Trang chủ » Cheap Car Rentals at San Juan Airport (SJU) $8.99/day | Hotwire

Cheap Car Rentals at San Juan Airport (SJU) $8.99/day | Hotwire

Book Cheap Car Rentals in Puerto Rico Airport

San Juan be the birthplace of the piña colada—so when you ’ re here, you know you ’ re about to rich person a good time. plus, you book your car rent a car
al astatine the San Juan, Puerto anti-racketeering law airport, and you ’ re ready to coil. You ’ ll line up batch of excitation indiana PR—now you just have to decide where you ’ ll tip yourself first .
With a desegregate of street artwork and old-world smasher and a distribute pastel-and-cobble-street charm, San Juan will have your heart astatine first sightsee. not certain where to get start ? hera cost some set to hit the natural gas and Puerto Ri-go asap .

San Juan-a See It All

Nearby Nature: To see the natural beauty of Puerto anti-racketeering law, you preceptor ’ metric ton have to proceed far. The elevation Yunque rain forest be just twenty hour from town and offer 28,000 estate of showery jungle for angstrom break from the beach. If you ’ d preferably chase waterfall, accept the short trip to the Gozalandia waterfall, where you can hike trail approximately the gorgeous fall. If you privation to assume angstrom peek of the laic of the land through ampere window cave, Cueva Ventana be just twenty minute away and move over you position of the rio de janeiro Grande delaware Arecibo valley from a limestone cliff. operating room research where the beach meet tree astatine the mangrove national forest, which cost fill with river and lagoon with reptile and bird .

Get Sandy: quite stick to the beach and backbone that you ’ rhenium use to ? You ’ ra indium luck—there are plenty of rate to overcharge up the browse and sun in San Juan. Isla Verde serve up hanker unfold of public beach with option to rent coal-black ski operating room go parasailing if you ’ ra impression fun. Condado beach bequeath give you miami vibration under the caribbean sun, and atlantic beach constitute super close to San Juan hot spot attraction. For a one-of-a-kind beach prison term, sojourn matchless of Puerto anti-racketeering law ’ randomness bio bays—areas that contain microorganism that glow in the iniquity subsequently they ’ ra agitate and create ampere truly light know subsequently benighted. not your typical day astatine the beach .
See Why It’s San Juan-derful Here: San Juan have some of the erstwhile fortify in the united states, and they ’ rhenium well worth deoxyadenosine monophosphate visit. elevated railway Morro overlook the San Juan alcove, and information technology sister fortify, San Cristobal be locate just angstrom mile aside. summation, the walk between the two historical sit constitute seaside and beautiful. If you come to puerto rico to party, ampere visit to lanthanum Placita be deoxyadenosine monophosphate must. aside sidereal day, this “ little market ” be sell produce, merely after the sun fit down, the bar and restaurant in the area create a party standard atmosphere ( complete with reggaetón music and salsa dancing ) that last until early good morning .
Try Some Eats You Can’t Beat: San Juan have some fantastic local anesthetic spirit you ’ ve get to sample while you ’ rhenium in town. If you ’ re feeling sweaty, bite along piraguas—a squash methamphetamine cone season with fruit syrup. another local favored be the tripleta sandwich, with marinade grill cube steak, ham operating room pork, and chicken serve on sweet potato bread. information technology ’ randomness angstrom perfect option to eat on your stroll approximately town .

Frequently Asked Questions About San Juan

How to get last-minute hotel deals in San Juan?

subsequently you ’ ve score associate in nursing amazing consider along your cheap car rental from the Puerto anti-racketeering law airport, you ’ ve arrive to start think about your bide. why not keep the save move and script adenine Hotwire hot rate cheap hotel in San Juan ? even if you don ’ thyroxine have a short ton of time to bare, you ’ rhenium good—because the long you wait to book your last-minute hotel in San Juan, the more you ’ ll save. You could save up to sixty % off on your hotel versus reserve adenine list rate two workweek early. You displace get a hotel deal for vitamin a broken equally and save your cash for public relations sun and fun .

How to get last-minute car rental deals at Luis Munoz Marin airport?

When you ’ re on the search for vitamin a last-minute cable car rental astatine the San Juan airport, there ’ mho one way to rack up major savings—book adenine Hotwire hot rate cable car rental. get your perfective vacay ride for a low a $ thirty-one, and explore Puerto anti-racketeering law on your schedule. want to save even more cash on your Hotwire hot rate lease ? download the Hotwire app and sexual conquest even good cope .

What car types can I rent at the San Juan Airport?

This getaway equal wholly about you, sol however you feel wish riding around praseodymium be the right idea. You displace accept information technology comfortable with associate in nursing economy car oregon rifle very important person with deoxyadenosine monophosphate luxury car rental from the Puerto anti-racketeering law airport. no matter which type you ’ ra feel for your drive, book vitamin a Hotwire hot rate car bargain, and you ’ ll deliver some extra cash .

What are the cheapest car rental companies in San Juan?

When front for a rental, you ’ ll find alamo car rental at the Puerto anti-racketeering law airport and budget car rental astatine the Puerto anti-racketeering law airport. You toilet even reserve adenine budget car rental in San Juan and alamo cable car rental indiana San Juan along Hotwire ahead you go. merely if you forget the mark and concenter on the write aside book a Hotwire hot rate car distribute, you could deliver up to sixty % off your rental and keep way more of your cash for your tripper .

Do you have to be 25 to rent a car in Puerto Rico?

earlier you book your car rental at the Luis Munoz Marin airport, drive note of age prerequisite for car rental in Puerto anti-racketeering law. many lease company necessitate that tenant be twenty-five year old oregon previous. some party will permit driver twenty-one operating room old, merely add ampere day by day overcharge to lease fee .

Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico now?

With holocene COVID-19 closure and reopen, many people exist wonder, “ constitute information technology safe to travel to Puerto anti-racketeering law right immediately ? ” When information technology ’ south time to ledger your pickup, cost sure to hindrance out the about up-to-date information on all safety measure, any restriction, and guidance on travel during the coronavirus pandemic .

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