Vermintide 2: How To Make The Most Of Pilgrim’s Coins

The Chaos Wastes Update has brought a lot of fun changes to Vermintide 2 since it launched. This unblock message pack has added a Roguelike Dungeon crawling mood that lets players set out on their own long-running campaign across the ill-famed Chaos Wastes .
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merely like how Winds of Magic added a new game modality and enemy character, the Chaos Wastes brings not equitable a newly modality, but besides a crowd of concern levels, weapon skins, and a new interesting currency in the form of Pilgrim ‘s Coins. These twinkling treasures are a new type of cash that can be spent by players on their travel on things like modern weapons, stronger gear, or Boons to become stronger. however, these coins disappear after each excursion, so spending is encouraged. so with that in beware, here are a few things worth knowing that could help you make the most of this charming money .

10 Spend Them Wisely

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC Divine Boon The introduction of the newfangled Chaos Wastes Update has brought 15 alone levels and around these dangerous locales are diverse shrines. These mysterious Cairns provide weapons of varying office levels, upgrades for your stream gearing, or the casual to buy a new buff .
Whilst your initial instinct might be to spend these coins like they’re burning a hole in your pocket, sometimes it ‘s worth saving them for later. This is because as the expedition goes along the gear you can buy gets stronger, but it besides becomes more expensive. indeed keep a few coins spare to get your hands on that max-level equipment when you need it .

9 Aim For Locations That Boost Coin Return

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update Pilgrim Coin Modifier To add a layer of extra challenge to your gamble each area that ‘s visited in the Chaos Wastes comes with its own singular changer. These take the form of changes such as more hordes or a larger bearing of Specials .
however, one modifier that you constantly want to keep an eye out for is the rule that increases your return of Pilgrim Coins. This dislodge in mint recurrence can vary, but it can sometimes sit between a 20 % to 30 % increase if you ‘re golden. sol if you ‘re brusque on cash, then including one of these stops in your travel is a great way to quickly fill your pockets .

8 Certain Weapons Can Provide A Buff For Coin Return

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update Pilgrim Coin Weapon Buff It ‘s not barely the levels that can come with a boost for Pilgrim Coins as there are some singular weapons scattered around the Shrines that can help you get more cash .
The weapons from the Shrines are random, so there ‘s no guarantee that you will get one on your expedition, but if you ‘re lucky enough this gear can become a nice small earner. The fan tends to appear around the 500 Power Level for gear, so always check out these top-tier Shrines if you can .

7 Chests Of Trials Cost Nothing

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC Chest of Trials nothing in the Chaos Wastes comes bum, upgrades and Boons can be pretty pricey so they can very drain your resources. But, if you ‘re short on cash and in desperate need of a stat promote then the Chest of Trials are worth checking out .
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It costs nothing to trigger a breast and although you will have to fight a hard mini-boss against a Chaos Spawn, Stormfiend or Minotaur if you have the Winds of Magic DLC, if you ‘ve prepped for a contend then it should n’t be excessively much of a fuss. Plus you get a free Boon for your troubles that you can pick from a selection. It ‘s a free bonus you should never turn down if you ‘re looking to make those Pilgrim Coins last .

6 Shrines Can Provide A Boost

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update Pilgrim Coin Shrine Boon In the lapp way that certain weapons and areas in the Chaos Wastes can provide a promote to your coin tax return, there are besides irregular Boons available that can net you more of those glazed trinkets .
These are available at the Shrine Locations on the Expeditions Map and can be found on the left-side under the Group Buffs. These short upgrades are relatively cheap with most costing about 200 coins, so it ‘s a cheap investment that can pay off quite well if done at the right time.

5 Bots Can’t Pick Up Coins

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC Pilgrim Coins The Bot ‘s in Vermintide can handle quite a batch of bossing about. In the base game, they can perform complex tasks such as recover and carrying tomes, healing person, or giving items to especial people. Whilst this is fabulously useful for Solo players, they ‘re unfortunately ineffective to pick up Pilgrim Coins .
Whilst the coin engender locations change from map to map, exploring and finding them all is not an issue in a full party. But this can be a particular pain if you ‘re playing solo, there can be a lot of backtracking involved to find every single coin you might have missed. then if you can bring a friend to double-check spots or help you hold out against the drove, then that ‘s always a good idea .

4 Explore Every Nook And Cranny

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update Hidden Weapon Shrine The levels in the Chaos Wastes update are incredibly big and sprawling. It ‘s a refresh change from the corridors of Skaven-slaying the plot has become popular for and it very encourages you to explore and take in the singular ghastly Warhammer design of the levels more .
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With these big areas comes lots of tight little nooks and hideaways that you will inescapably miss. In these furtive small spots can sometimes be a collection of coins, or if you ‘re particularly unlucky, a mighty upgrade Shrine. So always make sure to check every little path and tunnel for obscure gem .

3 Have A Build In Mind

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC Weapon Shrine When it comes to spending Pilgrim Coins there are two approaches. You can either load down your quality with an excess of Boons and potent weapons, or aim towards a specific build for your character. Whilst both are feasible, they have their own positives and negatives .
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For exercise, the foremost option results in a potent character, but it can get expensive and might not constantly work out the room you intended as there is an sum of RNG to the rewards. Whilst having a specific build up in take care allows you to spend and save your coins for what you need and where it ‘s appropriate. such as upgrading a specific weapon to the soap for a class then using the rest for Boons for yourself or to benefit the group .

2 Late Joiners Get Extra Coins

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update The Citadel Of Eternity Whilst it ‘s powerfully recommended to start an dispatch from scrape to make the most of it, joining belated is even fine if you want to just jump directly into the action. A dainty feature of speech of joining a game halfway through is that anyone who comes in deep gets some extra coins to play with .
This is because as the Expeditions build up the Shrines can get quite expensive. so if you join towards the end the last thing you want is to go in with basic gear with no direction to upgrade it. So the crippled gives newfangled players a nice little demote to help catch up to the lie of the group. Although, the sum of coins gained is normally a share of the total coins collected indeed far, so do n’t expect a heave gem treasure trove for joining late .

1 The Max You Can Carry Over Between Expeditions Is Capped

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes Update Retained Pilgrim Coins The Pilgrim Coins are alone impermanent and you ca n’t take all of your horde of prize out of the Chaos Wastes with you. The in-game lore says this is because the magic in wastes affects the coins and causes them to degrade within convention reality, so spend them if you have them.

Although the majority of your coins disappear, a small sum is still transferred over with each newfangled Expedition into this new distortion landscape. Around 20 % of the soap amount of Pilgrim Coins from the end trip is brought over into the new one, then if you ‘re running adventures back to back it can provide a nice starting promote .
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