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A double image on a coin can often greatly increase its value .
Let ’ s front at the terminology used. Per the U.S. Mint, a “ die ” is defined as :
Die: An engrave seal used for impressing a design ( images, value, and mottoes ) upon a space piece of metallic to make a mint .
so, on a double die mint, the images on the coin appear more than once.

To be clear, there are two types of doubling that can occur in coins. One is called a “ doubling fail ” and the other is referred to as “ strike doubling ”. I will go over these individually .


This exemplify of a double die coin is illustrated absolutely in the 1955 wheat cent .

You can see that the mottoes and date are stamped on the mint doubly. so, how does something like this happen ? Below is an score regarding this penny in particular .
“ It is highly rare that such dramatic doubling would slip through unnoticed at the US Mint. At the time, the Philadelphia Mint was running two 12-hour shifts in order to help alleviate a penny deficit. At least seven people were supposed to have inspected the die before it was put into use, but that intelligibly was not the case here. alternatively, the die was placed in military service for a midnight to 8:00 am transformation. The trouble was not discovered until some 20,000-24,000 cents had already been mixed in with the millions of other cents struck that night. The Chief Coiner of the Philadelphia Mint, Sydney C. Engel, decided to let the coins through rather of melting a entire of approximately 10 million cents to contain them ” ~ NGC ( Numismatic Guaranty Corporation )
I will detail here how double die coins occur in the coin making process. The “ hub ” is the first base separate of this serve. It is a rod of metal with the artwork for the future coin cut into the end of it. When you look at the hub, the artwork looks the same as what the eventual coin will look.

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Using the hub, a die is made. When the die is made, it ’ mho features look precisely diametric of what the future coin will look like .

The doubling error occurs when the die is struck by the hub. The die is defective. thereafter, every coin struck from that fail has the double features .


The other form of double is called “ strike doubling ”. It has early names excessively, such as “ machine doubling ”. This type of doubling takes place late in the mint making process. It occurs when the die actually hits the phonograph record that will become the coin. This disk is called a “ planchet ” .
“. .. this type of doubling occurs when the die strikes a planchet. If the die is not by rights seated, it can move slightly or bounce during the moment of fall, creating a flat, shelf-like doubling. ” ~ NGC

Look inside the inscription. You will see the machine doubling. There is an extra “ sass ” or “ ledge ” inside the letter “ O ”. You can see this distinctly on the external of the “ S ” and besides on the external of the “ F ” .


Doubling can greatly increase the value of a coin. But, one shouldn ’ t consider that it always indicates greater measure. not every doubling on a coin is valuable. During World War II, for example, many coins had doubling. They were short on materials and were under pressure to produce a bunch of coins. As a resultant role, there are many of these errors ( and others ). The double and other errors on these coins doesn ’ thyroxine always indicate greater respect .
The thing to do when reviewing the coins that you have which show double, is to look and see what like coins have sold for on eBay, coin magazines and other sources. possibly, you ’ ll find a care for. Maybe it will precisely be an matter to looking coin. But, it can be deserving looking !

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