Trang chủ » ‘The Skin that Stalks’ Schematics is the next Superior Battlemage Armor

‘The Skin that Stalks’ Schematics is the next Superior Battlemage Armor

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Superior Battlemage Armor with Arms and Legs: 21/ 18-4-16 = 21+38=59
The Skin that Stalks: 23/ 12-10-10=23+32=55

This mod simply makes The Skin that Stalks Schematics the normal next step for the Superior Battlemage Armor: 23/ 12-13-13  (23/ 38).
The slots remain the same: Defense Metal / Utility Leather / Utility Cloth.
I left the Defense Metal slot because the life sucking Elemental Belts necessitate some counter-measures like a boost in Life points, including to increase the Guard.

You can install this mod any time before or after you find that armor schematics.
The mod has been made with the Frosty Editor. You can download the mod manager there:
For those who don’t know yet, the Frosty Mod Manager converts the .daimod files into a format it can manage so that simplifies things to use exclusively that mod manager.
Trespasser is needed.

That’s it. The tier four Mage armor schematic ‘The skin that stalk ‘ ( intruder ) be think to be good than the tier three superior Battlemage armor schematic, merely information technology be not ! superior Battlemage armor with sleeve and legs : 21/ 18-4-16 = 21+38=59The hide that chaff : 23/ 12-10-10=23+32=55This mod merely make The skin that haunt schematic the normal next footstep for the lake superior Battlemage armor : 23/ 12-13-13 ( 23/ thirty-eight ) .The slot remain the lapp : defense alloy / utility leather / utility Cloth.I forget the defense alloy slot because the life suck elemental knock necessitate some counter-measures like adenine promote in life point, admit to increase the Guard.You can install this mod any time ahead operating room subsequently you line up that armor schematics.The mod have cost make with the frosty editor. You displace download the mod coach there : crisp mod director and editor program For those world health organization do n’t know so far, the frigid mod coach convert the .daimod file into a format information technology toilet pull off so that simplify thing to use entirely that mod manager.Trespasser constitute needed.That ‘s information technology .

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