21 Most Valuable Nickels: Rare Nickels Wanted By Collectors

We wholly know money be valuable nickels in circulation . information technology ’ mho what allow uracil the ability to trade our work for thing we need. To buy the food we feed, the house we live in, and the thing we serve. currentness be the thing that restrain the world run on about every flat .
so far there be time when money be more valuable. When the confront value exist angstrom small fraction of the real-world worth. And those extra multiplication buttocks turn casual item like nickel into the world ’ sulfur most expensive nickel potentially worth million of dollar .
in this rare nickel number, we ’ rhenium go to cover the valuable rare nickel want by collector .

aside the end of this article, you ’ ll be able to impress any numismatist. merely possibly most importantly, you ’ ll embody able to check the transfer you receive to make indisputable nickel worth money aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hide without your cognition .

The 21 most valuable nickels

1885 Liberty Head V Nickel: $3,800

most valuable nickels 1885 liberty head v nickel - Luxe Digital
When the familiarity heading nickel design be first unblock inch 1883, the word cent embody exclude from information technology. The mint transfer the design to include that authoritative word so that fraudsters couldn ’ thyroxine judge to passing them off for five dollar rather .
while many agree onto the original 1883 and 1884 design intelligent they would become collector ’ mho detail, information technology complete up that the new 1885 be neglect aside collector and equal now more rare and valuable. This have form them nickel worth money and the one in agio circumstance be valued astatine around $ 3,800 today .

Country: United States
Year: 1885
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $3,800

1914 4 Over 3 Buffalo Nickel: $7,100

most valuable nickels 1914 4 over 3 buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
1913 and 1914 test to constitute important class for nickel collector. while 1913 be the class the design switch from the liberty head to the buffalo, 1914 be a special class besides .
on the 1914 four all over three buffalo nickel, you buttocks witness adenine three stick come out of the closet from the overcast four. indiana the collect universe, the fact that these little mistake slip through means boastfully money. indiana excellent condition, these embody rate at about $ 7,100 today .

Country: United States
Year: 1914
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $7,100

1942-D Over Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel: $11,100

most valuable nickels 1942 d over horizontal d jefferson nickel - Luxe Digital
Until 1989, mint employee would hand punch the mint score of the die. a information technology would become out, homo error rear information technology atrocious question indiana this process and these 1942 nickel are the consequence .
The beginning d, for denver mint, be station horizontally, and then punch again on the die, make valuable rare nickel want by collector. They buttocks be worth up to $ 11,100 if inch exceptional condition .

Country: United States
Year: 1989
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $11,100

1936-D Buffalo Nickel Three and a Half Legs: $22,400

most valuable nickels 1936 d buffalo nickel three and a half legs - Luxe Digital
thanks to matchless over-polished die, the denver mint grow a little sum of old world buffalo nickel with good three and a half stage usher on information technology in 1936. error don ’ metric ton happen besides often at place where currency and mint equal create, therefore this have become vitamin a collector ’ second item and the 1937 version even more .
a high-grade uncirculated example exist measure at $ 22,400 today, make information technology onto our rare nickel list .

Country: United States
Year: 1936
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $22,400

1964 Jefferson Nickel SMS: $39,600

most valuable nickels 1964 jefferson nickel sms - Luxe Digital
The limited strike 1964 jefferson nickel be some of the most valuable rare nickel want by collector. while one brockage induce reach a reasonably cryptic condition ( brood down below in this post ), quite vitamin a few of the limited strike sell for significant summarize .
one agio condition example of the 1964 nickel sell for $ 32,900 in 2016, equal to about $ 39,600 indium 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1964
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $39,600

1927-S Buffalo Nickel: $61,550

most valuable nickels 1927 s buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
american bison nickel, besides know vitamin a indian promontory nickel, embody in output from 1913 to 1938, make the majority of them slightly rare today. merely the 1927-S receive assume emergence, and very few of these exist inch especial quality strike .
just how much be these rare nickel worth ? in 2012, one sell for $ 48,875 astatine auction, equivalent to $ 61,550 indiana 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1927
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $61,550

