously mentioned, the measure of exchanges offering OMI international relations and security network ’ t excessively extensive, but the ones that do include :

Buying OMI On Gate.io

Gate.io is a popular digital asset exchange to trade altcoins and it has a large number of tradable crypto pairs.

Gate.io In order to buy OMI on Gate.io, investors should :

  • Navigate to Gate.io.
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account and get started.
  • Depending on the policies of the exchange, users might be required to undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure in order for their account to be verified. It should be noted that the KYC process could take as little as 30 minutes or as long as multiple days.
  • Once approved, users will need to either deposit USDT into their trading account on Gate.io or purchase Tether with a credit card.

USDT Gate.io

  • Once funds have been deposited and Tether has been purchased, investors can then progress onto trading OMI against USDT.

Trading OMI:USDT

  • To start trading OMI/USDT, users should navigate to the left hand side of the dashboard and search ‘OMI_USDT’, as shown in the image below.

OMI_USDT Gate.io

  • Click ‘OMI_USDT’.
  • Click ‘Buy OMI’.


  • Et Voilà! That’s it! You’ve just bought yourself some nice OMI tokens.

Buying OMI On Bitforex

Bitforex is another relatively well-established crypto switch over allowing users to buy and sell OMI against Tether ( USDT ) .
Bitforex To buy OMI on Bitforex, users will need to :

  • Navigate to Bitforex.com.
  • Register for an account.
  • Buy USDT on a reputable exchange such as Binance.
  • Transfer USDT from Binance to your Bitforex account wallet.
  • Users can also purchase USDT with a debit or credit card directly on the Bitforex trading platform, for ease of use.
  • For simplicity, the Bitforex Team provides users with a series of video tutorials on how to get started with using the platform. This video describes a step-by-step process on how to deposit USDT from, say, Binance to your Bitforex account and use it to start trading against other pairs like OMI.
  • Once USDT has been deposited successfully into the user’s account wallet, investors will need to type ‘OMI’ in the search bar.

OMI Bitforex

  • Click ‘OMI/USDT’.

Buy OMI Bitforex

  • Click ‘Buy OMI’ to initiate the trade.

Buying OMI On AscendEX

AscendEX is a very reputable cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide selection of tokens and different asset pairs. AscendEX listed OMI on March 2nd 2021 and, at the prison term of write, the central manages over $ 1.1 million in OMI trade bulk .
AscendEX To purchase OMI on AscendEX, users will need to :

  • Navigate to AscendEX.com.
  • Sign-Up for an account.
  • Activate their trading account by depositing digital assets such as BTC or ETH into their wallets.
  • Trade ETH or BTC for USDT.
  • Click ‘Market’.

AscendEX Market

  • In the search bar, type ‘OMI’ and select ‘OMI/USDT’.

AscendEX OMI Trading

  • Select the amount of USDT to trade from OMI, adjust any eventual stop losses, and click ‘BUY’.
  • And You’re All Set!

Buying OMI On OKEx

OKEx is one of the clear cryptocurrency exchanges and trade platforms, hosting over 20 million traders in more than 200 countries and offering 400+ crypto asset pairs .
OKEx OKEx presently manages over $ 500k in daily trade bulk for OMI, however, these metrics will most likely increase as the keepsake starts gaining more grip over the long-run .
Purchasing OMI on OKEx is a rather aboveboard serve and in order to do so, investors will need to :

  • Navigate to OKEx.com.
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ to get started with an account.
  • Click ‘Markets’.

OKEx Markets

  • Type ‘OMI’ in the search bar.


  • Click on ‘Trade’ on the right hand side of the dashboard.

OKEx Trading OMI

  • Select either ‘Limit’, ‘Market’, or ‘Stop’ order.
  • Select the amount of USDT to trade for OMI tokens.
  • Adjust any eventual stop losses.
  • Click ‘Trade’.
  • View all your open positions at the bottom of the trading dashboard.

