The 10 Most Valuable 20th-Century US Half Dollars

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During the twentieth hundred, the United States Mint issued a variety of different types of half dollars, including the final issues of the Barber half dollar ( 1892-1916 ), the Walking Liberty half dollar ( 1917-1947 ), the Franklin half dollar ( 1948-1963 ), and the Kennedy half dollar ( 1964 to present ) .
The postdate are the most valuable issues within each series based on prices realized during auctions .

Barber Half Dollar

1904-S PCGS MS67 CAC sold for $138,000 in August 2010

This mint is one of entirely three examples of the 1904-S that have received a grad of MS67 from either PCGS or NGC, with only a total of eight examples that grade MS65 or all right. In addition to being a condition rarity, the issue is besides one of the rarest issues of the series with an master mintage of just 553,038.

1905 PCGS MS68+ CAC sold for $132,250 in August 2010

This coin is the single-highest-graded Barber half dollar and besides has stunning toning. In addition, only 662,000 of this issue were struck in Philadelphia in 1905. only 12 other examples of the go steady have been certified higher than MS65 by either PCGS or NGC .

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1919-D PCGS MS66 sold for $270,250 in November 2004

At the Gem Mint State degree, the 1919-D Walker is the rarest coin of the serial with only 11 coins graded MS65 PCGS, and good one – this example – that graded MS66. While it ’ s not a wide assume ( they don ’ t exist for this offspring ), this one has clear definition in Liberty’s thumb and fountainhead, and the skirtlines are visible to the stifle .

1921-S NGC MS66 sold for $188,000 in June 2016

In addition to being one of the key dates of the Walking Liberty half series, the 1921-S is the rare of those coins in Mint State. It is estimated that after factoring in resubmissions of the same mint, there are fewer than 200 Mint State examples of this emergence, and this example that sold in 2016 is one of lone three that have been graded MS66 .

Franklin Half Dollar

1953 PCGS MS66 sold for $69,000 in January 2001

In 1953 the half dollars struck at the San Francisco Mint by and large had weak details on the Liberty Bell on the coin ’ s reverse with fewer than 50 Full Bell Line coins estimated to exist. In fact, this is the weakest-struck coin of the serial. Most of the FBL coins are believed to have been among the first coins struck and tend to be in MS65 or higher grades. There is only one other MS66 FBL exercise and one MS67 FBL at PCGS. Following the sale of this example in 2001 for much more than was expected, interest in the series has continued to increase.

1958 PCGS MS67+ FBL sold for $129,250 in September 2018

In MS65 and MS66 without FBL, this date is not rare, but with FBL–especially in the top grade of MS67–it is very elusive. only 30 have received this grade at PCGS and four have been certified MS67+, and of those coins, this exercise is the finest with perplex, raving mad toning on it. When sold in 2018, it garnered the most money ever for a Franklin half .

Kennedy Half Dollar

These coins were made in 90 % silver merely in 1964, then in 40 % silver from 1965 to 1970, and beginning with the 1971 Kennedy half dollar to the introduce have been from copper-nickel. An significant subtype of the series and the merely one that marked a invention change is the 1776-1976 bicentennial half dollars made in 1975 and 1976 that were issued along with limited designs for the quarter and $ 1 coin .

1964 SMS PCGS SP68 sold for $156,000 in August 2019

The king of Kennedy one-half dollars is a mint with a lot of mystery surrounding how it came into universe. In 1964, in addition to the business strike and Proof examples of the first base class of return of the new Kennedy series, a little number ( estimated at 12 ) coins that are believed but not certain to have been experimental strikes were made to determine what finish would be used on coins from 1965 to 1967 when the Mint did not issue any Proof or Mint Sets and rather issued Special Mint Sets .
These Kennedy halves from 1964 have a strong and crisp hit but not the reflective fields of Proofs. While there is little in the means of software documentation, they are believed to have been made for Mint Director Eva Adams as gifts or she may have opted to keep them. Most of the examples that have surfaced to date probable came from her estate. only five have been graded Specimen 68 and barely one at SP69.

1967 SMS NGC MS69 Ultra Cameo sold for $31,200 in January 2019

After 90 % ash grey coins were discontinued in 1964, the Mint stopped issuing Proof and Mint Sets from 1965 to 1967 and alternatively issued special Mint Sets whose coins were of better-than-circulation-quality but not closely vitamin a good as Proofs. For that reason, it is hard to find high-graded examples of coins from those sets, and this example is the only MS69 UC graded by NGC with no comparable coin graded by PCGS .

1964-D PCGS MS68 sold for $22,325 in February 2016

This mint is the only exercise of this topic that has been graded MS68 by either major scaling service. When it was sold in 2016, that was the first time it had always appeared for sale at auction .

1964 Accented Hair NGC PF68 sold for $19,975 in January 2017

There are two types of 1964 Kennedy halves – type 1 with stressed hair, and type 2 without the boldface partially in Kennedy ’ s hair seen on type 1 coins. It is rarely seen graded PF68 with lone 10 coins certified in that grade, and only two fine.

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