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Wavy steps on a 1999 Lincoln cent reverse. The wavy step or trails error is a die error that is found on some United States minted coins beginning in 1986. The anomaly occurs during the fail make by the single-squeeze hubbing process .

causal agent [edit ]

While the claim causal agent of “ trails/wavy steps ” is not known, it is believed to be caused by movement of the die against the hub during the single compress hubbing summons. Similarities exist between this anomaly and the double die, however, the major remainder is that a double die is a duplication of a design element, while a “ chase ” die is an propagation of a design component .

Single-squeeze hubbing [edit ]

In 1986 The Annual Report of the Director of the Mint for fiscal year 1986, states that the mint had been experimenting with a newfangled single-squeeze hubbing system. In the year 1996, the mint announced at the open of the Denver Mint ‘s die shop that the cent, nickel, and dime bag dies would be made from this procedure. It took until 1999 to include the rest of the denominational coins ‘ dies to be produced by this method acting.

While the function of the single-squeeze hubbing process ‘s initiation was to wholly eliminate the double over die error, not merely has it failed to do so, but besides it has produced this die anomaly whose properties are similar in nature. This anomaly, known as “ wavy steps ” or “ trails ”, is considered a assortment type error since it is found on every coin that the particular affected die produces.

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Statistics [edit ]

The die anomaly, “ trails ”, began to occur in the class 1986, shortly after the mint began experimenting with the single-squeeze hubbing work and persists evening up to 2011. Up to 2011, over 1,200 examples of dies affected with this anomaly have been found on cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars.

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The beginning crinkled step die was discovered in 1995 on a 1994 Lincoln penny from the Philadelphia mint. It was not until 2003 that this die variety gained popularity when another die, a 2003 Lincoln penny, was discovered and written about in Coin World magazine. It was lone a topic of time that more and more of these varieties began to be uncovered. It was n’t until the year 2003 that the mention “ wavy steps ” was affixed to this anomaly. The give voice “ trail ” die was first think of in the year 2000, when Ken Potter observed lines trailing off some of the design elements of a crinkled pace die. Comparison of other dies that carried both “ crinkled steps ” and “ trails ” showed that the lines from both anomalies traveled in the like exact management. From this, it was ascertained that these anomalies were one and the lapp thing with the only dispute being the guidance that the lines took .

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