What is the meaning of Luke 15 and the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and Prodigal Son?

Parables of Luke 15 Lost Sheep In Luke 15, there are three celebrated parables : The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and The Lost Son ( besides known as The Prodigal Son ). ( read my post here about the Prodigal Son ) .
The most coarse see on these parables in Luke 15 it that the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost son all refers to unbelievers, and Jesus goes out and finds them, and brings them back to Himself. indeed when people ask about the intend of Luke 15 and the three parables, the answer that most people get is that unbelievers are becoming Christians .
But is this very what Jesus mean by these stories in Luke 15 ? I think not .

The Lost Sheep are Not Unbelievers, but Believers

Upon careful inspection, however, it soon becomes clear that the parables of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, and Prodigal Son in Luke 15 are not about unbelievers becoming Christians, but about straying Christians repenting and being restored back into company with God.

For example, the Lost sheep already belonged the sheepherder. The Lost Coin already belonged to the womanhood. The Lost Son was already a son of the father. The Shepherd does not get a new sheep into his sheep fold, but returns one that was lost and found. The same is true of the Lost Coin and Lost Son .
furthermore, the Gospel of Luke itself is not an evangelical book in the Bible, but is a discipleship book. That is, Luke does not say much of anything in his Gospel about how unbelievers can receive ageless animation. But he writes a batch about how believers can better follow Jesus and grow in their fidelity and obedience to Him. The Gospel of John is the only actual evangelistic record in the Bible, and it says over and over and over how to receive endless liveliness ( believe in Jesus for it ) .
so again, the immediate and broader context of Luke 15, we see that the issue is not disbeliever becoming believers, but straying believers being brought back into the care, protection, and provision of God. In sparkle of the context and the terms uses in the passage, this seems to be what Jesus is saying in these parables .
furthermore, the traditional rendition of this passage leads to some dangerous theological results .

The Traditional View of Luke 15 Can Lead to Universalism

Parables of Luke 15 Lost son For example, if these three parables are talking about how Jesus goes out to find cursed people, and the lose sheep, coins, and sons consequently represent all the people of the worldly concern, what is keeping us from a universalistic rendition of this enactment, since Jesus doesn ’ triiodothyronine break searching until he has gathered all 100 second into his fold ?
I recently discussed this on-line with a person who had come to this accurate conclusion. He wrote :

I ’ m live for the Shepherd who will leave ninety-nine sheep to find the one that is lost. If the entire worldly concern was lost, I expect He found every final one .

surely, not everyone who holds the view that the lost in these parables in Luke 15 denote to unbelievers are universalists, but this man did arrive at a universalistic placement partially as a leave of viewing the lost sheep, the coins, and the sons as unbelievers .

Luke 15 is an Encouragement to You

This accuracy from Luke 15 is a great encouragement to you and to me. It shows us how a lot God loves us, and that even if ( when ! ) we stray, God will not shrug His shoulders and say “ full ejection ! Buh bye ! ” No, alternatively, God will go to every length possible to find you and bring you back into His wish. He will search high and abject. He will scour every nook and crevice. He will never stop watch, waiting, and looking .
And when He sees you far off in the distance, He will not make you crawl back and beg for forgiveness. No, He will run to you with open arms and throw you a party for your hark back .
Have you stayed from God ? It ’ s okay. Hopefully you have learned a few things while aside. now, revert to Him. He is ready, bequeath, and waiting to welcome you back.

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