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3.1.1 Bitcoin and Ethereum Comparison

Whereas Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency ( with a basic script linguistic process ), Ethereum is a full-fledged platform. Ethereum is a smart compress execution platform, and Bitcoin is a transaction execution platform. This means that Ethereum is a chopine for build distributed applications : applications running on Ethereum as a platform. Bitcoin is a close address. It is designed to do one thing, execute erstwhile monetary transactions securely. Bitcoin is designed to be childlike and robust, with high security and high blame tolerance. Complexity is not part of Bitcoin ‘s design finish and consequently Bitcoin ‘s bright compress language is simple and does not afford the same amount of complexity as Ethereum. As an application chopine, Ethereum is designed to be complex and feature fat. Another deviation is that with Bitcoin, the Bitcoin asset is the concentrate of the Blockchain ‘s activity. In Ethereum, ether is an asset but not the basal goal of the system, but more of an economic mechanism aligning incentives for operating smart contracts. Ethereum has a Turing-complete script speech as opposed to Bitcoin ‘s script language which is more basic ( though is even extensile enough to include multisig functionality ( multiple signatures ) and archetypal requital impart functionality ( with the opcode primitives nLockTime, CheckLockTimeVerify, and CheckSequenceVerify ). Conceptually, smart contracts are programs written to be executed on the Ethereum platform. A bright narrow instantiates a abridge in programmatic code such that the code execution mechanically enforces the terms of the contract ( equally farseeing as it is run by a hope entity ( such as a trustless Blockchain net ) ). The definition is that a bright narrow is code that facilitates, verifies, or enforces the negotiation or execution of a digital contract. A trust entity must run this code, and the Ethereum net executes the bright contracts without any third party needed.

Ethereum has a Turing-complete script speech which is importantly more brawny than the Bitcoin script lyric and enables smart contracts. Ethereum is Turing-complete in the sense that programs can be written with the wax expressive world power of any modern program language. With the Ethereum computing platform, developers can platform decentralized applications ( DApps ) as an alternative to centralized applications. DApps offer a nonproprietary solution with enhanced cybersecurity since there is no centralize database to be a target for hackers. Examples of DApps as the analogue to centralized apps include Steemit ( decentralized news ), Synereo ( decentralized social network ), LaZooz ( decentralized Uber ), Ujo Music ( decentralized Spotify ), and Ethlance ( decentralized contractor job listing marketplace ).

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