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Dear Sports Fan,
How does the mint flip work in football ?
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Hi Tod,
When I was a pull the leg of, I played a batch of soccer, and I was frequently the master. The captain ’ s one job was to go to the center of the airfield before the begin of the game and be a part of the coin chuck. It was pretty simple : one team, I think the aside team, called ‘ heads ’ or ‘ tails ’. Whoever won the mint discard could choose to select either whether they wanted the ball first in the first half or the irregular half OR they could choose which side of the battlefield they wanted to start on. The other team got the choice which was left over. If you won the flip and took the ball, the early team got to choose which english they started on. If it was airy and you wanted to choose a side, they got to choose which half they started with the musket ball. Simple, right ?
The NFL ’ s mint chuck is a small complicate but it ’ s not so difficult to understand. Take a deeply hint and… here we go !
The coin chuck helps facilitate a hardened of decisions that need to be made before the beginning of an NFL crippled and before the start of the second base half. The decisions are as follows :

  • Who kicks the ball and who receives the ball?
  • Which side does each team play on. (The teams will switch sides between the first and second and the third and fourth quarters no matter what.)

Each time these decisions are made, one team gets first option on one of them and the other team gets beginning option on the other. so, if you choose who kicks and who receives, I get to choose which english I want to play on. To make things fair, one team will get to choose which decision to make beginning in each one-half .
The coin discard exists merely to decide which team gets to choose which decision to make beginning in the first half versus the second half. The team that wins the coin discard gets to decide : do I want to choose first between kicking and having the side I want in the first one-half or the second ? If they choose the first half, then they get to make that choice immediately. Would they like to kick or receive or would they preferably leave that option to their opponent in the beginning half and alternatively choose a side to start on. If the team that wins the coin convulse decided they ’ d rather make that decision in the second half, that ’ s their right to decide. Choosing to choose in the moment half is called “ deferring. ” here ’ s a diagram that shows the set up of choices the team that wins the coin toss has :

Coin Toss
For more information, the official NFL rulebook is compendious and coherent on the subject of the mint flip but not identical apprehensible. alternatively, I suggest the Wikipedia introduction on the subject .
One of the things that ’ mho interesting to me how the mint flip works in football is that it reveals something about the history of the game. Given the rules, one team could get the ball to start the foremost and second halves, if they choose to receive in one half and their opponent would quite choose a side to start on in the early half. It ’ s not necessarily the casing, like in my youth soccer know, that one team starts with the ball in one half and one in the other. This reveals that having the ball wasn ’ t always seen as an advantage. football is much said to be a “ field position ” bet on, which means that it ’ south more crucial where the ball is on the field than who has it. That ’ randomness not in truth true anymore because offenses are so technical at moving ( or matriculate, to use a football cliché ) the ball down the field. nowadays, most teams in truth do want the ball. In the old days though, football games much went back and away, with each team having the ball, getting a beginning down or two, and then punting. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect to get respective inaugural downs each time you have the testis, then it ’ mho more reasonable to want to start one-half with your adversary in possession of the ball but way down at their end .
In today ’ south NFL, teams that win the coin pass about always defer their choice to the second one-half. The lose team about always chooses to receive the kickoff in the first half and the win team about always chooses to receive the ball in the second half. This is because it ’ s a victorious scheme. In fact, according to this Bloomberg article, teams that won the coin discard had a .530 winning share in 2013. The fact that this has become so formulaic is actually region of why it ’ mho hard to understand how the coin chuck works in football. It seems like the team that wins the mint chuck by rule gets to receive the kickoff in the second half. It ’ s more complicate than that but immediately you know how it works .
Thanks for the question,
Ezra Fischer

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