Beautiful Striped Brown Agate Coin Beads 15mm Approx. 26 – Etsy

Returns and exchange details

custom orders, custom items, LOOSENED spools of wire and cut chain are NOT returnable. All Products must be in the SAME condition as when they left our workshop ( beads on strands, items in master packaging ). If you are not satisfied with your orderliness of any of these items, please let us know and we will do our best to remedy any issues.

All returns and exchanges are handled on a individual basis. Please contact us arsenic soon as potential to let us know if you are unhappy for any reason with your Beadlanta buy. We will do our very best to make certain you have a good experience with us ! ALL RETURNS MUST INCLUDE ORDER NUMBER.

UNDAMAGED RETURNS : If you are not satisfied with your items, you have thirty ( 30 ) days from date of receipt to return the items. Buyer is creditworthy for adding tracking or signature-requirement if desired. You MUST contact us for a return authority phone number anterior to sending. Items must be in their entire state ( including beads calm on their string ), and in the same circumstance they arrived in. Payment will be refunded in the manner it was in the first place completed or for shop credit once the items have safely returned to us, minus embark. form of refund is at the delicacy of Beadlanta.

DAMAGED RETURNS : All damaged items are handled on a shell by encase basis. We must be notified within SEVEN ( 7 ) days from date of manner of speaking of any issues ( breakage, missing/wrong items, and so forth ). once notified of an consequence, we will determine the best naturally of legal action.

We can not accept returns on any items that have left the artist ‘s studio apartment and are in the hands of an end-use customer.

As stated, we are felicitous to work with you on any issues that may arise ! Please do n’t hesitate to let us know about them.

Items that are marked as delivered by USPS or an International mail carrier will NOT be refunded. It is the buyer ‘s province to purchase indemnity or Register their external parcel to ensure its safe arrival. In the event of missing mail that is marked deliver, transportation will not be refunded, regardless of replacement/refund of item or its value.

Beadlanta reserves the correctly to charge a small restock fee ( 5-10 % ) on returned items from custom listings to cover lost Etsy fees.

notice : Our products are natural, or made from lifelike materials, and WILL vary in color, model, size, texture, etc. Please be mindful of this prior to purchasing. If you require a certain color or size of something that varies ( arrowheads, for model ), please let us know in advance and we will do our best to oblige. If you have questions that are not answered in the list regarding these things, please send us a message to verify.

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