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Are you a lover of mint pusher games ? You ’ ve precisely found the most original coin bulldozer casino simulator that blends perfectly with your universe explorer and care for hunting games taste ! Our alone arcade provides not alone the classical coin dropper gameplay, but it mixes it with a treasure hunt for giving you a unique coin bulldozer feel in different degree locations like : gem Cave, Gold of Ra, Diamond Rock & Temple of Venus ! The ill-famed red-bearded plagiarist left behind his prize maps ! It seems like your luck already started changing because nowadays, you have all the treasures locations. Begin your treasure hunt quest now, to collect all the coins & prizes of the huge lots inside the chests. Be careful though ; the red-bearded pirate left some traps & bogus prize chests to keep safe his gold coins & jewels. The traps can cause that most of the coins and goodies fall to the sides of the bulldozer machine ; so be truly careful when you tap ! 💰🔦💰 Let the treasures chase & the coin dart bulldozer fun carry through begins ! Download NOW Coin Dozer : treasure Quest and enjoy the tons of prizes & senior high school fetching rates ! 💰🔦💰 not companion with Coin Dozer absolve games rules ? No problem ! It works about the like like the real mint pusher games machines, and you ’ ll see a short video tutorial. Tap the pusher to make coins drop on it. All the coins or prizes that fall on the sides won ’ t be counted on your balance. The main goal is to drop coins & have them pushing over the front edge of the platforms. Our game includes incredible boosters that will help you on your cash collect bay. Check every booster special might & actions in the help segment to build your winner strategy ! Use the baron up wisely, as some of them don ’ thyroxine regenerate indeed fast as others. Gain XP points to increase your know bar and unlock more maps and game levels. Our bulldozer can compete with the best loot claw machines or simulators in rewards matter ; but unlike the claw machine, your chances of winning are much higher ! 🎊💀🎊 Collect all the special items like gold bars or secret boxes to conquer all the privy rewards hidden among the chests treasures ! Try NOW Coin Dozer : treasure Quest FREE for limit time lone ! 🎊💀🎊 If you get stuck, use the Shake option ; every collected mint fills your Shake meter. You can activate it when it reaches one of the three levels : Low, Medium or High. Activating this have shakes the table making the coins on the edge fall off the table. Collect 4 or more coins at once to trigger a Coin Attack ; this will create and spread special goodies, prizes and puzzle pieces. once you collect all the gold perplex pieces, 12 to be claim, you ’ ll open the secret door of the room which contains a huge amount of rewards. Puzzle mini games unlock at level 5, and from there each level of our bulldozer has a puzzle mini-game to solve. Keep gaining XP to collect all the storm rewards waiting for you !

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