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Wheel of Fortune Free Play Tips, Cheats & Guide to Make Your Spins Count and Earn More Rewards – Level Winner

We ’ ve been truly big on word games recently, and this one is based on a democratic television bet on show that, in its own way, involves word games. Wheel of Fortune Free Play is a new crippled from Scopely that you can now download for your Android or io device, and it does indeed come with a lot of the elements that made Wheel of Fortune such a big hit for multiple decades. The game invites you to be a dissenter on the Emmy-winning testify, albeit in mobile form, as you guess the letters on discussion puzzles written by Wheel of Fortune ’ south producers themselves. You can win “ cool, collectible ” prizes, challenge your friends and syndicate to play via Facebook, or challenge random players from around the universe. And in case you ’ rhenium inquisitive, the game features the show ’ s iconic master of ceremonies and letter-turner respectively, Pat Sajak and Vanna White .
Those who regularly watch the game show may have an mind of what to do in order to make the most out of those puzzles and complete them in the soonest possible time. But in character you ’ re not a fan of the read, or merely need some tips and tricks to help you get ahead, we recommend this Wheel of Fortune Free Play strategy guide, as we ’ ve got all the tips you need to read before spinning that wheel and guessing those letters .

1. Don’t Buy Vowels Too Early

As you may know if you ’ re familiar with Wheel of Fortune, you can buy a vowel at most points of the round. But you shouldn ’ thymine alternate at the chance to buy a vowel right off. alternatively, expect for a few turns, in hopes that your opponents will buy a vowel alternatively, thereby costing them some of the money they ’ ve earned, while filling in more of the puzzle to your benefit. In fact, you should try avoid buying a vowel for equally long as possible, as that will allow your hoard to remain unmoved, and increase your chances of winning, even by a bite .
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2. To Buy Or Not To Buy?

then again, there are some players who are successful enough when they buy vowels whenever the opportunity first arises. The justification is that if the wheel lands on Bankrupt, you ’ ll lose everything right away, so you might equally well hit while the iron is hot, and buy vowels deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive as you can afford it. We agree to this to a certain extent, though you ’ ll need to make certain you ’ ve got enough money in reserve to improve your chances of winning, all while crossing your fingers that you don ’ metric ton tailspin and get bankrupt .

3. Don’t Use Hints Till The Bonus Rounds

Although the term “ bonus round ” suggests something optional that you shouldn ’ metric ton pay much care to, it ’ s actually a identical authoritative separate of the game in Wheel of Fortune Free Play. once you ’ ve entered the consonants and vowels the inaugural time, you don ’ t have any eventuality measures, and you ’ ra leave with some hints that you can use to help you win the bonus rounds ; supernumerary hints cost 150 diamonds for three of them, should you run out. Take note that if you lose a bonus orotund, your jazz band meter for that separate of the game will reset, and you won ’ thymine get the rewards you can normally expect to get .

4. What Makes The Bonus Round So Important Anyway?

For a clearer explanation of what ’ s in it for you when you play the bonus rounds, these are the rounds where you have the best chances of earning a batch of money and collecting a set of souvenirs. You want to collect as many souvenirs as possible, because if you collect them all, you will unlock a pass, which would then allow you to unlock a new finish. By completing a second collection of them, you will get a particular human body surrounding your profile, which doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sound practical, but however helps zest things up. And last, a third collection of souvenirs would get you free diamonds, which are the game ’ sulfur bounty currency .

5. The Voting System Is Also Important

Scopely wants to know what you think of the puzzles available in Wheel of Fortune Free Play. After all, they do claim that the puzzles were created by the game testify ’ sulfur producers. That said, the company lets you vote for puzzles once a round of golf is complete, and you can vote up if you liked it, or vote down if you didn ’ thymine. It may sound like something insignificant and something you shouldn ’ thyroxine spend any meter on, but we suggest that you vote up or vote down, so the game ’ sulfur makers know which puzzles are the most enjoyable and the best to solve. That could make the game more ambitious if it isn ’ thymine, or conversely, simplify things if the puzzles are fair besides building complex.

As a bonus point regarding the vote system, there ’ second another good argue for you to vote, and that ’ s your day by day goals. Most of the time, voting a specific numeral of times will be among the requirements for these goals, sol don ’ metric ton hesitate to make your vote count and help Scopely out .

6. Which Consonants Are The Best To Guess?

The most normally used consonants in English are the follow, in order : deoxythymidine monophosphate, N, S, H, R, D, L, and C. Normally, we get good results for the letter “ S, ” as it can be used to designate plural forms, though “ R ” and “ N ” are besides good guesses when a round of golf is fair starting. arsenic long as you choose some of those letters while trying to solve the puzzles, you should be in good shape in most of them .

7. Change Category Only When Needed

You will be given the option to change the category of the puzzle before a game starts. Doing this the first time won ’ thymine cost you anything, but subsequent category changes will force you to pay diamonds. Make surely you lone take advantage of this option if you ’ re rightfully stump, and save your diamonds a much as potential, as you may need them for the bonus rounds, or to buy sealed items that will help you in the crippled.

8. How To Earn More Diamonds

As we mentioned earlier, diamonds are the crippled ’ s premium currency. They are normally available via in-app purchase, though there are ways you can get more diamonds without having to pay anything. Simply connecting your plot to Facebook, which besides allows you to play against your contacts who besides play the game, will get you 300 diamonds for free. You can besides complete the free offers in the in-app storehouse, and while some are crafty, you can complete a bunch of them to get loose diamonds .

9. Complete More Goals

The game comes with two unlike types of goals which you can complete while playing it – casual goals and life goals. The daily goals, of path, are only dear for one day, and reset the adjacent day, while life goals will be about ampere long as you play the game. It ’ s the dailies that you want to focus on, as those will normally give you better and more attractive rewards in the phase of diamonds. There are some life goals, though, that are difficult enough to justify a big ball field prize as well .

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