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Rochester, industrial city, seat ( 1821 ) of Monroe county, northwestern New York, U.S. It is a St. Lawrence Seaway port on the Genesee River at its wall socket into Lake Ontario, 71 miles ( 114 kilometer ) east-northeast of Buffalo. It is the center of a metropolitan area that includes Greece, Irondequoit, Perinton, Henrietta, and Brighton ( the largest towns [ townships ] ) ; these, together with Gates, Chili, Pittsford, Penfield, and Webster, are chiefly residential, although some have industrial parks .RochesterRochester Rochester, New York .Brian Stiehler

settlement was made in 1789 at the falls of the Genesee, which powered a grist-mill built by Ebenezer Allen on a 100-acre ( 40-hectare ) nerve pathway granted on condition that he would serve the needs of the Seneca Indians. The speculation was a failure, and Allen ’ s kingdom was sold to Colonel Nathaniel Rochester, Colonel William Fitzhugh, and Major Charles Carroll ( all from Maryland ). Rochester offered lots for sale in 1811, and in 1817 the village was incorporated as Rochesterville ( shortened in 1822 ) ; it was incorporated as a city in 1834. The Erie Canal ( 1825 ) and the city ’ s abundant waterpower and railway linkages ( 1839 ) made it, by the 1850s, one of the early boom towns of the “ West ” ( population 10,000 ) with a golden flour-milling industry based on the wheat production of the Genesee River valley. The dress and shoe industries, initiated in the 1860s, were stimulated by demands of the American Civil War, and mass output methods were quickly developed. After its flour millers moved west to Minnesota, the city turned to greenhouse enterprises and became a pioneer in the mail-order sale of seeds and shrubs. During the 1890s industrialists such as George Eastman, John Jacob Bausch, and Henry Lomb developed photographic, ocular, and preciseness equipment. Photocopy machines and other products including car parts, machine tools, electrical equipment, clothing, plastics, and processed foods immediately augment the economy. Rochester is besides the process, distribution, and shipping point for the surrounding fertile truck- and fruit-farming knock. In 1916 the city was extended in a strip along both banks of the Genesee to Lake Ontario, and in 1931 the port of Rochester was developed to handle Great Lakes and ocean ship .map of Rochester, New York, c. 1900map of Rochester, New York, c. 1900 Map of Rochester, New York, c. 1900 from the tenth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica .Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The city was the home of Margaret and Kate Fox, spiritualists who attracted earth attention in the 1840s with a series of seances known as the Rochester rappings. In 1847 Frederick Douglass, the black abolitionist, published his antislavery wallpaper ( North Star ) there. Rochester was besides a terminus for the Underground Railroad ( escape route for fugitive slaves ). Susan B. Anthony, the early womanhood suffragist, lived there from 1866 to 1906 ; her firm is preserved, and she is buried in the city ’ sulfur Mount Hope Cemetery.

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Explore the life and inventions of George Eastman through a tour of the museum on his estate Explore the liveliness and inventions of George Eastman through a tour of the museum on his estate of the realm A discussion of George Eastman and the museum established on his estate, from picture Perfect : George Eastman House .Great Museums Television (A Britannica Publishing Partner)See all videos for this article The city is the seat of the University of Rochester ( founded in 1850, which includes the Eastman School of Music ), the Rochester Institute of Technology ( 1829 ), and Roberts Wesleyan ( 1866 ), Nazareth ( 1924 ), and St. John Fisher ( 1948 ) colleges. The Monroe Community College of the State University of New York system was founded in 1961. The Colgate-Rochester Divinity School was founded in 1850 as the Rochester Theological Seminary. cultural institutions include a symphony orchestra orchestra, an art gallery ( University of Rochester ), a planetarium, and the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House. The city ’ mho parks, including Highland, Maplewood, and Genesee Valley, are noted for horticultural displays, and the Lilac Festival is a long-familiar annual ( May ) event. Pop. ( 2010 ) 210,565 ; Rochester Metro Area, 1,054,323 ; ( 2020 ) 211,328 ; Rochester Metro Area, 1,090,135.

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