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What Is Skycoin ( SKY ) ?

Skycoin is a blockchain project which seeks to create a decentralized, peer-to-peer Internet overhaul in which users provide network services in exchange for cryptocurrency. Skycoin was launched in 2013 and the Skywire engagement net was launched in 2019 .

Unlike Bitcoin, Skycoins can not be mined via proof-of-work. All 100 million SKY tokens were created at the launching of the Skycoin blockchain, but the majority are locked and inaccessible to developers. As of Nov. 8, 2021, Skycoin was ranked the 1235th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap.

Key Takeaways

  • Skycoin (SKY) is the cryptocurrency associated with Skycoin, a project launched by Brandon “Synth” Smietana. It runs on a proprietary consensus algorithm called Obelisk that seeks to solve the problems of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems.
  • Skycoin produces hardware and software to support a decentralized, peer-to-peer Internet service in which infrastructure providers are incentivized with the SKY cryptocurrency.
  • Skycoin has been accused of being an elaborate fraud, though Skycoin supporters strenuously deny this.

Understanding Skycoin ( SKY )

Skycoin was foremost conceived in 2013 by Brandon “ Synth ” Smietana, who claims to have been an early on developer in the Bitcoin community .

While working on those projects, Smietana saw the flaws of Bitcoin ‘s proof-of-work system ( for model, energy inefficiency and the possibility that coordinated miners could capture the decentralize system ), and decided to create a raw consensus algorithm that would be both in truth decentralized and impervious to malicious attacks or takeover attempts .

Skycoin ‘s consensus protocol is called Obelisk. This protocol is based on a “ web-of-trust algorithm, ” in which each node subscribes to a choose phone number of other network nodes, and the concentration of a node ’ s network of subscribers determines its influence on the network .

The arrangement is theorized to distribute influence over the network and makes consensus decisions depending upon the charm seduce of each node. To this end, each node in the network has its own blockchain that acts as a “ public air channel. ” According to the white composition :

The public record left by each node’s personal blockchain allows the network to react to defections by severing connections with less trustworthy or malicious nodes. Under the same principle, if the community feels that power within the network is too concentrated (or not concentrated enough), the community is able to shift the balance of power by collectively changing their trust relationships.

Related Skycoin Projects

Skycoin operates as an ecosystem of hardware and software products to support its blockchain solution. Some of these features resemble similar projects found on Ethereum or other competing blockchains .

Skycoin Hours

Skycoin Hours, or Coin Hours, is a second-tier currentness tied to Skycoin intended to incentivize nodes on the Skycoin network. Holding one Skycoin for an hour in the Skycoin wallet entitles the holder to one Coin Hour. Coin Hours can be used to trade bandwidth and early services within the Skycoin platform .


Skycoin besides operates its own chopine for decentralized applications, which can be used to run Initial Coin Offerings ( ICOs ) or other commercial applications. According to the caller, the architecture of Fiber can be described as “ an boundlessly scalable network of blockchains laid side by side, like strands, ” each strand of which can handle speeds of 300 transactions per second .

Skycoin claims that Fiber is “ lightning firm, ” uses little energy, and has no transaction fees. “ Because each company has their own blockchain, ” according to the Skycoin white paper, “ they do not face the congestion issues seen on platforms such as Ethereum ’ s ERC-20. ”


Following the success of CryptoKitties, the Skycoin team announced their own feline-themed collectibles game in 2018. Although identical similar to the Ethereum game, Skycoin claims that KittyCash, which runs on Skycoin Fiber, has the total advantage of lower transaction costs and higher speeds .


Skywire is theorized as an incentivized enmesh network that is faster, more low-cost, more accessible, and offers higher QoS than the current Internet. A developers ‘ adaptation of Skywire launched on mainnet in March of 2019, and a “ public mainnet ” launched a year late .

Skywire can be conceived as a decentralize network that allows users to exchange data without compromising their anonymity. Traffic is routed through Skywire nodes, which provide calculation, storehouse, and bandwidth in central for Skycoin and Coin Hours .

Skyminer Hardware and Hardware Wallet

Skyminers are multi-processor rigs that act as network nodes on the Skywire meshnet, allowing operators to provide net services in exchange for cryptocurrency. official Skyminers can be ordered from the Skycoin company for approximately $ 2,000 ( presently sold out ), but a DIY interpretation can be built for $ 600. The ship’s company has besides hinted at the launch of radio receiver antennas, which would allow Skyminers to function as local ISPs in their neighborhood .

Skycoin besides offers a crypto hardware wallet that is cheaper than the most popular wallets, but it can lone hold Skycoin unless the exploiter gives it a firmware upgrade .

Concerns About Skycoin

The ambition of Skycoin ‘s projects has led some observers to criticize the operation. Given the number of scams that proliferated in 2017 and 2018 and the crack up of many crypto projects through 2019, verifying the claims of the remaining projects has become cardinal to protecting investors from being defrauded .

Tristan Greene, a reporter for The following Web, has written about the concerns around Skycoin. He said in an e-mail to Investopedia, “ You ‘ll be distressed to find person who supports the project who does n’t either hold Skycoin or welcome payments for their exercise. There ‘s merely no basis for the engineering they claim to have ( i : the ability to decentralize the internet using PCs with antennas ). ” Skycoin ‘s Wikipedia page has besides been deleted, and moderators for the on-line encyclopedia have accused Skycoin boosters of spreading disinformation to pump the cryptocurrency ‘s prices .

The biggest criticism of Skycoin are that it was premined, with all tokens efficaciously under the control of Skycoin developers. Though Obelisk claims to solve the problems built-in in proof-of-work systems, it is not clear how it builds consensus in a way that is not vulnerable to handling, given that Skycoin ‘s creators hold a great majority of the extant coins .

Smietana besides has a questionable reputation as a businessman. In June 2018, the taiwanese marketing team of Skycoin broke into his firm and held him and his family hostage. They besides allegedly took more than 18 bitcoins ( at that time worth around $ 120,000 ) .

Simon Chandler at Cointelegraph writes the attackers may have been emboldened because of Smietana ‘s shady dealings : “ There were besides indications that insider trade was taking place within the company, ” he says. “ If Skycoin was deceitful, this could have contributed to the feel among likely kidnappers/robbers that they could steal Synth ’ s crypto with impunity, given that Synth may have been leery about exposing besides much of his clientele to populace examination. ”

The Bottom Line

Skycoin is an ambitious plan that claims to be creating hardware and software for a new, decentralize Internet, built around the Obelisk consensus algorithm. however, many of these promises sound besides good to be dependable, and the project ‘s leaders have attracted many critics and scandals .

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