Mint confirms color’s costs for Purple Heart silver dollar

produced a coin on a square planchet. besides addressed is the seller ’ south capability to colorize curved coins. The color 2022-W National Purple Heart Hall of Honor silver dollar is limited to a exhaust of 25,000 coins. approximately $ 9 of the $ 95 list price in the U.S. Mint catalogue for the colorized 2022-W National Purple Heart Hall of Honor silver dollar is associated with the cost of applying coloring material to the obverse of each mint .
The product went on sale March 24 and sold out in less than 25 hours .
The only part of the obverse design being colorized is the purple field surrounding George Washington ’ s portrait on the visualize of the decoration in the design.

The colorization was limited to 25,000 Proof versions from the maximum 400,000 silver dollars combined to be struck at the West Point Mint in Proof and Uncirculated finishes .

The colorization was executed by LulaRose, a division of The Clancy Group Corp., under a five-year Indefinite Quantity ( IDIQ ) contract with a sum likely prize of $ 8.375 million .
“ This is fair a sum potential value, but not a guarantee come, as we request a proposal from the seller when a necessity is determined by the platform function, ” according to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White. “ It gives the Mint the ability to have a vehicle in place in casing other colorization requirements arise — with established terms and conditions — so that when we have a motivation, we send the seller a request for proposal and issue a pitch regulate. ”

Basketball Hall of Fame contract

LulaRose, based in Winchester, Massachusetts, was primitively awarded the narrow on Oct. 19, 2019, for the colorization of Proof 2020 National Basketball Hall of Fame eloquent dollars and copper-nickel invest half dollars .
Colorization of the elements on the reverses of the 75,000 Proof 2020-P Basketball silver dollars and 75,000 2020-S copper-nickel dress Basketball half dollars was accomplished through a process known as inkjet or pad print, the same work being used for the Purple Heart Hall of Fame coins .
The base shrink was for a annual period, ending Sept. 30, 2020, with the possibility of the Mint exercising up to four annual contract extensions, running through Sept. 30, 2024.

sign terms address the seller ’ mho capability to colorize coins or medals or both in quantities from several thousands up to 500,000 pieces .
The abridge besides addresses the capability of colorizing coins struck on squarely planchets. The U.S. Mint has never produced a coin on a square planchet. besides addressed is the seller ’ randomness capability to colorize curved coins .
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