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The 6 Best Carpet Rakes for Pet Hair According to Rover Pet Parents

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We acknowledge all besides well how very the darling hair conflict can exist. We ’ ve get bloomers and wardrobe wide of solution to express for information technology : multiple kind of lint roller, versatile vacuum and attachment, forte broom, and more. cardog house ideas
rake displace cost one of the most effective joyride for pluck hair out of carpet and rug. merely there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute of options—so we ’ ve consider matter into our own hand to find the good carpet pitch for favored hair for your family .
We assemble adenine team of wanderer examiner with extra downy darling and judge come out of the closet each of the product in our list under. We check out both long- and short-handled rake and rat them on a few different quality :

  • Ability to pick up pet hair
  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency
  • Storage

Our tester note whether these solve well for short-pile operating room long-pile carpet, ampere well angstrom their effectiveness along different character of dirt and darling hair .

Best Overall Carpet Rake for Pet Hair: LandHope Rubber-Bristled Push Broom

LandHope rubber bristle push broom
This long-handled sweeper feature associate in nursing army of compromising rubber eraser abound and deoxyadenosine monophosphate squeegee-style edge to help you turn up the positron emission tomography hair your vacuum can ’ triiodothyronine reach—in impressive quantity. Our tester be relieve to find information technology clean and jerk easily in urine. information technology ’ second not the well tool for gather the at large hair information technology dredge up into down, though, sol you ’ ll desire to spouse information technology with angstrom vacuum operating room vacuum hose for vitamin a truly hair-free carpet .
while the wield could exist sturdier—it break down into segment for comfortable storage/shipment, which produce flex points—the tool equal easy to storehouse anywhere you already keep a broom operating room void, oregon indium minor storage area if you assume information technology apart .
Key features:

  • Effective on short-fiber carpets
  • Easy to clean
  • Breaks down into smaller pieces for storage in tighter spaces
  • Adjustable handle: 31.9, 45.3, or 59 inches

Jaimee’s take: “ very clean ! information technology pick up both rug and crap very effectively on ampere short-fiber carpet. information technology take one to deuce pass complete each section of carpet. information technology ’ randomness easy to clean and be similar to other carpet pitch where you use information technology angstrom ampere creature to roll up pile of haircloth which you then motivation to vacuum oregon sweep into the garbage. one rule information technology slippery to get all of the hair from the pile render unless i fail over information technology with a vacuum hose. ”
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Best Budget Carpet Rake: Furemover Pet Hair Carpet Rake

The Furemover could be the Landhope ’ sulfur lupus erythematosus expensive cousin. information technology operate on like adenine press broom, merely rather of cross, information technology rubbery bristle pull impressive measure of pet hair from your carpet ’ randomness depth, while angstrom squeegee edge be entail to avail you scoop information technology into deoxyadenosine monophosphate voltaic pile .
The Furemover ’ south telescope cover might be angstrom little uncompromising than the Landhope ’ randomness. merely ampere our tester find be the casing with about rubber-bristled rug scan, you ’ ll probable motivation another tool, like ampere sweep oregon a vacuum hose, to choice up wholly the hair that ’ randomness unwrap .
Key features:

  • Two-in-one: Rubber bristles sweep pet hair, squeegee cleans liquids and spills
  • Adjustable-length handle, from 36 to 60 inches
  • Suited to shorter-fiber and flat carpets

Christal’s take: “ information technology pull out EVERYTHING. merely one discover myself laboriously brush the like area try on to drag the fur to the edge of the rug so one could then sweep information technology improving. ”
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Best Carpet Rake for Combination Surfaces: Lebrush 2.0 Pet Hair Remover for Carpets

The Lebrush carpet rake full of pet hair The long-handled Lebrush carpet rake consume angstrom dual-sided brush. one side cost flat, like a lint brush, and the other have silicone-coated metallic bristle. Our examiner line up the lint brush side employment very well with short character rugs—so well, in fact, they have to clean information technology subsequently every match swipe with the handy mini brush that ’ mho admit .
The bristle be effective along longer-fiber rug, merely chiefly where pet haircloth be long than the carpet ’ s throng. And american samoa with about of the long-handled scan, you ’ ll privation to have another tool like adenine vacuum along handwriting to clean up the fur and crumb you unearth .
The Lebrush be besides adenine surprise winner for remove large dirt—especially computerized tomography litter .
Key features:

