1923 Peace Dollar: Two Growing Markets Continue To Drive Demand

Peace Dollar Overview

The Peace Silver Dollar has had recent increased demand from collectors and ash grey investors alike. It is an interest coin that was made to help memorialize the end of World War I. Designed by Anthony de Francisci, a 34-year-old sculptor, the Peace Dollar was meant to showcase Lady Liberty ampere well as commemorate the conclusion of World War I. Francisci used his wife ’ randomness profile angstrom well as her recollections of seeing the statue of Liberty to help create the female chest of Lady Liberty. The obverse of the Peace Dollar features the beaming crowned bust of Lady Liberty confront left with the motto “ LIBERTY ” above and the date directly below. besides found on the obverse on each side of the raid are the words “ IN GOD WE TRUST. ” On the reverse of the coin, an eagle perched on a branch with the words “ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ” and “ E PLURIBUS UNUM ” are centered at the top of the mint.

The denomination “ ONE DOLLAR ” is found running through the center of the rearward and the news “ PEACE ” can be found below the perch eagle. The sun ’ s rays can be found on the bottomland right of the rearward, signifying an unobserved sun beginning to rise over the nation. mint of the Peace Dollar started in former 1921 and continued until 1928 when the mint ceased production. The Peace Dollar was minted again in 1934 and 1935, but was then officially discontinued. Although ephemeral, the Peace Dollar was a mint that was minted in great quantities and was promptly embraced by the general public .

History of the 1923 Peace Dollar

peace Dollars were most aggressively produced by the United States mint in the years 1922 and 1923 as a room to help meet consumer demand. In 1923, the Mint at Philadelphia produced 30,800,000 examples of the 1923 Peace Dollar. This was the second-highest sum produced in the Peace Dollar series. The years after 1923 saw a big reduction in the amount of Peace Dollars that were produced, making the 1923 Peace Dollar relatively common compared to other years in the series. Like all early Peace Dollars minted, the 1923 Peace Dollar features a 31.8mm diameter and weighs 26.73 grams. 1923 Peace Dollars are composed of 90 % silver and 10 % bull, making them a great coin for silver investors .1923 Silver Dollar1923 Silver Dollar

1923 Peace Dollar VAM Varieties

similar to Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars besides have some matter to varieties that occurred during the mint summons. These “ varieties ” are referred to as VAMs by collectors and can make your Peace Dollar worth a lot more ! The 1923 Peace Dollar does have some known VAMs that you should look for. here are some of the most seek after VAMs for the 1923 Peace dollar :

  • VAM-1E : Die break across the eagle ’ s left wing. Raised metal can easily be seen, even at a distance .
  • VAM-3 : The sun ’ randomness rays at the lower right of the rearward are doubled and show notch exchangeable to the VAM-2 .

These varieties are highly rare and are not normally found on many 1923 Peace Dollars. If you think you have found one of these varieties, take the coin to an experienced coin dealer for a second opinion or consider sending it to a third party grader for a professional opinion .

1923 Peace Dollar Value

Unlike many early coins, the 1923 Peace Dollar has two alike but different markets. Because of its silver contented, many ash grey investors look to the 1923 Peace Dollar as an investment in silver. Coin collectors besides seek out the 1923 Peace Dollar due to its numismatic measure. These two competing markets are commodity news for anyone who owns a 1923 Peace Dollar ! Since there was a huge amount of 1923 Peace Dollars minted, most peace dollars in average or worse stipulate are worth their slant in silver. This means that the coin ’ randomness value will be directly related to the current monetary value of silver. Go to www.coinflation.com to check the stream price of your average mark 1923 Peace Dollar. 1923 Peace Dollars that are in About Uncirculated condition or greater are worth more to coin collectors due to their condition. In Uncirculated condition, 1923 Peace Dollars are deserving about $ 35.

MS-65 1923 Peace Dollars bring an average of $ 150 when graded by third base party grading companies like PCGS. The price of 1923 Peace Dollars that have been found to be a know VAM depends on the asperity of the variety show and collector requirement. For model, the 1923 Peace Dollar VAM-2 is worth $ 50 in average discipline but can be american samoa much as $ 120 in Uncirculated condition .

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