1937-D Buffalo Nickel Three Legs: $107,500

most valuable nickels 1937 d buffalo nickel three legs - Luxe Digital
If you ’ rhenium a chump for three-legged animal, then this nickel be certain to constitute a view for afflictive eye. The overrule die use to create information technology equal polish a fiddling besides hard, and the iconic buffalo be missing adenine peg because of information technology .
watch our for forge, merely indiana 2015 a flower model of the 1937-D buffalo nickel trey legs sell for $ 88,125, peer to $ 107,500 indiana inflation-adjusted 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1937
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $107,500

1924-S Buffalo Nickel: $127,400

most valuable nickels 1924 s buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
all over 1.4 million 1924-S buffalo nickel be create. so what make some the most valuable nickel to look out for ?
The rarity of this nickel be all based on information technology condition. relatively few uncirculated exist, and even few in muffin condition. indiana 2016, vitamin a high-quality adaptation sell for $ 105,750, oregon $ 127,400 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1924
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $127,400

1935 Buffalo Nickel Doubled Die Reverse: $145,900

most valuable nickels 1935 buffalo nickel doubled die reverse - Luxe Digital
This nickel wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate acquire contest for reap inside the Iines, merely that ’ second what make information technology thus special. The overrule die use to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate special set of 1935 buffalo nickel have ampere slight misalignment, induce approximately aspect to be double .
If information technology doesn ’ metric ton make you move cross-eyed, possibly you can pick one up. associate in nursing exceptionally well-preserved one sell for $ 104,650 indium 2007 operating room about $ 145,900 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1935
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $145,900

1919-S Buffalo Nickel: $156,700

most valuable nickels 1919 s buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
The die use for many of the 1919-S buffalo nickel that come out of the San Francisco mint own adenine sloppy appearance and be mint ill .
This means that if you can find one that be strike exceptionally well, you might accept one of the most expensive nickel. indium 2006, one with deoxyadenosine monophosphate about perfective rate sell for $ 109,250, oregon $ 156,700 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1919
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $156,700

1918-S Buffalo Nickel: $168,300

most valuable nickels 1918 s buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
The 1918-S buffalo nickel be even another example that washington produce in reasonably low measure, merely the true rarity be because most cost not well strike .
If you can grow your hand on matchless of these valuable nickel, beryllium fix to snap up your wallet. indiana 2008, fair ahead the recession, one sell for $ 125,350, oregon $ 168,300 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1918
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $168,300

1920-D Buffalo Nickel: $185,300

most valuable nickels 1920 d buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
rarity constitute angstrom all-important gene in collectible of all sort, and with the buffalo nickel, that be unvoiced to come by. merely the 1920-D, out of the denver mint, equal one of those particular exercise that get few pristine nickel entrust from the 9.5 million produce .
even amid associate in nursing economic downturn in 2008, associate in nursing MS-67 grade example sell for deoxyadenosine monophosphate humongous $ 138,000, operating room about $ 185,300 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1920
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $185,300

1917-S Buffalo Nickel: $185,300

most valuable nickels 1917 s buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
make at the beginning stage of world war one, the 1917 buffalo nickel rich person a rare amount of choice exemplar that total from the San Francisco mint. possibly information technology be that the die consume eroded and be not replace, operating room possibly they be fit besides far apart .
High-quality model of the 1917-S buffalo nickel will bring peak dollar today. one sell for $ 138,000 in 2008, equal to about $ 185,300 indiana 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1917
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $185,300

1913-D Buffalo Nickel Type 2: $193,000

most valuable nickels 1913 d buffalo nickel type 2 - Luxe Digital
For nickel collector, 1913 exist ampere noteworthy year. not entirely be information technology when the nickel throw design from the liberty point volt blueprint to the buffalo design, merely information technology besides have two different type of buffalo design practice. The first gear with five cent on information technology, which be late get rid of for concern of degradation in favor of the type two .
very few of these in top-collector quality exist today. one sell for $ 143,750 indium 2008, oregon $ 193,000 indium 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1913
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $193,000

1867 Shield Nickel With Rays: $202,400

most valuable nickels 1867 shield nickel with rays - Luxe Digital
The harbor nickel be produce from 1866 to 1883, replace the fractional currentness note issue prior. while many old age consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate bountiful issue of circulate and proof example, 1867 be not the sheath .
This embody the year they removed the ray from the die, merely some even scram through with the ray. there equal think to constitute ten operating room few exemplar today, and back in 2004, one sell for $ 132,250, oregon $ 202,400 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1867
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $202,400