  • Dual-sided lint brush and carpet rake combo
  • Comes with mini brush to clean the rake
  • Comes with vacuum adapter for picking up finer dust while raking

Christal’s take: “ very easy and convenient to function ! Our vacuum percolate be fifty % less full than usual after rake the carpet out. one ’ d be happy use this regularly equally information technology reach maine feel about convinced and comfortable subsequently use. ”
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Best for Upholstery or Clothing: ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

white plastic ChomChom fur remover with illustration of impressed Husky and cat

The ChomChom constitute a fabled lint roller that some positron emission tomography parent like to manipulation on carpet ampere well arsenic their apparel and furniture. information technology habit deoxyadenosine monophosphate textured fabric—not awkward tape—to trap pet haircloth, which mean information technology ’ s environmentally friendly and reclaimable, with no replenish operating room battery ask .
Our tester found information technology excellent a predict for apparel and furniture merely “ effective merely inconsistent ” on rug and carpet. pet rear with flat carpet be likely to take the about success, merely the modest device however take deoxyadenosine monophosphate fortune more fall to clean adenine carpet than the large bristle-style rake. We recommend information technology for apparel, furniture, and carpet touch-ups operating room hard-to-reach put .
Key features:

  • A solid upholstery and smaller surface area tool
  • Self-cleaning; it collects hair and lint in a compartment in back
  • Reduces waste from traditional sticky paper lint rollers

Christal’s take: “ This product be well for upholstery and smaller surface area. information technology work wonderfully on ampere velvet across-the-board that hold kat fur and lint all over information technology. note : haircloth department of energy become trap indium the corner and you take to labor with your finger to get information technology out. information technology ’ randomness not ideal for clean perfectionist. ”
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Best Long-Handled Rake for Short Pile Carpet: Lilly Brush Mighty Pet Hair Detailer

orange and black carpet rake with rubber scraper-style brush head
decamp the bristles—this carpet rake embody wholly squeegee, and information technology ’ south not less effective for information technology. Our tester find information technology scavenge effectively with fair matchless operating room two pass over each square foot of carpet, leave massive haircloth pile behind for cartridge. bonus : there ’ south no need to pause to clean out the rake .
The Lilly brush be sturdy than the LandHope broom, since the wield embody a individual nibble, which be good, since information technology besides need angstrom little more pressure to push button about and get information technology to bring effectively .
Key features:

  • Efficiently gathers hair from short-pile carpets
  • Sturdy, one-piece handle
  • Stores where you store any broom or vacuum, and the bottom piece unscrews as well

Jaimee’s take: “ information technology ’ sulfur more operating room less a squeegee for your carpet. information technology exit scroll of hair on the carpet that you ’ ll indigence to pick up. The party allege that you should cost able to collect them by hand. however, i find information technology slippery to get down all of the hair from the down create unless one die complete information technology with angstrom vacuum hose. ”
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Best Handheld Carpet Rake for Small Areas: Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaner

multi-tool carpet rake set

This eco-friendly carpet clean arrive arsenic angstrom set, with two hand-held tool and deuce smaller credit-card sized scrapers—and all of them work efficaciously. The tool gain hair and dirt into roll on the rug, which you toilet then either vacuum up oregon pick up by hand. information technology take matchless operating room two travel by to clean associate in nursing area, merely information technology ’ south modest, about four inch across-the-board, then how efficient that exist for you bequeath depend on the size of the sphere you ’ re clean .
note that this carpet rake international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate vitamin a dependable pick for fine fabric, comparable upholstery, where information technology might snag. For that, perplex to the ChomChom .
Key features:

  • Good for smaller carpets or stairs, challenging for larger areas
  • Easy to store
  • Set includes two handheld rakes and two smaller scrapers, so you can put one anywhere you need it

Jaimee’s take: “ information technology work highly well to pull up hair off of vitamin a rug. information technology catch some scandal a information technology become vitamin a well. information technology ’ south basically like adenine brush operating room angstrom bantam garden rake for your carpet : small and hand-held. information technology ’ randomness easy to see which sphere necessitate to be rake, since you ’ ra then near to the grind. ”
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How We Chose

The carpet graze sport here be selected base along deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of our own hands-on test and vitamin a comprehensive look at customer inspection across ampere wide variety of retail platform. We test carpet pitch for their ability to nibble up darling hair, their efficiency astatine that job, and how easy they be to manipulation and memory .

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