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Bayern Munich vs Chelsea: Should We Care About the UEFA Super Cup?

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Bayern Munich vs Chelsea: Should We Care About the UEFA Super Cup?

Ryan Bailey@ ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistPRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - AUGUST 03:  The UEFA Super Cup trophy is seen displayed during the UEFA Trophy Display Event on August 3, 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic.  (Photo by Matej Divizna/Getty Images for UEFA)Matej Divizna / Getty ImagesOn Friday evening, the 38 th edition of the ae888 com
Super Cup will take place at Prague’s Eden Arena between Champions League winners Bayern Munich và Europa Cup holders Chelsea .It’s the first ever Super Cup phệ take place between consecutive Champions League winners, và the first since 2004 where neither of the managers actually earned their place in the final .Based largely on the fact that their dominance of Europe shows no signs of slowing lao dốc, Bayern are the favourites Khủng become the first-ever German side béo take the silverware away from this competition .We are being treated Khủng a trophy match between two behemoths of European football, so sánh why is there even a question end whether we should care about watching it ?Even though its premise relies on a clash between the best of the best, a Super Cup simply isn’t comparable phệ a coveted league tiêu đề chiến thắng or success in the main European competitions. It is, for wont of a less cynical mô tả tìm kiếm, a ” glorified friendly. “It is the continental phiên bản of the Community Shield : a nice day out for fans ( it used bự be a nice day out for players before it was moved away from Monaco this year ) & an excuse phệ watch some top-level teams in a low-pressure environment .Bayern Munich vs Chelsea: Should We Care About the UEFA Super Cup?Video Play Button✨ Watch more top videos, highlights, và B / R original nội dung Right Arrow IconEven the sides involved seem lớn hold back their efforts — just look at how disinterested Chelsea looked last season when they had their proverbial behinds handed bự them by Radamel Falcao’s Atletico Madrid .And it’s not an exclusively English viewpoint bự pooh-pooh the UEFA Super Cup, as both the Supercopa de España & Supercoppa Italiana will usually be a team’s last khu nghỉ dưỡng for bragging rights .Frankly, if the UEFA Super Cup was more important, it wouldn’t be played a few weeks into the season on a Friday night .Normally at this point, I would suggest you spend Friday evening lao dốc the pub, at the movies or wherever you usually celebrate the over of the working week .In this instance, however, I would advise you mập stay in & watch the match. In 2013, the Super Cup has been transformed into a thoroughly worthwhile sự kiện by circumstance .This is a game of rivalry, & a game of revenge .Last May, Chelsea snuck into the Allianz Arena & stole a European Cup right from under Die Roten’s noses. That defeat — coupled with the disappointment of finishing second best bự BvB in the domestic league & cup — inspired Bayern lớn devastating size last season .The treble-winning Bavarians have righted all the wrongs of 2011 – 12, except one. Club president Uli Hoeness has insisted that their Super Cup tie with Chelsea is not about revenge, but for fans và players, there has phệ be a strong element of vindication through retribution .There is also the rather significant matter of the managerial rivalry between Jose Mourinho và Pep Guardiola .The two coaches snapped at each other lượt thích mèo & dog when they were both in charge of Spain’s biggest teams, & they will feel they have much mập prove with their mới nhất teams in this chiến dịch .Pep will be keen lớn show the world that his skills translate outside of Catalunya. The Spaniard already has two victories in this competition ( 2009 & 2011 ), so sánh he would not be in the mood béo spoil his perfect record .Mourinho, meanwhile, will want lớn convey the transformative powers of The Special One, turning a nhóm that was hopelessly defeated in this game last season Khủng one that can send a warning sign lớn Europe’s most-feared side .Mou is also known for his desire Khủng instil a winning mentality with his đội from the outset. When he first took charge of Chelsea in 2004, he pursued và won the League Cup. Despite it being a competition that most top teams would put on the back-burner, the manager was keen Khủng get his side used bự winning ways as quickly as possible .The Portuguese manager may also regard the UEFA Super Cup as a missing spot in his personal trophy cabinet. His only experience of this game was in 2003, when his Porto side lost phệ Milan .So we have a fierce managerial rivalry, one đội hungry for revenge, another hungry béo slay a Bundesliga giant và two sides who drew their last domestic matches và who need lớn show everyone else who is top dog .Even if you normally don’t care about the UEFA Super Cup, you should definitely care about this one .

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