Buying OMI On Uniswap

Uniswap is a leading crypto asset exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and wholly differs from traditional exchanges in that it proposes a amply disintermediated, decentralized ecosystem in which no single entity is allowed to own, see or operate its network .
Uniswap furthermore, Uniswap leverages a fairly raw kind of deal model called an automated liquid protocol, which obviates the indigence for sure intermediaries and prioritises decentralization arsenic well as security. however, OMI can not be naturally traded on the Ethereum blockchain due to the fact that it isn ’ t a native ERC-20 token. fortunately, there ’ s a solution for this. Token Wrapping !
Vitalik Approves For anyone new to tokens and chain swaps, it is significant to make it clear that you do not need to swap your tokens.   In fact,   wrapping your OMI tokens is just a summons that enables you to use them on the Ethereum blockchain. If, however, you do not intend on using your tokens on Uniswap or exchangeable DEXes, you can leave your tokens as they are .
In order to wrap native GO-20 OMI tokens as ERC-20 OMI tokens ( wOMI ), ECOMI has designed a chain trade web site to make the whole march a bunch easier. But, before we progress any far, it is important to note that as all of these interactions happen through ache contracts, holders will need to fund the gas in both directions. That basically means having both GO tokens and ETH for the contracts to execute and distribute wrap OMI ( wOMI ) .
To wrap OMI tokens, users will need to :

  • Download Metamask.
  • Add GoChain To Metamask. To do this, log into your Metamask wallet, change your pre-set network from ‘Main Ethereum Network’ to ‘Custom RPC’, as displayed in the image below.

Metamask Custom RPC

  • Fill in the following details:

GoChain Details

  • Once the GoChain network has been added, under the ‘assets’ tab, select ‘add token’.
  • Select ‘custom token’ and enter the OMI contract address: 0x5347FDeA6AA4d7770B31734408Da6d34a8a07BdF
  • The details for the token should automatically pre-fill with the name (OMI) and decimals (18). If not, enter them manually.
  • Select ‘add tokens’ to confirm.
  • You should now see the OMI token available to send and receive. When you use MetaMask at any point in the future, just make sure you remember to switch the network to GoChain, or you won’t be able to find your tokens.
  • Then, send OMI from your preferred exchange to your Metamask wallet.
  • In order to receive and view your wOMI on the ‘Main Ethereum Network’ on Metamask, you will need to add this new contract address: 0x04969cD041C0cafB6AC462Bd65B536A5bDB3A670 
  • It may pre-populate the ticker and decimals, however, if it doesn’t, use Token symbol: wOMI with Decimals: 18
  • Confirm and add the new token. You should now be able to see wOMI in your wallet.

once you have set up MetaMask, are holding the tokens you wish to swap, and have both GO and ETH tokens in your explanation for gas, you can continue with the token barter summons .

  • Navigate to Chainswap.ECOMI.com.
  • Click ‘Connect to Metamask’. If your Metamask is set to the GoChain network, you will see the swap direction is OMI > wOMI. If it is set to the Ethereum network, you will be presented with the opposite swap direction wOMI > OMI.

wOMI Swap

  • Once your wallet is connected, enter the amount of OMI you wish to swap and click ‘Swap OMI’.
  • Confirm and Approve Transaction on Metamask.
  • Once that transaction is approved and processed you will need to open your Metamask and switch to the Ethereum Mainnet in order to approve the distribution of your wOMI tokens.
  • Return to the swap site and select ‘Pay Fee’ to fund the wOMI token distribution transaction.
  • Once the transaction is fully confirmed, your wOMI tokens will be distributed to your Metamask address and you will be able to trade them on the Uniswap DEX.
  • Happy Trading!


One particular segment in the world of cryptocurrency that has taken the markets by storm is the one revolve around NFTs, a new blockchain-induced economic, aesthetic and cultural movement spearheaded by the proposal of immutable on-chain ownership of assets .
furthermore, the ability to store valuables on-chain as non-fungible tokens is proving peculiarly beneficial for artists and collectors as it creates a modern, permissionless, disintermediated environment for them to buy and sell their artwork pieces. With the growing economic incentives that come with holding and trading non-fungible tokens, several NFT-centric marketplaces have come to life on the view.

apart from Binance NFT, Solanart, CNFT and Opensea, to name a few, one of the most obvious, systematically growing NFT marketplaces in the space is ECOMI with its VeVe chopine. ECOMI is powered by its own native asset OMI, but this keepsake international relations and security network ’ thymine as promptly available as many early tokens in crypto, primarily due to the fact that it operates as a GO-20 keepsake on the GoChain blockchain .
thus, it was alone natural for us to provide you with a bit-by-bit lead on how to get your hands on the OMI nominal in order to participate in its growing NFT ecosystem and, possibly, flush buy your first non-fungible token on the VeVe market. Enjoy your OMI, folks !
disclaimer : These are the writer ’ randomness opinions and should not be considered investing advice. Readers should do their own research .

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