Blade & Soul Announces Plans For Sixth Anniversary

NC Soft announced this week that they have a long ton of events happening for the sixth anniversary of the MMORPG Blade & Soul. We have the full list of event happening within the game that will be going over the next few weeks, which you can take part in to get some exclusives and have a short fun with. This anniversary is besides a special one for Soul Fighter characters, as the new Third Specialization – the Way of the Divine Hand – is now available in the game as share of a special update.

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For the sixth anniversary, players will have from now until February 9th to collect Keys from the especial Candycloud on the Horizon quest, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as completing daily quests and Daily Challenges. Complete the quest from Dojagi in Jadestone village to receive Anniversary Gifts, which can be opened with the key players find. The chests contain anniversary Coins arsenic well as early useful items – even costumes, and the Anniversary Coins can be exchanged on the Dragon Express for a count of other utilitarian items. There ‘s besides the one-sixth Year Festival event, where players can earn Festival Coins from opening Anniversary Gifts, as login rewards, and by completing daily dungeon quests and hebdomadally challenges. The festival Coins can be exchanged on the Dragon Express for Festival Chests, which include many utilitarian items as well .
The Soul Boost event is the newly revample “ Call to Arms ” semi-annual event which allows players to cursorily improve their gear to access the latest keep capacity. The Soul Boost event will take place from January 9 – June 8, and will be available for all players mechanically. It adds a Quest Log, which players can find under the in-game mini-map, and lets players accumulate Soul Boost points. There are four Stages of Quests and Rewards, and Each degree has a specific numeral of quests to be completed before the following is available. Upon completing the stages, you can receive items to upgrade your equipment or boost your Hongmoon Mastery and Unity Levels. With six months to complete, there is plenty of opportunity for players to boost their gear.

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last, the Blade & Soul : Soul Resurgence Update includes the Way of the Divine Hand Third Specialization for Soul Fighters. Embracing the Divine Hand turns the Soul Fighter ‘s torso into a weapon and shield, imbuing the power to deliver heavy strikes and merciless kicks. Combining both short- and long-distance attacks for a active playstyle, it pairs with defensive skills such as Bright Ward, which can block and parry frontal attacks, and Celestial Chi to resist condition effects and boost HP convalescence, while increasing your party ‘s defense. Weave in attacks such as Thousand Palms and Soul Spear to defeat enemies in a most educated way.

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