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10 Thrillers That Are Basically Horror Movies

Movies lượt thích The Black Phone, released in July of 2022, carry the tiêu đề ” psychological Big Sky Donno Actor
” but it’s one of the most obvious horror movies released this year. This is a case of identity that happens for many films bearing similar descriptions. Psychological-thrillers, crime-thrillers, suspense-thrillers, etc. are just a more cinematic way of describing a realistic or nonconventional horror movie .
They might be more realistic, dive into the realms of crime, suspense, và mystery, but many movies called ” thrillers ” by the film industry are just horror films with more elegant titles. That said, the thriller genre has given fans some of the most terrifying experiences on film .

Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Chilton in Silence of the Lambs Although Hannibal Lecter is considered one of horror’s most iconic villains, he doesn’t have all that much màn hình hiển thị phút giây in his 1991 debut. That said, the events surrounding Agent Starling’s pursuit of Buffalo Bill are absolutely chilling. Even if Dr. Lecter is taken out of the equation, the manhunt for a serial killer who skins his victims is already horror-movie-worthy .
Inspired by the crimes of Ed Gein, who also inspired Psycho và The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the film và the novel that inspired it are far more gruesome than the average crime drama. The lambs might stop screaming, but certain viewers might not .

And Then There Were None (Various)

The suspects at Soldier Island in 2015's And Then There Were None Agatha Christie really should be inducted into the horror hall of fame, as many of her iconic murder mysteries could very easily fit into the slasher genre. Case in point is her most famous work, And Then There Were None. Whether it’s the book, the play, the various film adaptations, or the miniseries, the cài đặt of the production has far too many qualities shared with something lượt thích Friday The 13 th .
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So many horror films start with a nhóm of victims in an isolated place, such as a creepy house, và a killer lurking in the shadows, và that’s exactly what awaits the characters on Soldier Island. All they’re missing is a hockey mask .

Whiplash (2014)

Andrew plays the drums under Fletcher's supervision in Whiplash On one hand, this is a thriller about how cutthroat some professionals can be in the âm thanh industry. On the other hand, this is just J.K. Simmons torturing & verbally abusing his fellow musicians for nearly two hours. If the setting or industry of the film were changed, this would be an intense psychological horror film about a psychotic teacher .
Yes, it won several awards và the performances are golden, but there’s something undeniably unhinged about Terence Fletcher’s persona from the very beginning. Just as Norman Bates appears lớn be a mild-mannered motel owner, so sánh does this conductor hide his violent tendencies under a mask of professionalism .

Upgrade (2018)

Logan Marshall Green Screaming in pain in Upgrade Upgrade might look lượt thích an action movie, but it’s actually an intense techno-horror film with a cyberpunk approach bự a Faustian bargain. After a mechanic is violently mangled in an attack from a nhóm of assailants, he receives a cybernetic tăng cấp béo his spinal cord that implants him with an incredibly advanced A.I. from an enigmatic benefactor .
The A.I. in question, STEM, grants his host a variety of superpowers và reflexes, but things soon turn from superhero movie Khủng body toàn thân horror, as STEM gets more & more control. It’s what would happen if Venom was replaced with HAL 9000 .

Cape Fear (1991)

Max Cady leaning back while in the front seat of a car in Cape Fear. The original will always be a classic, but the Robert De Niro-led remake from 1991 feels leagues more lượt thích a horror movie than the Gregory Peck version, although he does earn himself a cameo. Martin Scorsese will always be known for his mobster & mafia movies, but he might’ve missed his calling as a horror director .
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An escaped murderer looking for vengeance against the man that put him behind bars is already the stuff nightmares are made of. And with Max Cady’s twisted sense of humor, he’s already pre-equipped with some lines worthy of Freddy Krueger .

Buried (2010)

Ryan Reynolds in Buried holding a lighter and buried alive. Sometimes, all a horror movie needs is a frightening location và a deadly case of claustrophobia. Buried sees an ambushed American in Iraq taken by terrorists & buried in a wooden crate six feet underground. With only a lighter, a cell phone, và 90 minutes worth of oxygen, it’s a race against the clock that wages the matter of life và death .
No masked murderer, no horrifying monsters, no demons from other dimensions, but the fear is absolutely palpable. With so sánh many famous horror stories about being buried alive in popular truyền thông, it only makes sense that this film falls into that category .

Black Swan (2010)

Natalie Portman in the black dress prepared to dance in Black Swan black Swan is complicated, và that’s putting it lightly. This artistic thriller starring Natalie Portman concerns a lead ballet dancer & her mysterious rival mirroring the transformative nature of the famous ballet, và it is indeed a twisted psychological experience. As the gifted dancer, Nina Sayers, slowly loses herself in the role of the titular Black Swan, she loses her sanity as well .
The themes of transformation & monstrous metamorphosis are rampant in the film as both Nina và the film’s reality begin bự crack under căng thẳng mệt mỏi. It’s the ambiguous nature of the beast paired with the frightening visuals that turn things truly chilling .

Joker (2019)

Arthur Flex slowly becomes the Joker This reimagining of the Clown Prince of Crime is unquestionably a horror movie, despite its obvious Oscar-bait status. It’s a character study of a dark và gritty retelling of one of the most colorful và famous comic book villains. However, it’s also a descent into madness featuring a killer clown as its protagonist .
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To use a quote from Rod Serling, the film does not over the nightmare, it only explains it, meaning that this is only an attempt mập understand the man behind the makeup. All sympathy for Arthur fleck flies out the window when the audience remembers that all the deeds he commits are at the hand of the fiendish Joker .

Jurassic Park (1993)

The T-Rex attacks the cars in Jurassic Park Although many fans have called this movie out for the clear-and-present quái thú movie that it is, there’s a majority that still rope it into sci-fi & adventure alone. Yes, it was one of the most iconic và successful movies of the ‘ 90 s, & it’s also one of Steven Speilberg’s best movies, but it still terrified legions of viewers in 1993 .
There are dozens of different avenues a cinephile can explore when discussing this movie. Whether its about how man shouldn’t play god with science & DNA, how corporate greed is the real villain, or whatever moral / ethical science-fiction is trying béo preach, one thing that cannot be denied is that an angry T. rex is one of the scariest things a nhóm of characters can face .

Se7en (1995)

Somerset and Mills listening to a phone call in Se7en Thanks Khủng shows lượt thích Dexter, Hannibal, & Criminal Minds, subject matter lượt thích that seen in Se7en is another day in the crime-thriller office. In 1995, however, this was easily one of the most chilling thrillers released on the big màn hình hiển thị. Not only does it contain a spiraling murder plot concerning the seven deadly sins as a framing device, but it features several jump scares và moments worthy of a Saw production .
Anyone who’s seen the movie knows ” What’s in the box ? ” but it’s impossible phệ forget. At the kết thúc of the day, it was clearly a horror movie first & a detective thriller second .

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