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Do I have to download content each time I launch the game?

No. You do not need to download the content each time.

It is a simple one-time download process to launch the game completely.

We highly recommend that you use WiFi connection to allow content to download quick and smooth.

Any new update for the game will require some content download as per the newly added features.

What can I do when I have played all missions?

You can finish all challenges in each mission béo get tam stars. Also, you have a mix of challenges in your profile béo complete. New missions will release frequently with fresh challenges. You can be assured of unlimited action .

How do I identify & defend myself from incoming missiles?

Any incoming missile will be circled in red và you will hear an ‘ Incoming Missile ’ warning hotline as soon as missile is triggered. To defend directly tap the incoming missile phệ deploy flares .

Can I play against friends? Is there a multiplayer or 2 player option?

No, you can’t play against another player .

Can I maximize XP and increase Rank?

In enhancements, you have an option XP Booster béo double the XP gain in each mission. Any increase in XP will help phệ achieve your rank .

What happens if I Skip a Challenge?

Skipping a challenge costs 15 Gold. This option will help complete a challenge without playing. However, you will not chiến thắng the Rewards of Cash or Gold associated with each Challenge .

How do I select and hit a target with a weapon?

Your Targets may be fixed as well as moving. Each weapon is designed mập be effective against a certain enemy class. Here’s a guide on how weapons can be used Khủng best effect : Cannon – Fires directly at target. Missiles – Fire and Guide it towards the target. You have bự wait till the missile strikes, since movement may lock another target as it strikes the most proximate enemy. Rockets – Select multiple targets phệ fire rockets at và then press Fire button. Bomb – Fires directly at the aimed spot .

How can I increase weapon potential?

To intensify your weapon’s damage or cơn bão targets kết thúc a wider area or any other improvement just Select the Weapon in hangar và nhấp chuột on the ‘ + ’ symbol lớn tăng cấp its potential, until maxed out, và experience the ease with which you can cause devastating attacks .

Rocket is not firing. What do I do?

Rockets are best used for striking multiple targets. Select targets by touching them. A white box indicates that target has been locked. Choose multiple targets likewise và then press Fire Khủng destroy .

Weapon switch is red and I cannot fire. What can I do?

Each weapon has a cool xuống dốc period before they are ready for action. Wait for this Cool-down Period mập get kết thúc, phệ specifically use each weapon. The button will become xanh again when available. However you can use other weapons during this period. Note the max cool-down period while selecting weapon for mission .

How do I skip the tutorial?

Basic and Elite training can be skipped by aborting the missions from the Pause menu.

The menu/ hangar UI tutorial is a one time mandatory flow to follow in order to get familiar with the Drones and its weapon loadouts.

How can I equip more weapons (Bomb & rockets) as there are only two slots for Cannon & Missile?

Each equipped Drone has a defined weapon loadout capacity. For eg : Predator can carry only Cannon và Missile but Global hawk can carry Cannon, Missile, Bomb và a slot for any weapon type. Purchasing hot nhất drones can provide that magnificent experience of more weapon slots .

Can I choose the difficulty level of a mission?

No, difficulty cannot be chosen for missions .

What are enhancements?

Enhancements are extra items béo be carried into combat for aid during missions. Different enhancements have different benefits. For eg : Reserve Flares give an Extra Flare unit when the Drone’s Flare slots are empty / not filled completely .

How do I purchase Cash?

Cash can be purchased from the store using Gold for each pack.

Follow the steps: Main Menu => Store => Cash =>. Here if you have enough Gold as mentioned on the price bar for each Cash pack, it can be purchased.

As this is an in-game purchase it can be done in offline/airplane mode as well.

What are Bundles in Store?

Bundles are different combinations of items ( A specialized drone / Some Gold / Cash / Some enhancements ) which are bự be purchased using typhu88+đăng+nhập
money. They are hand-picked & curated Khủng give you a profitable giảm giá .

Why does game display only 3 challenges at a time for each mission?

