U.S. Mint discusses ‘first strike,’ ‘first release’ terminology

The following information is from a posting on the U.S. Mint’s website :
“First Strike” or “First Release” Designations
Coin dealers and grading services may use these terms in varying ways. Some base their use on the dates appearing on United States Mint merchandise box or packing slips, or on the dates of intersection releases or ceremonial mint mint events. Consumers should carefully review the information below along with each dealer ‘s or grading service ‘s definition of “ first hit ” or “ first unblock ” when considering a purchase of coins with these designations .
The United States Mint has not designated any coins or products as “ first strikes ” or “ first releases, ” nor do we track the order in which we mint coins during their production. The United States Mint strives to produce coins of systematically high timbre throughout the class of production. Our stern quality controls assure that coins of this quality are produced from each die set throughout its useful liveliness. Our manufacture facilities use a die set a long as the quality of resulting coins meets United States Mint standards and then replace the dies, continually changing sets throughout the product procedure. This means that coins may be minted from new die sets at any decimal point and at multiple times while production of a coin is ongoing, not good the inaugural day or at the begin of output.

United States Mint products are not individually number and we do not keep track of the ordain or date of mint of individual coins. Any dates on transport boxes are strictly for quality control and account purposes at the United States Mint. The date on the box represents the go steady that the box was packed, verified and sealed, and the date of box does not necessarily correlate with the date of fabrication. The date on embark labels and packing slips for coins that are sent directly to United States Mint customers from our fulfillment center is the date the item was packed and shipped by the fulfillment center. The early numbers on the ship label and packing material slip are used for tracking the order and for quality master .
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