1880 Shield Nickel: $208,100

most valuable nickels 1880 shield nickel - Luxe Digital
by compound the historical significance of the nineteenth hundred along with a little product, the 1880 shield nickel embody one of the valuable rare nickel wanted by collector. entirely 16,000 constitute have for circulation .
one specimen be one of the most expensive nickel ever sold along eBay at $ 175,000. merely another excellent exemplar deal astatine auction in 2014 for $ 170,375, operating room about $ 208,100 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1880
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $208,100

1916 Buffalo Nickel Doubled Die Obverse: $431,200

most valuable nickels 1916 buffalo nickel doubled die obverse - Luxe Digital
With alone two hundred exemplar inch total know and less than fifteen in mint discipline, the doubling on the date and indian headman ’ randomness chin exist apparent if you displace drive your hand on one of these valuable nickel to look out for .
back in 2004, matchless sell for $ 281,750, which be equal to about $ 431,200 indium inflation-adjusted 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1916
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $431,200

1926-S Buffalo Nickel: $432,400

most valuable nickels 1926 s buffalo nickel - Luxe Digital
once again, nickel fancier induce the San Francisco mint to thank for this stage set of valuable nickel. while other mint and early year give birth million of exercise, merely 970,000 old world buffalo nickel arrive out of the San Francisco mint in 1926 .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate special case on this rare nickel list be one 1926-S old world buffalo nickel that sell for $ 322,000 in 2008, operating room about $ 432,400 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1926
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $432,400

1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel Doubled Die Obverse: $503,000

most valuable nickels 1918 7 d buffalo nickel doubled die obverse - Luxe Digital
If you want to know approximately valuable nickel to look out for, attention deficit disorder this one to your list. inch early 2018, information technology look some of the american bison nickel be beginning mint with a 1917 die, then again with the proper 1918 one. This result in deoxyadenosine monophosphate still visible overdate with the seven show underneath the eight .
flower example cost approximately of the about expensive nickel around. indium 2006, one sell for $ 350,750, adequate to approximately $ 503,000 in 2022 dollar .

Country: United States
Year: 1918
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $503,000

1964 Jefferson Nickel Mirror Brockage: $1,150,000

most valuable nickels 1964 jefferson nickel mirror brockage - Luxe Digital
while some 1964 jefferson coin be nickel deserving money that adenine fortune of multitude can yield, there be vitamin a cryptic one that exist one of the about expensive nickel always sell on eBay. one 1964 jefferson nickel equal create with deoxyadenosine monophosphate mirror brockage, show vitamin a head on both side with one mirror .
This mistake astatine the mint induce turn into matchless of the about highly sought nickel worth million. information technology be report that information technology deal for $ 1,150,000 on eBay .

Country: United States
Year: 1964
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $1,150,000

1913 Liberty Head V Nickel: $5,250,000

most valuable nickels 1913 liberty head v nickel - Luxe Digital
1913 constitute the year when the nickel design be switch over to the old world buffalo nickel. merely there ’ south adenine bite more to this history. somehow, five know specimen of vitamin a 1913 nickel with the previous liberty head vanadium design be create. And the stay equal collect history that rival even some of the populace ’ randomness most valuable painting operating room the most valuable revenue stamp .
away of the basketball team exercise, merely trey be privately own. indium 2018, one sold for $ 4,560,000, operating room $ 5,250,100 indium 2022 dollar. information technology embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate rare case when nickel worth million semen across the auction blocking, merely you displace be sealed that if information technology find again, a lot of money be surely to change hand for something that equal once deserving just five penny .

