Kringles.Exchange – The Billion Coin (TBC) Scam Has Upgraded!

This is a review of Kringles.Exchange, the upgrade version of The Billion Coin ( TBC ) Exchange. We had exposed TBC as a scam on this blog. This visualize was launched in 2016 to dupe a billion people in the guise to help them escape poverty. now, the founders have devised another means to scam people via its Kringles Exchange.

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1. What Is Kringles.Exchange?

kringles exchange Kringles.Exchange is the supposed TBC/BTC Exchange platform. It was created to enable users to convert their Kringles or TBC to bitcoin and besides buy TBC. ( Kringle is the smallest unit of TBC precisely like Satoshi is to Bitcoin ). I didn ’ t find any information on the exchange founders on the web site. however, Whois.c o m records that the web site of the exchange was registered in 2018. besides, the name Kringle is associated with the strange collapse of The Billion Coin – Kris Kringle. According to the information on its web site, Kringles Exchange was created for the existing TBC community and besides to bring more people in. Let ’ s see how it works in the adjacent section .

2. How Does The Kringles.Exchange Work?

This exchange claims to enable the seamless exchange of TBC to bitcoin. On the web site, it is stated therefore, We deliver Exchange in BTC in 24 hours. Anyone intending to use the chopine must first sign up and pay an energizing tip. You ’ re required to provide your bitcoin address to sign up. then, you ’ ll pay $ 25 worth of bitcoin to a given wallet address to activate your account. besides, before users can exchange their TBC for BTC, they must pay an exchange fee, which is 10 % of the mint they are to receive. note that this exchange tip is paid in Bitcoin. The minimum measure that can be traded is 10,000 kringles and there is no utmost limit. And discounts are given to traders with big amounts of TBC. furthermore, users are promised a 7 % referral bonus when they invite people to the platform. now that we ’ ve seen how the exchange works, let me tell you why it is a scam. Tag along !

3. Why The Kringles.Exchange Is A Scam

I have a list of reasons : a. I didn ’ t find a fall through for the exchange. thus, when things go wrong, users will lose their funds and there ’ ll be cipher to hold accountable. b. You must first pay an energizing fee before you can use the exchange. Please, what are you activating ?

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It is obvious that these guys just want to milk people. c. Apart from the activation tip, you ’ ll besides pay an exchange fee in bitcoin into their bitcoin wallet address before you exchange your coins. Excuse me ? Why are we paying an exchange tip in Bitcoin ? What happened to Kringles or TBC ? Asking users to pay BTC before they can convert TBC to BTC gives this change away as a scam. d. There ’ s no guarantee that you ’ ll receive bitcoin in your wallet. I bet you will not. An honest-to-god drug user described his dilemma of funding his TBC wallet without being able to withdraw his funds in this video recording. e. Furthermore, the video recording testimonials on the web site were made by actors ; even the women in the ‘ how it works ’ television and the images on the home page. Looks like the team wants to lure folks with reasonably women ( LOL ). f. furthermore, I didn ’ metric ton find any reviews on the substitution on public sites like Trustpilot. And SCAMADVISER identified some risks on the platform. g. Again, apart from the web site, it does not have any early channel where users stay updated. I found a LinkedIn history in the central ’ second name but it has alone one post from 3 years ago. h. Both Kringle and TBC are not listed on Coinmarketcap or any reputable exchanges. They exist only in the TBC community. Oops !

Need I say more?

Kringles.Exchange is a broad daylight scam. And its one-page web site does not beg to differ. They claim that they want to help TBC holders convert their coins to Bitcoin but all they want to do is to take the users ’ bitcoin. besides, they want to recruit new members and even bodied organizations. Please, preceptor ’ thyroxine descent victim. You ’ ll spend money to get TBC and then spend BTC to convert TBC to BTC. One more thing, don ’ thymine contract carried away by the 7 % referral bonus because you won ’ metric ton be able to cash it out. Trust me ! TBC or Kringle is not useful to anyone. Don ’ triiodothyronine waste your money and your prison term. If you need bitcoin, buy it from reputable exchanges like Binance, Quidax, Luno, Remitano, Kucoin, Huobi, etc. And if you invested in TBC previously, accept my sympathy. But let it end there. Don ’ t lose your bitcoin to convert TBC to BTC. And that ’ randomness on time period !

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4. Conclusion

This is where I draw the drapes in this post. I hope I didn ’ triiodothyronine neutralize your time. now, I ’ d love to hear from you ; Did you fall victim to the TBC scam ? And did you try converting TBC to BTC on the Kringles Exchange ? How did it turn out ?

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Please tell me in the comments. besides, share this post with a friend, you may be saving person from making a bad decision. Thank you !

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