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Warning! You may lose your sleep if you continue reading this.

Have you ever thought about how many clients you thua yesterday, và why ? Have you ever counted them ?

Just think about this – even if you lost one client every day, it means you lost 365 clients last year. Say, you earn USD 50 from one client everyday, approximately your earn is $ 18,250 in a year. How many years does your company exist ?Do you have a really cool sản phẩm or service that will blow the market ? You’re good at your business. You’re experienced và knowledgeable about almost everything. You spent hundred hours to develop it & many nights to make it better. You tuned it, polished it ; & now is the giây phút to reveal it to your audience. It’s so sánh exciting ! Probably, this is the most responsible part of the hàng hóa developing, because HOW you present it is even more important than WHAT your hàng hóa does. Nobody will use it if they don’t know about it. Nobody will use it if they don’t know why it is useful. Nobody will buy it if they don’t understand the difference between this hàng hóa và the similar ones .

So, you need to present your products & services .

You need to demonstrate its pros. You need to highlight benefits that you can deliver to your clients. And you need to bởi it in the most effective way, because nobody wants to spend an extra second. So you need to vì it quickly, clearly, và straight in the bulls eye. You need to cơn sốt the nail on its head. And you have only one chance to vì it. You have only a few moments, because nobody would be willing to follow if they lost their interest at first seconds .If you think that an animation will solve this problem for you – you’re on the right way. A good animator that is experienced enough is even more important than a marketer, because a marketer creates a message, but an animator delivers it .But wouldn’t it be better to use a real video ? There’re many reasons why an animated video is better than a real video, và here’s few of them :

Animated Video Explainers vs Real Video .

Firstly, real videos are VERY expensive. Producing a real video is a really big khuyến mãi, because a real video must look stunning. You can’t just grab your phone or camera và film something – you’ll get a boring, low chất lượng amateur clip, that will be harmful for your business rather than useful. This is because a professional business must be presented professionally. To make a real video looks good you need a high-end camera, professional cameraman, professional light, professional editor, professional post production ( with a very powerful equipment ), và professional director. Of course, you can hire an agency or a đội, who will deliver a high chất lượng ba minute clip in just bốn months. But you need to have about $ 30,000 to vì it. Even if you have them và ready to spend, are you sure it worth it ? Will it return its investments ? If the answer is NO, then your choice is animated video service .Secondly, real videos are boring. Yes, just boring. Can you remember a good video recently that was interesting & didn’t cost $ 100,000 in production ? You can’t, because it’s impossible. All you can bởi is record a speaking head that will talk how good you are, & the lượt thích. You can show your facilities, your sản phẩm, your stuff, some “ happy clients ” etc. But honestly, your clients don’t care about it, because this is boring. They will just close it after 5 sec of listening to a speaking head .

So you need animations to convey your message to your clients .

But they are so sánh different, which one is good for your business ?Well, there’re three main animation types that businesses can use :You can learn more about each phong cách on its page by clicking the links, but let me outline them briefly here :Explainer animation. Dynamic, colorful animated video that grabs viewer’s attention và keeps it till the over. Engaging và easy-to-watch phong cách .Whiteboard animation. Calm, đen và Trắng animated video that is opposed to the explainer phong cách. It’s easy & slow paced mood works great when it comes to explanation .

Infographic animation. Flat 2D phong cách that works great when it comes to numbers, charts, facts as these are the main elements of this kind of animation. It works good as a presentation, when you need to show results caused by something, estimates, forecast, etc. Or, when you need to animate some charts và numbers to make them less boring .

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