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Austria has decided to issue coins illustrating celebrated people in its history, computer architecture. On the austrian euro coins of small appellation depicts flowers, listed in the Red Book, as a sign of the manage of the environment and the role of Austria in the EU environmental policy exploitation. The projects were selected by the National Assembly and the populace opinion surveil.

1 euro cent, Austria

Coat of arms of Austria.svg Alpine gentian -. Flower grows in the Alps at an altitude of 2000-2600 meters in a semicircle top Set appellation of the coin in the german language – « EIN EURO CENT ». Below shows three alternating strips ( rough, politic, rough ), symbolizing the austrian masthead and contains coins release date. gentian ( Gentiana acaulis ), the genus of grasses and dwarf shrub of the family gentianaceae. About 400 species, chiefly in the temperate partition of the northern hemisphere. His russian list gentian received due to the very bitter taste of the roots and leaves, caused by the presence of glycosides. Some gentian – medicative plants ( stimulating the appetite, Bile means ) ; besides used in the alcoholic beverage industry. In flower gardening gentian species often called gentsianoy. 3 species are protected.

2 euro cent, Austria

In the center of the coin depicts the edelweiss bloom .
Set on top of a semi-circle coin measure on it. linguistic process – « ZWEI EURO CENT ». Below shows three alternating strips ( boisterous, smooth, harsh ), symbolizing the austrian ease up and contains coins release go steady. Edelweiss ( Leontopodium alpinum ), a genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the Asteraceae family. About 30 species in the mountains of Eurasia ( except the Caucasus and Asia Minor ) ; in Russia a few species in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. As it grows in the austrian Alps at an altitude of 2000-2900 thousand.


euro cent, Austria

In the center of the mint depicts the flower alpine primrose ( primrose ) .
Set on top of a semi-circle appellation of the mint in the german language – « FÜNF EURO CENT ». Below shows three alternating strips ( boisterous, fluent, rough ), symbolizing the austrian flag and contains coins acquittance date. Alpine primrose ( primrose ) ( Primula auricula ) – a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Primulaceae. It flowers largely in early spring. It grows chiefly and alpine areas. Found at an altitude of 1600 to 3400 m. The list “ primrose ” french and italian is translated as “ bear ‘s ear. ”


euro cent, Austria

St. Stephen ‘s Cathedral, which is the independent enshrine of the austrian capital. His appearance is designed in the spirit of the Gothic .
Set the right mint denomination “ 10 EURO CENT », and besides shows three alternating strips ( rough-smooth, approximate ) symbolizing austrian flag. On the leave contains the coins date of offspring. St. Stephen ‘s Cathedral in Vienna ( german : Stephansdom. ) – catholic cathedral, the national symbol of Austria and symbol of the city of Vienna. Chair of the Vienna Archbishop – primate of Austria. Located in the heart of the old town at St. Stephen ‘s Square ( Stephansplatz ). The first church on the site of the cathedral was built in 1137-1147 gg. Cathedral within its salute borders was built in XIII-XV centuries and acquired a modern expect to 1511.


euro cent, Austria

The main gate to the Upper Belvedere with the arms of Prince Eugene of Savoy .
Designation measure of the coin is divided into two parts : the dedication on top of a semi-circle – « EURO CENT », below specified numeric value “ 20 ”. besides shown at the bottom of three alternating strips ( rough, smooth, pugnacious ), symbolizing the austrian ease up and contains coins release date. Belvedere Palace ( Ital. Belvedere ) in Vienna built by Lucas von Hildebrandt as a summer residence for one of the greatest generals of his time Prince Eugene of Savoy at the beginning of the eighteen hundred in baroque manner. Upper and Lower Belvederes with broken around garden form brilliant Baroque ensemble .Gate to the Upper BelvedereUpper Belvedere Palace


euro cent, Austria

The celebrated Vienna Secession, illustrating the give birth of a new art and a fresh era of Austria, symbolizing the bridge between the old and the new monetary system .
Set on crown of a semi-circle face value – “ 50 EURO CENT ». On the right shows three alternating strips ( grating, placid, roughly ), symbolizing the austrian masthead and contains coins dismissal date. The Vienna Secession (. It Wiener Secession ) was founded April 3, 1897 a group of 19 artists Vienna Austrian Art Nouveau – “ setsessionstilya ” who left the Association. The inaugural president of the united states was Gustav Klimt .Secession ViennaSecession building


euro, Austria

portrait of Wolfgang Mozart, the celebrated Austrian composer, representing Austria as a great musical might. Coin design is based on a portrayal of Mozart painted by Barbara Kraft in 1819 .
To the justly of the portrait shows three alternating strips ( rough-smooth, rough in ) symbolizing austrian flag. Above them is specified face value – “ 1 EURO » in two lines Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ) ( 27.01.1756 – 05.12.1791 ), austrian composer. The representative of the Viennese classical school, musician versatile endowment, manifested in early childhood.


euro, Austria

portrayal of a peace motion personal digital assistant Bertha von Suttner, Nobel Prize in 1905, writer, published the journal “ Lay Down Your Arms ”. The image represents a long-run commitment of Austria to the populace .
To the leave of the portrait shows three alternating strips ( rough-smooth, grating ) symbolizing austrian flag. Above them is specified appellation – “ 2 EURO » in two lines .2€_edge_Austria.png Bertha von Suttner ( Baroness Bertha von Suttner, it Bertha Sophie Felicitas Freifrau von Suttner. ) ( June 9, 1843 – June 21, 1914 ) – austrian writer, militant of the international peace campaign, the first female winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the second woman in general received the Nobel Prize ( after Marie Curie ).

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