5 Bloons Adventure Time TD Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Bloons Adventure Time TD launches August 30, 2018 on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the App Store and Google Play. The game is now available for pre-reg on Google Play. CN GAMES: cartn.co/ytgames SUBSCRIBE: cartn.co/subscribe WATCH MORE: cartn.co/moreat About Adventure Time: Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake…


The Land of Ooo has a threaten menace that needs to be vanquished ! What is this atrocious force out we speak of ? Bloons. Yep, apparently harmless but deceptively dangerous bloons. Bloons Adventure Time TD lets you take command of the animated property ’ s most iconic characters and put them into assail modality against those blasted bloons. There ’ mho a lot of strategy involved in taking down certain types of bloons, who to take into battle, and what tactics you need to employ to win. The following strategy guide will guide you and Finn ’ s army to victory ! here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Bloons Adventure Time TD : Download the Bloons Adventure Time TD APK here .

1. Incredibly Effective Bloons Destruction Methods

Bloons Adventure Time TD • You and your huge array of Adventure Time heroes have set out on a travel to destroy those awful bloons. once a match begins, drop a few characters on the playfield before you start up the first circle. Once you acquire a good amount of gold, place all of your available heroes on the field. If you already know were the bloons will emanate from first, be certain to place one or two characters right in their vicinity. Might equally well cut ’ em down adenine soon as they spawn before they make their way to the rest of your characters. • Be mindful of character synergy – rap on one of your characters to see which hero they ’ re capable of utilizing a special ability with. Be certain to place them following to each other so you have the opportunity to activate that especial ability once you have the funds to do so. Make certain you enter each battle with a vary cast of characters. Your current party lineup ’ sulfur bases should be covered – one character ’ second weakness should be covered by another character ’ south potency .

2. Proper Character Upgrading Management is Key

Bloons Adventure Time TD • once a round of a battle comes to a conclude, take some clock to manage each of your characters ’ upgradeable abilities. once you purchase an upgrade for one character, go ahead and spend some gold on another character ’ s upgrades.

• Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate merely focus on upgrading one character during conflict – spread out your gold purchases by making sure each character gets upgraded at least one time. As your characters reach new levels outside of battle, they ’ ll unlock modern battle upgrades for themselves. So it ’ second constantly worth taking leveled up heroes into struggle with their new and potent upgradeable abilities .

3. Equip Each Character with the Proper Trinkets

Bloons Adventure Time TD • When it ’ randomness time to increase any one of your character ’ mho stats and abilities, you ’ ll get the luck to upgrade them with “ Trinkets ”. A character at floor one lone has three afford Trinkets slots to work with. Each character has 10 outdoors slots that can be outfitted with Trinkets – every time a character levels up, a Trinkets slot opens up. • Be sure to prioritize equipping character specific Trinkets inaugural. then equip your preferable character with the type of Trinkets that strengthens their weaknesses. For case, equip Princess Bubblegum with the Treetrunk ’ s Dagger to help increase her first gear attack damage .

4. Make a Few Powers Purchases Before You Head Off to Battle

Bloons Adventure Time TD • One tab key you should always check in on is “ Powers. ” Powers are special battle abilities you can activate to quickly turn the tide of struggle in your favor. You can equip eight Powers at one time and purchase/swap them out before conflict. • Some of the better Powers you should always purchase and equip are the Hugsplosion, Twinkling Eye Potion, Bag of Butter, Golden Crown, Hot Dog Knights, Gold Coin, Trail Mix, and Heavy Weapons. Of course, you don ’ t have to stick to this specific Powers loadout. shuffle it up from prison term to fourth dimension and see which ones benefit your party lineup the most .

5. Stay Up to Date on Your Current Daily Quests and Achievements

Bloons Adventure Time TD • You ’ ll acquire a adept amount of rewards fair by completing Achievements and the daily Quests you assign yourself. As your player horizontal surface reaches higher levels, you ’ ll profit the find to take on more than one daily Quest at once. • Be sure to stay on top of whatever daily Quests and Achievements you ’ re looking to complete so you know which ones you ’ re close to accomplishing. Knocking out a casual Quest, getting rewarded with a Gold Chest broad of goodies, and besides gaining plenty of rewards from Achievements should be a daily happening for you in this game. See Also

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