Challenges are provided progressively in a mission. Completing a Challenge gives you a bonus in virtual currency & also added XP. Once any challenge is displayed as completed, a mới ra challenge is added phệ the danh sách which can be completed by replaying the Mission. The Mission Objective is the only mandatory fulfillment for mission completion, Challenges are merely a source for extra currency & XP. So don’t stop playing till Mission Complete is displayed .

Challenges occupy too much area of my screen. Can I get rid of them?

Challenges cannot be removed but can be kept hidden. Follow the steps:

1. In the mission main menu, invoke settings.

2. Tap on the icon titled Hide Challenges.

The challenges will remain hidden throughout the gameplay.

To view again, simply change the status of the same button to Show Challenges.

Why don’t I get 3 stars for mission completion? Are there only 3 challenges per mission?

The 3 Stars are awarded for completing all the Challenges in a mission. The number of Challenges varies for every mission. For eg : the Smokescreen mission has 6 Challenges, whereas Blackfly mission has 15 Challenges .

Can I Send challenges to friends on Facebook? What can I share with my Facebook Friends?

No. Challenges are in-game và cannot be sent lớn friends. Although the achievements / scores can be posted on your facebook wall béo inform your network of friends about your progression .

How do I earn more Kill Rewards?

Kill Rewards are based on number of Infantry Kills, Tanks Destroyed và Vehicles destroyed. Hence, by killing maximum in-game infantry & other enemy units you can get maximum Kill Rewards. Also, if you purchase a Cash Doubler pack from the store, your kill rewards will be doubled for each mission .

Why can’t I change the name in Player Profile?

Profile name is for quality identification which is mặc định given as Drone Pilot. It does change on connecting bự Facebook và takes the Facebook-Wall profile identity lớn danh sách in the Player Profile & the leaderboard .

I deleted and reinstalled the game, how do I get my purchases back?

Gold and Cash purchases cannot be retained back if the app is deleted as they are consumable items which are to be collected while playing. However, some Bundle packs in the store which have Drones for purchase, can be restored back.

In Game => Store => Restore, enter the valid Apple ID/Google ID and get the previously purchased bundle packs for free.

Another way to retain purchases back, is by saving the progress/data using facebook ID as explained in ‘Save your progression’ in Technical Game Queries.

Incase the game has been reinstalled, one can retrieve progression by tapping the “Cloud” option available on the progression pop up.

How can I disable ads that pop-up in the game?

Fight over ads can be turned off by purchasing any pack from the store. You can also disable rewarded ads by making a purchase for USD 5 as shown in the game .

Can I unlock missions by making a purchase?

No. Missions cannot be unlocked by making any In-app Purchase. Completion of the preceding mission can only unlock the next mission / zone .

What is the importance of Level/Rank up in the game?

Level Up designates you a Rank as per Air defense standards. Each time you complete mission/challenges, XP points are added which help in improving the Rank. There are 2 benefits of Level Up:

1. For every Level up a defined amount of Gold/Cash is awarded to you.

2. Each time a mission is played, as per the current Rank, bonus cash is awarded.

Hence progressing effectively helps in enjoying the above benefits.

Can I reset the game and start again from the beginning?

Game data can be reset by following the below steps:

1.Re-install the game and select the local progression option on game launch.

2.Log-out from the FB account and select the “local” option on progression pop up.

How do I modify the sound/Music options?

The Sound & Music options can be controlled from the Settings thực đơn, as well as from the Pause menu, mid-mission. A single tap on sound & âm thanh icons is required bự enable or disable them .

How can I change the game’s language?

Go Khủng the Settings thực đơn và tap on the country flag, till the correct country whose native language you need, appears. Currently we tư vấn English, French, Italian, German & Spanish only .

Can I change the position of game controls such as Fire button, weapons etc?

No, you cannot change the position of the buttons .

What are daily rewards?

You can claim your daily rewards by logging in daily. Missing a day will result in loss of later day’s reward .

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