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This article is about the former 100 yen bill. For the presently circulating coin, see 100 yen coin japanese yen note

100 yen note
Value 100 Japanese yen
Security features Watermarks
Years of printing 1885–1974
Design Various
Design Various

The 100 yen note ( 百円紙幣 ) was a denomination of japanese yen issued from 1885 to 1974 in paper shape. Eight different types were issued over the period of about a century before they were replaced by the 100 yen coin. only two of the publish notes continue to retain their legal bid status, both of which were issued after World War II. Like other old japanese banknotes they are worth more on the collector ‘s market than at face prize .

Issues [edit ]

One hundred yen notes were first issued in 1885, and are nicknamed “ Daikoku notes ” based on the obverse blueprint. only 27 of these notes are known to exist today due to the little total that was issued, and a defect with how the notes were made. “ Daikoku notes ” were finally withdrawn from circulation on March 31, 1939. The second emergence came on November 15, 1891 as a cook to a problem with the inaugural exit notes. The “ Daikoku notes ” had been made with konjac gunpowder to increase the strength of the newspaper, but as a result the notes were eaten by mice and insects. These notes feature Fujiwara no Kamatari on the obverse, while the reverse is of a similar invention as the precede. For one reason or another the second issue was besides made in a little come resulting in few being known nowadays. As with the first series, the second serial was withdrawn from circulation in 1939.

The one-third emergence debuted on December 25, 1900 and are nicknamed “ purple back ” notes as the change by reversal side has a purple hue. As with the first two issues, these notes were withdrawn from circulation in 1939. The one-fourth emergence started on January 1, 1930 and have a design similar to the “ purple backs ” with the obverse featuring Prince Shōtoku, and Hōryū-ji on the rearward. These notes were withdrawn from circulation on March 2, 1946. Fifth issue notes were made starting in 1944, and ending in 1946 with a like plan to the preceding issue. serial numbers for this issue are numbered up to 900,000 with substitution notes made after this sum. The final pre-yen conversion notes were issued from 1945 to 1946, and are the sixth ones to be issued. The annual wait menstruation was not put into place before the pause and late withdrawal of the sen. finally, a law was passed on March 2, 1946 that demonetized any placard that had been issued up to that date. Prior notice had already been given on February 17th with people having the option to exchange old bills for the newly made “ A series ”. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] With the conversion of the yen the final examination two issues dubbed “ series A ”, and “ serial B ” notes were made. The initial estimate was to suppress ostentation which invalidated all of the old 100 bank notes that were in circulation at the fourth dimension. The interchange happened cursorily by means of forced deposits which besides caused more than one variety of the “ A series ” notes being made. As with the preceding series, notes numbered after 900,000 are replacement notes. “ Series A ” notes were first issued on March 1, 1946 and were withdrawn from circulation on June 5, 1956. The final series of 100 yen notes are called “ series B ” notes, which were made to deter counterfeiting which had effected the “ A ” notes. These newfangled notes were first issued on December 1, 1953 causing the “ A ” notes to promptly be redeemed. While the first silver medal 100 hankering coins were minted in 1957, the note shape continued to circulate alongside the coins. The beginning of the conclusion for the 100 yen note came on August 26, 1966 when the japanese cabinet voted to abolish the note. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] On August 1, 1974 one hundred yen notes were withdrawn from circulation, and both “ series A ”, and “ series B ” notes were allowed to retain their legal crank condition. [ 5 ]

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