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I have thrown my bazaar share of coins into the Trevi Fountain. In fact, I make a steer of tossing in a few cents whenever I find myself in the area. even though I find myself ineffective to resist the amatory narrative behind the mint toss – I have much wondered precisely where the money in the Trevi Fountain ends up .
sol, here ’ s more information on just how much money is thrown into the fountain, and where all those Trevi Fountain coins are donated .
side view of Trevi Fountain

How Much Money Goes Into the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome. There is about always a crowd around the gorgeous landmark, and most of these visitors leave at least a little change behind in the basin of the spring. I have constantly been curious about how each little bit adds up over prison term and often wondered how much money ends up in the Trevi Fountain.

Some estimates say that the Trevi Fountain takes in approximately €3,000 every day. That adds up to around $ 3,300 USD ( depending on the exact change rate ) .
I imagine this average is much higher on some of the busiest days of the year, but it works out to around US $ 1.5 million per year. So who gets to keep the money ?
hand throwing coin in Trevi fountain

Where the Trevi Fountain Coins Go

The Trevi Fountain is rid to visit so the coins do not actually go to the sustenance of the landmark itself. In fact, a late renovation of the fountain had to be privately funded and luxury mark Fendi footed the $ 2.2 million bill to clean and repair the Trevi .
When I first visited Rome in 2004, I actually saw a beggar woman going around with a attraction on a farseeing stand by to steal as many coins as possible from the water. More famously, a man known as D ’ Artagnan made a long career out of climbing into the fountain at night and helping himself to the Trevi spring coins. When patrol tried to stop him, he protested by stabbing himself. ( eminence : He was fine after the stunt, but he passed away in 2013 ) .
More regular patrols around the Trevi and a new law that charges huge fines for jumping in the water have badly cut down on the money being stolen out of the landmark. That is great news because all of the Trevi Fountain coins are actually destined for jacob’s ladder .
The coins are gathered ( or even vacuumed up ), weighed, and cleaned. then they are handed over to Caritas, a Catholic charity that is headquartered in Rome .
Caritas reported that the Trevi contribution increased 20-30 % following the clamp down on the larceny of coins from the water.

The money goes to fund everything from international hand brake relief programs to initiatives supporting migrants and refugees right here in Rome .
tourists at the Trevi Fountain

The Right Way to Throw a Coin

Legend has it that everyone who throws a coin in the Trevi Fountain is destined to come second to Rome. Throw in two, and you might end up living in Rome. Toss in three and you ’ ll find love in the Eternal City .
The caption comes from “ Three Coins in the Fountain, ” the Academy Award-winning film from 1954. even if the myth stems from a cinematic get down, there is distillery something romantic about making a wish into Rome ’ s most celebrated fountain .
But did you know there is officially a better way to toss your Trevi Fountain coin ? You don ’ t fair hurl it over the crowd and hope for the best .
first, stand against the barrier wall and turn your back to the water .
following, holding the coin in your right hand, get ready to toss the money into the water.

When you throw it, aim to toss the coin over your leave shoulder. This way, the coin passes over your heart on its way into the Trevi .
hand holding coin in front of Trevi Fountain
It doesn ’ t matter how much money you throw in ! The good luck of returning to Rome should be the lapp regardless of if you pitch in a penny or choose for a euro. immediately that you know that the money goes to charity, there is very no such thing as flip in besides much .

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