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Delivery services for vending machines and coolers are normally available anywhere within the 48 contiguous states. Freight shipping refers to the transportation of an order via a commercial truck and is often used for larger deliveries. An ordain that ships via freight will either need a business dock to back up to or a liftgate to allow the order to be lowered down to the ground. For instructions on accepting a freight rescue please see our FAQ here. Business Dock Delivery

The most cheap method of freight delivery is via a Business Loading Dock. commercial Loading Docks must be a minimum of 48″ from the ground and be accessible to a Semi Truck. Please note – Semi Trucks may be arsenic big as 53 ft. with the trailer. Delivery personnel will present the goods at bobtail level at the rear of the delivery vehicle. The customer is responsible for final motion of goods, unpacking and debris removal. Curbside Delivery If access to a Business Loading Dock is not available to receive pitch, a Liftgate, otherwise referred to as Tailgate Lift, will be needed to safely lower the cargo to grind flat. It is only the responsibility of pitch personnel to present goods to ground charge at the raise of pitch vehicle. The driver will attempt to place the dispatch down arsenic close to the hope capture vitamin a long as the size of the truck, access and paved area will allow it. The customer is responsible for final examination motion of goods, unpack and debris removal. Free Freight Shipping Units advertised as including free freight delivery are priced to include Business Dock Freight Delivery Service within the 48 contiguous United States. If the delivery party attempts to deliver to a address designated “ Business Dock ” on the order and a tailgate lift is required, extra expenses will be incurred that will be relayed back to the buyer. dislodge transportation may not cover all costs to Prime Delivery Areas. Site constraints, work locate delays, time-specific deliveries, and/or rescue to remote or congested metro locations may result in extra charges. If this is the case, the order will not be shipped until approval is received from the buyer for the extra fees. Inspecting Your Delivery At the time of delivery and before signing the delivery reception, carefully inspect the packaging and your intersection for freight wrong. Please remove the corner to inspect the merchandise. This is all-important, as there may be damage done to the club that you can not notice without opening the box. minor nicks, scratches, scuffs, and abrasions are common for vending machines, coolers, and bombastic product deliveries. These do not affect the operation of the product. If any parts are missing, please contact us and we will promptly send you successor parts. If your token has a malfunction due to a manufacturer ’ s defect, we can either replace the defective character, or if necessity, the stallion product. Damaged Packaging and/or Product even if the packaging appears only slightly damaged, write “ box Damaged ” on the delivery reception when you sign for pitch. This is EXTREMELY important in the event that there is a need to file a cargo damage title.

If the package is significantly damaged, you may refuse delivery of your product. On the manner of speaking receipt write “ refused due to damage. ” The damaged product will be returned. They will determine if the product can be repaired and shipped back to you in the master. If the intersection can not be returned to the original condition, a replacement product will be shipped to you. If you refuse delivery, please contact us right away us so we may track the reelect and give you extra instructions. If more than one merchandise is delivered to you, you need only to refuse the damaged merchandise and accept the other unit ( mho ). note on the delivery receipt how many units were accepted as “ OK ”. Keep the original ship box and material. This may be used to investigate the title and/or used to return the merchandise. Please be prepared to provide images of the damaged rescue if requested. This will speed up the resolution time and help us better serve you. Allow us up to 10 commercial enterprise days for us to resolve any damaged or missing separate claims. If you call your credit card company and dispute the payment because you received a damaged product, the resolution time will increase from 10 business days astir to 60 business days. If you signed for the pitch, we will present this to the credit poster company as proof of delivery and they will consider the quarrel invalid. If you sign the delivery reception, accepting rescue as undamaged, and late find discredited or missing parts, please contact us immediately and we will send you a replacement contribution. Please note, you will have up to 48 hours after signing for the manner of speaking to report any undiscovered price or missing parts. Most freight carriers allow up to 48 hours from delivery to file a freight damage claim. After the 48 hour clock frame, you will then need to file a freight claim with the shipper on your own behalf. Always keep the original shipping material. Parts   Shipping Fees Westway Sales ’ south uses 3 unlike carriers to make certain your items arrive to you on time : UPS ( United Parcel Service ) USPS ( United States Postal Service )

FedEx When your items are shipped, we will use the most appropriate delivery method acting, depending on the weight and shipping address of your box. UPS has teamed up with the United States Postal Service ( USPS ) to make certain deliveries for convention or criterion ship. Under the UPS Smart Delivery Options, UPS will transport the package initially. The package will then be handed over to your local USPS to deliver to you.

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