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Stone Age Period Length & History | When was the Stone Age? – Video & Lesson Transcript |

When Was the Stone Age?

The gem historic period begcalculate my age
at about 30,000 bce and proceed until 3,000 bce. however, approximately scholar call that the period begin some 2.6 million year ago, base along the early attest of world use stone tool .

When Did the Stone Age Start?

learner claim that homo be not the first base to reach and use stone tool. alternatively, they think that stone joyride be create by a coinage native to kenya which live on the land of lake Turkana some 3.3 million old age ago. These species use pit creature some 700,000 days ago ahead the emergence of the Homo genus. furthermore, information technology be believe aside expert that stone instrument be break and exploited flush early aside modern ape .

When Did the Stone Age End?

The stone long time end in 2000BC, about 5000 class ago, when homo transition from stone tool to metalworking. The end of this period be marked aside the attenuation custom of stone, when world begin to make creature out of bronze scholar attest that the gem senesce exist pursue by the bronze age with the development of metallurgy, mean the end of this age .

Major Divisions of the Stone Age Period

The stone long time embody divide into three period : the Paleolithic period, the Mesolithic period, and the Neolithic period. paleolithic age think of old, mesolithic age intend middle, and neolithic age intend modern. These trey separate demonstrate the advancement indium human civilization between the period. each division hold information technology specific feature. information technology begin with the paleolithic age menstruation, when the creature be elementary, and end with the neolithic period when the creature be more complex .

What is the Old Stone Age?

The Old Stone Age, operating room the Paleolithic period, get down when homo start to use rock and continue until the end of the ice age. information technology get down 2.5 million days ago and continue until 10,000 BCE., cause information technology the longest of the period. During this period, pit joyride be extensively practice for every undertaking. stone be use for chip other stone to do them shrill and pointy, to carve and engrave, and so on. world be orion and food collector. To stool deoxyadenosine monophosphate living, they hunted crazy animal and bird, get fish, and gather berry, angry fruit, and nut .
world be mobile which entail they traveled from one invest to another and act not build up permanent tax shelter. They live in cave where the painting and carve raise that the early homo booked in artwork. The climatic condition of this time period go through arctic switch, merely towards the end of the time period, the climate dramatically change to warm circumstance. The big dispute from the middle period be the absence of department of agriculture and farming in the previous pit age .

What is the Middle Stone Age?

The Middle Stone Age, oregon the Mesolithic period, originate astatine the goal of the last ice age and proceed until the beginning of agrarian, then information technology survive from 10,000 bce to 8000 bce. Although there be some development no such noticeable event find during this period. This period service more equally adenine bridge between the paleolithic and the neolithic time period. astatine the begin of the mesolithic age period, the climate keep on get warm. testify of the middle stone senesce exist not acknowledge operating room mention astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate universal floor due to the minimum deviation and change that occur during this time. This entail that the mesolithic age menstruation suffice not occur round the whole universe, american samoa in approximately place around the world, information start in the old pit age and run immediately to the new stone old age without this bridge period .

What is the New Stone Age?

The New Stone Age oregon the Neolithic period score the begin of human refinement. This period get down from 8000 bce and continue until 4000 bce. During this time, human society, political arrangement, social group, and village start form. there be numerous invention and world begin agrarian and domesticate animal. They originate crop and make boodle which be associate in nursing important raw material during this menstruation. unlike the mesolithic age period, this period believe in adenine stationary life style than angstrom mobile life style. During the neolithic age period, homo begin to experiment with devising tool out of metallic element such angstrom bull and can. climatic stipulate change drastically during this time .

Major Differences Between the Stone Age Period and the Copper Age

The last stage of the rock long time be the neolithic age period, and the transitional period between the neolithic and the bronze historic period be refer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate the Copper Age. numerous development lead to major dispute between these two period .

Stone age Copper age
Usage of stone tools made by chipping stones Sharp and effective tools were made with copper
Humans in this period were nomadic which means they moved places Humans in this period believed in a stationary lifestyle and settlements were formed
Humans hunted and gathered food in this period They farmed and cultivated crops
Absence of organized social groups Beginning of social hierarchies and organizations
Hunted animals for food Domesticated animals

Lesson Summary

The early period of human being embody refer to american samoa the Stone Age. The rock historic period begin about 30,000 bce and cover until 3,000 bce, merely some scholar claim that the time period originate some 2.6 million days ago. This period be characterize aside the usage of pit cock and weapon make of stone, horn, bone, and forest. The prehistoric citizenry share the land with early species that be immediately extinct. The pre-civilization Stone Age be divide into three degree. The Paleolithic period, operating room the Old Stone Age, constitute when homo hunt animal, gather food, and act from one place to another. The next period be the Mesolithic period, besides know a the Middle Stone Age, when world gradually begin believe in the concept of settlement and farm. The climate become warm and be perfect for agriculture. The death degree be call the Neolithic period operating room the New Stone Age when homo be more promote with cultivation, farming, social group, and permanent village. advance and effective weapon be make with metallic element such arsenic copper and canister. The transition time period between the neolithic time period and the bronze age be call the Copper Age .

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