How to earn 1 MILLION coins PER DAY in Line: Disney Tsum Tsum game!!

broadly speaking, players can get coins by 1. playing games and 2. sending/receiving hearts. As described below, players can collect more than one million coins on a daily basis. But collecting all Tsums calm by and large trust on perseverance ; ) line : TsumTsum aims to collect as much TsumTsum as potential, via spending the gold coins we earned while playing the plot. Since there are raw Tsum released monthly, we will never have enough coins .

Collect coins via game playing

The goal is to collect as many coins as possible in a given period of prison term. To see how many coins can one can collect casual, we shall first consider :

  1. How long can one play per day?
    This is a personal choice and is different from one another. Here we assume a heavy player can play TsumTsum for 3 hours on a daily basis.
  2. How to collect as many coins as possible in a given period of time through gaming?
    The game provided many approaches to increase the amounts of coins collected during each game play. The factors are including but not limited to: time required for skill animation, time between games, coins earned by using skills, duration between skill, and how familiar we are with the characters we are playing. In general, when using a skill 6 Tsum who’s skill aim to clear the screen –

Manually playing : will receive around 2000 coins per game, which cost approximately 2.5 mins per crippled.

( Level 6 skills can clear around 28 to 32 Tsums, and get something between 180 to 220 coins. Each game can trigger skill 5 to 9 times, plus the coins collected during playing, we can get around 1500 to 2500 coins per game. Favor will cost us 5 second, skill cost another 5 securities and exchange commission, plus the vivification when we start and finish the game, plus 60 secant per game, it is likely to take 2.5 mins per plot. ) Using supporting tools like XRobotmon: will receive around around 800 coins per game, which cost approximately 2 mins per game. ( These tools won ’ thymine sour equally good as manually gaming, so they have less party favor, less skill and thus takes less time per game. ) Considering a gambling who can play 3 hours per day :

  • Manually gaming will receive around 48000 coins per hour. Ends up to be 144,000 coins per day.
  • XRobotmon will receive around 24000 coins per hour. Ends up to be 576,000 coins per day when leave it playing during the entire day.

Earn coins via sending hearts

Receiving a heart within an hour gives you 200 coins. That being said, we can get a huge voltaic pile of aureate just by receiving hearts, if we have enough friends sending hearts during the day. To maximize the profit of receiving hearts, we should join some ( or many ) line : TsumTsum groups, and keep send hearts on an hourly basis. Say, we have 400 active friends. It takes around 3 secant to receive hearts, and 3.5 seconds to send a heart. (Pro tip: when we collect the hearts within one hour, we will automatically return the hearts to our friends. Thus we don’t need to send hearts as long as we can always collect the hearts in time.) In this font, it takes around 20 mins to receive all the hearts. Assuming every players play 20 mins per hour, and 8 hours per day ( that is 160 mins per day ) – Manually: get 400 hearts and 80000 coins per hour. Ends up to be 3200 hearts and 640,000 coins per day.

With tools like XRobotmon: 400 hearts and 80000 coins per hour. even if not all of our friends can keep sending hearts 24×7, we can distillery earn over one million coins easily on a day by day basis ! hera is one of my hebdomadally records. With 404 active friends, received 8127 hearts per day on average, sum up to be 1.6M coins PER DAY : In short-change, deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as we have enough friends, we can farm more coins in our postbox than playing games three hours per sidereal day. My guess is, this might be due to the fact that game developers simply want more active users online .

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