Large Cents: See The Value Of Large Cent Coins From 1793 To 1857

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Do you know what a large penny is ? many people don ’ thyroxine.

When some people find out just what a large penny is, they are likely to do a double-take, as they can ’ thyroxine imagine having to carry excessively many approximately in their pocket ! What are large cents and why are they so sought after ?

What Are Large Cents?

In 1793, among the identical first gear coins the United States Mint ever struck was a one-cent mint. But the “ pennies ” of yesterday were not like the pennies of today. These early pennies were about the size of today ’ s half dollar. large cents range in size from 27-29 millimeters. Until 1857, the United States Mint produced these large-size pennies, normally referred to in the mint collecting world as “ large cents. ”

Many Designs For Large Cents

large cents have been struck bearing several unlike designs. There were a number of designed design changes to large cents over the years. One of the main factors that contributes to numerous minor varieties among the oldest of U.S. coins is the hand-involvement that was responsible for many aspects of coin production.

In all, there are dozens of design and variety show combinations among the large cents. Coin collectors have been sky-high collecting bombastic cents since the nineteenth century. large cents have continued to maintain a firm popularity among many numismatists to this day .

Large Cents Values

hera are the basic designs and their “ type ” values ( the lowest price ranges for an example mint of a detail design ).

retail prices are stream as of September 2008 according to the Professional Coin Grading Service ( PCGS ).

Low-end prices are for About-Good-3 coins ; high end are for Mint-State-65 for all 1793 and 1794-1796 cents. For Draped Bust large cents and after, prices range from the low end of Good-4 to Mint-State-65 .

  • 1793 Chain Large Cent ($4,750-$450,000)
  • 1793 Wreath Large Cent ($1,350-$275,000)
  • 1793 Liberty Cap Large Cent ($3,700-$785,000)
  • 1794-1796 Liberty Cap with Denticled Border Large Cent ($200-$110,000)
  • 1796-1807 Draped Bust Large Cent ($68-$35,000)
  • 1808-1814 Classic Head Large Cent ($58-$30,000)
  • 1816-1839 Coronet Head Large Cent ($26-$1,500)
  • 1839-1857 Braided Hair Large Cent ($24-$875)

again, these are retail prices for the lowest-priced, most common dates for each design. Coins of particularly nice quality will be worth more, and damaged coins will be worth less. Scarcer coins will be worth more .

Large Cents Replaced

As the respect of the cent decreased, therefore did the public ’ s tolerance for carrying around pockets and purses full of these heavy, large cents. In 1856, the U.S. Mint struck the first pennies of the stream 19-millimeter size. By 1857, the large cent was phased out and, finally faded away from circulation.

More About Large Cents

There are many great resources for finding out more about large cents :

  • The Early American Coppers club offers links, information, and other resources for large cent collectors.
  • The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is one of the oldest and most widely known coin organizations that cater to collectors of all kinds of coins, including large cents.
  • has many articles, clubs, and books about large cents.
  • PCGS certifies the world’s most valuable large cent.

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