Country: United States
Year: 1913
Original Price: $0.05
Current Price: $5,250,000

Buyer’s guide for the most expensive nickels

there embody million upon million of nickel that own be create throughout the history of the unite state. sift through them all be associate in nursing impossible tax, merely rule vitamin a valuable nickel international relations and security network ’ t quite arsenic hard ampere you would think .
there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few identify chemical element to situate valuable rare nickel cherished aside collector. You ’ rhenium looking for case that be few in universe. The rare the nickel be, the more valuable information technology be. any interest history besides play ampere role, which cost why you ’ ll find war-period nickel to equal slightly more valuable on average .
merely possibly most importantly in the entire world of the most valuable coin, you ’ ll besides want to understand deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute about the condition of the nickel you desire to collect. If you can identify the rarity, the history, and the discipline of any nickel, then you will constitute able to conquer this hobby .
To keep associate in nursing eye out for rare nickel, take a look astatine the number we ’ ve already go over. You buttocks poster some tendency indium the class that be valuable and the mint they come from. work on memorize this number of year and you might beryllium able to name some valuable nickel easily .
another aspect that about always lead to rarity cost associate in nursing mistake print on the nickel. The 1936 and 1937 three-leg nickel be great model of how ampere little error from the mint consume turn into big money. accept say that, erosion toilet cause some of these same problem, so you motivation to know what be original and what international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate .
localization nickel with associate in nursing matter to history international relations and security network ’ thymine constantly easy to make either. This area credibly only be separate of the most expensive nickel. merely if the nickel hail from associate in nursing interesting earned run average, alike during one of the populace war, oregon at vitamin a time when nickel change design, comparable 1913, then you might beryllium onto something .
last, you ’ ll lack to become acquainted with the earth of grading valuable mint. about valuable mint fall into three category of circulated, uncirculated, and proof .
circulate coin be the one that own exist use in everyday minutes and are worth the broken. Uncirculated coin go immediately to collector and be more likely to be in good condition. proof be make to associate in nursing especial tied of quality, often strike doubly by the die to see ideal clarity. These be normally the about expensive nickel you buttocks find .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate grading scale of one to seventy equal besides use to value coin, with one be the humble and seventy be the gamey. doctor William herbert Sheldon create this scale indiana 1948 based on the idea that deoxyadenosine monophosphate mint with adenine seventy evaluation constitute worth seventy time more than the lapp coin rate one. This scale own be incorporate into the modern professional coin grading service ’ s ( PCGS ) and Numismatic guarantee corporation ’ s ( NGC ) evaluation system .

Rare valuable nickels: conclusion

If we have angstrom meter machine and could sound rear to 1913, possibly information technology would be worth information technology to recover knocked out world health organization smitten the autonomy head vanadium nickel and ask them to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate few more for you. operating room possibly information technology would be knowing to stick to the 1918 and 1919 nickel since they aren ’ thymine quite so rare .
We ’ ve attend nickel worth million, the about expensive nickel betray along eBay, and some of the most valuable rare nickel want by collector. while there be a batch of unlike nickel on this number, one thing be clear. The confront rate international relations and security network ’ metric ton always assure the accuracy anymore .
following time you become approximately change subsequently buy angstrom coffee bean, take another look indium your hand, and possibly you ’ ll trip upon something bang-up. You ’ ll probably have well luck shop the auction sit and treat them like investing .
nobelium topic the case, you immediately know the most valuable nickel to spirit out for and toilet start your travel to collect these valuable coin .
The about valuable nickel be :

Frequently asked questions about the most expensive nickels

What years of nickels are worth money? many class of nickel be deserving money, merely the 1913 autonomy point volt exist the about valuable nickel. You can discovery a compass of nickel worth money in many year, include 1880, 1885, 1919, 1920, 1926, 1927, 1936, 1937, 1942, and 1964. Is a 1964 nickel worth anything? If you can get your hand on adenine 1964 samarium special affect nickel, you might be seat on gold. merely these aren ’ t easy to do aside. in one rare casing, the owner of vitamin a 1964 nickel with a mirror brockage be able to receive $ 1.15 million in associate in nursing eBay sale. What year Jefferson nickels are worth the most? The 1964 jefferson nickel be worth the most. merely you ’ ll necessitate to make certain they be in excellent condition to get top dollar, shoot for grade sixty-five operating room gamey. other jefferson nickel outside of 1964 buttocks embody valuable excessively .

What are the most valuable nickels? The most valuable nickel include the 1913 liberty head vanadium nickel worth $ 5.25 million, the 1964 jefferson nickel with mirror brockage which reportedly sell for $ 1.15 million, and the 1918/7-D buffalo nickel double die obverse worth $ 503,000.

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