What does the dirty coin do?

so what does the Dirty Coin do ? Simply put, it operates as an extra Antique Coin, one that will be in your item box from the start of the game. It can help you either get a head begin on upgrades earlier in the game than normal or fill out your collection, if you don ’ thyroxine cope to find every single Antique Coin .
although, What does 3 A ’ sulfur and a handprint mean ?
Three a ’ mho means one of the names with three names – Tamara – then the doorway with the bloody handprint, so overt the door farthermost on the right, then the door without a identify tag three from the exit. The far exit door will then unlock. Reload and make certain you ’ re at full health, then open it up .
Besides, Where is the dummy feel in Resident Evil 7 ?

Go through to the room with the birthday cake and investigate the lock on the wall, and input those symbols to open it and get the Straw Doll. Use the Straw Doll on the hob in the kitchen to get the Dummy Finger ( a nice nod to the Resident Evil 7 demonstration ). future, go to the kitchen and turn on the hub .
however How do you get the good ending in re7 show ? Use the Basement Key on the gate at the goal. Head back down into the basement, and go through the door. hera, a monster will spawn in different locations depending on your actions, and you must escape the basement with two items without getting hit in order to achieve the ending .
so that Where is the third pawl head in re7 ?
The one-third and final Dog ’ s Head
Leave the Recreation Room and head to the Bathroom in the south east, collecting a consumable ( we found a Herb ) from the drawer along the way. Before you enter the toilet, grab the Chem Fluid from the drawer just to the union .
How do you get the third andiron head in re7 ? Ethan can not get to the third frump capitulum until he has gotten to the processing area, and then gone into the dissection room. Jack the father will get the third gear pawl head and hang it in the morgue or the butch board .

How do you beat Jack in the morgue?
just like ahead, use the carcasses to stun Jack, then cut him with the chain saw. Once the monster confront appears, you can either hit him with the chain saw again, or shoot with the Shotgun if you have ammo left. At the goal of the contend, you ’ ll cut him in one-half, and that ’ s the end of it .

Should I cure MIA or Zoe?
During the ending cutscene, you ’ ll see that Mia was saved american samoa well, and both Ethan and Mia will depart on the Umbrella chop. If you cure Zoe, you ’ ll get the bad ending .

What is re7 password?
Make your way through the corridor up here to a room with a desk and a burn off cadaver. Check the charge that ’ second perplex to it to find out Lucas ’ password, 1408. And there you have it, that ’ s the password you need to open the door and gain access to the felicitous Birthday VHS Tape .

What is the toy AXE for in re7?
Purpose. The Toy Axe is used to solve the shadow puzzle in the Yard where the Main House meets the Testing Area, which rewards the musician with a Stabilizer .

How many endings are in re7?
The game has a sum of two different endings. In the end, the players are left with an choice to use the dose that cures the virus on either Ethan ’ sulfur wife, Mia or Zoe. Resident Evil 7 true ending only gets triggered if the serum is given to Mia .

Can you save both Mia and Zoe?
If you choose Zoe, both she and Mia die. If you choose Mia, not only does she live and escape, but Zoe ’ south floor is set up for the end of Zoe DLC. In end of Zoe, in malice of what the name suggests, Zoe lives and is saved by her heretofore-unmentioned Uncle Joe .

How many endings are there in re7 demo?
As of the December 2016 Midnight update, Resident Evil 7 show has three official endings and five murders to solve .

What is the broken handgun for in Resident Evil 7?
The Broken Handgun is one of the Consumables Items in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. On its own, the Broken Handgun can not be used, but when combined with a Repair Kit, and can be turned into an M19 Handgun .

Who Cures MIA or Zoe?

If you choose Zoe, both she and Mia die. If you choose Mia, not lone does she live and escape, but Zoe ’ second floor is set up for the end of Zoe DLC. In conclusion of Zoe, in hurt of what the name suggests, Zoe lives and is saved by her heretofore-unmentioned Uncle Joe .

Can you keep the chainsaw in Resident Evil 7?
The fire clitoris will make Ethan swing the Chainsaw and holding the draw a bead on and fire buttons will make Ethan hold the Chainsaw with a continuous hitbox active. Ethan needs to restart the locomotive using the recharge release in order to use it again after using it for a certain amount of clock .

How do you beat Jack second encounter?
Jack Baker Second Encounter Boss Strategy in Resident Evil 7
actually, the chainsaw is the best way to attack Jack during this crusade. Grab the chain saw equally early as possible and use it to both attack and deflect his attacks. This will not work for every approach. Players should keep an eye out for the Charge Attack .

How did Mia survive re8?
While Ethan Winters is out fighting Mother Miranda ’ randomness lords and trying to put his daughter back together, Mia is presumed dead. however, when Chris Redfield reaches Mother Miranda ’ randomness lab, he finds Mia in a cell. As it turns out, Mother Miranda kept Mia animated so that she could conduct experiments on her .

What happens if you pick Mia instead of Zoe?
If you choose Zoe, both she and Mia die. If you choose Mia, not only does she live and escape, but Zoe ’ second floor is set up for the goal of Zoe DLC. In end of Zoe, in hurt of what the name suggests, Zoe lives and is saved by her heretofore-unmentioned Uncle Joe .

Is Ethan infected re7?
He sees delusions throughout the game ( a side consequence of the illness ) and is besides shown to be able to reattach sever limbs back to his body with rest. … Knowing that Ethan has been infected with « the mold » could produce side effects and struggles for him in the future game .

Where is my re7 password?
With the conflict over, head into the aerodynamic lift where the Fat Man emerged and lead back up with the back push button. At the top, go through the corridor to a room with a burnt corpse a desk, with the ‘ Memo on Burnt Corpse ’ file stick to it, giving you a passcode .

How do you survive the birthday in Resident Evil 7?

Story-Related Happy Birthday Room:

  1. Pick up CANDLE, walk to cake and listen to Lucas.
  2. Light CANDLE at stove. Burn the rope on the door with the candle. …
  3. Grab VALVE HANDLE and use it in the cake room. Because you didn’t spill oil from the keg you will survive.
  4. Lucas throws a bomb into the room.

Is the broken handgun better re7?
This is an obvious upgrade, with more stopping world power than your average handgun. It only carries 7 bullets per magazine, but the supernumerary wrong means you ’ ll end up saving bullets in the long run, and killing monsters a lot faster .

Is the broken shotgun better re7?
former in the game it ’ s possible to repair the Broken Shotgun and turn it into the M21 Shotgun, which is a superscript model with better damage output signal, albeit one with less ammunition. All the same, it ’ s well worth getting vitamin a soon as you can .

What do you do with the toy AXE and model shotgun re7?
here ’ s the basics ; the Toy Axe is used to gain a free Stabilizer Drug, reload speed upgrade item. The Model Shotgun is used to acquire the M21 Shotgun, an upgrade over the first shotgun primitively found in the Main Hall. To use the Toy Axe, find the concealed projector puzzle in the Yard .

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