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Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)

The U.S. Mint has been around since concisely after the establish of this big nation, and since its origin the U.S. Mint has produced neologism not only for the United States but for other countries as well. The mint was originally founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but late began to branch out as it grew. With each new adeptness producing coinage for the U.S. Mint, a new mintmark was added to coins to identify the localization they were minted at .
Since the U.S. Mint first began operations, it has minted many different types of coins over the years. The mint has produced not merely coins for circulation, but besides many commemorative and symbolic coins as well. The Founding Fathers played a vital character in shaping the United States, and the Franklin Half Dollar pays protection to one of the most celebrated of the Founding Fathers-Benjamin Franklin .
The Franklin Half Dollar is a very popular silver coin and carries a confront prize of $ .50. These coins were minted from 1948-1963. These coins remain in demand today due to their diachronic significance and symbolism. The pursue sections will discuss in detail the history, design and popularity of these coins and why they are sought after by collectors .
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Franklin Half Dollar History

The Franklin Half Dollar came about because then-mint film director Nellie Tayloe Ross was an admirer of Franklin and wanted his likeness depicted on a coin. In 1947, Ms. Ross instructed the mint ’ second headman engraver, John Sinnock, to begin working on designs for such a coin. unfortunately, Mr. Sinnock passed away before the completion of his designs, and his successor, Gilroy Roberts, completed the coin ’ s final purpose .
The coins were first released in April of 1948 and soon after experienced a degree of controversy. Sinnock ’ s initials, JRS, appeared on the coin at the cutoff of Franklin ’ second shoulder. Some believed that these initials were actually a protection to early soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. The mint explained, however, that these initials were merely Sinnock ’ s initials-nothing more-and the mint made no changes to the mint ’ south design. Franklin Half Dollars were then regularly minted until 1963. In 1964, the mint was replaced by the Kennedy Half Dollar .

Franklin Half Dollar Design

The design of the Franklin half Dollar was the ferment of John Sinnock. The blueprint pays tribute to one of the most highly recognized Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin .
The mint ’ randomness obverse features the portrait profile of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin ’ randomness profile appears with flowing hair and is cut off at the shoulder. The obverse, although featuring a detail profile of Franklin, is relatively childlike in terms of extra details. The top of the coin bears the word “ Liberty ” while the bed of the face features the give voice “ IN GOD WE TRUST. ” The year of mint is besides featured .
The overrule of the Franklin Half Dollar contains the Liberty Bell, along with eagle. The Liberty Bell displays the crack up in the bell, and was originally ridiculed. In addition, the initial reaction to the coin ’ sulfur design objected to the belittled eagle although the mint went ahead with the design anyhow. In addition to the detailed bell and eagle, the inverse besides features several phrases including “ E PLURIBUS UNUM, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and HALF DOLLAR. ”

The Liberty bell is wonderfully detailed with an intricate design, and the coin ’ s invention makes it one of the most symbolic coins minted .

Popularity Among Collectors

For mint collectors, the Franklin Half Dollar is popular for respective reasons. This coin features a design of historical significance and features the profile of one of the most celebrated Americans in history .
The Franklin Half Dollar is besides a fifty penny objet d’art, making it different than many other coins available with face values of $ 1, $ 5 or more. In addition to the coin ’ s face prize, these coins are besides valued based on their argent content. This coin was minted from 90 percentage pure silver with a reeded edge .
Another reason that collectors may gravitate towards these coins is their advancing historic period. The Franklin Half Dollar ceased being minted over a half hundred ago and with old age may come increasing demand for these historic fifty dollar bill penny pieces .
Franklin Half Dollars were produced in limited mintages in the early on years, and collectors may desire to own some of the original editions. These coins are not considered rare, however, and may be fairly easy to come by.

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