Presidential Dollar Coins

A dollar for every president

by Shmuel Ross

Starting February 2007, the U.S. Mint will be introducing a new dollar coin four times a class, one for each president of the United States. The U.S. Mint has been trying for years to get the public to embrace dollar coins. In 1979, it introduced the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which was criticized for being excessively well confused with a quarter. The coin never caught on with the cosmopolitan public. In 2000, it introduced the Sacajawea dollar. This was colored gold and difficult to confuse with any other coin, and it was introduced with a large market campaign. however, it is only rarely used for daily transactions ; Americans have overwhelmingly preferred dollar bills.

Third time’s a charm

This fourth dimension, the dollar coin might actually get some takers. build up on the success of the State Quarter course of study, the Mint is hoping that this new series will catch the interest of collectors and the public at boastfully. They have reason to hope sol : dollar coins are much more cost-efficient than bills. The first presidential dollar mint, released February 15, 2007, features George Washington on the front man. Adams, Jefferson, and Madison will follow in the course of the year. Each coin has an engraving of the Statue of Liberty on the spinal column. The plan is to go through each president in the ordain in which they served, until reaching those who are still living. ( A president will need to have been dead for two years before being eligible to appear on a dollar coin ; as matters presently stand, Nixon, Ford, and Reagan would end the tilt in 2016. )

Special features

In general, U.S. coins bear the year in which they are minted, a mintmark, “ E Pluribus Unum, ” and “ In God We Trust “ on either the front or back. These coins are the first in U.S. history to have them engraved on the edge of the coin. This is partially to make the coins more interest to collectors, and partially to make room for data about each president of the united states ; the presence of each coin will include its president ‘s diagnose, number, and years in office.

normally, the give voice “ Liberty ” besides appears on every U.S. mint. In this font, Congress decided that putting the Statue of Liberty on the back fulfilled this officiate without having to spell it out.

Other coins

The presidential dollar coins will not wholly replace the Sacajawea dollars ; by law, the latter will continue to make up at least a third of all modern dollar coins minted. In addition to the $ 1 presidential coins, a companion plant of $ 10 aureate coins featuring the first Ladies is besides being issued, following the lapp agenda.

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