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If you ’ ve ever traveled to the UK, you may have noticed some differences in the currentness. obviously, it looks different and it ’ s called something else ( what we call cents, the british call penny or just “ p ” ). But there are more contrasts at workplace. british coins are magnetic while american english coins aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. If you ’ re like us here at Apex, this is surely an interesting fact .
To begin, let ’ s examine what U.S. coins are made out of and rule out why they ’ re not magnetic. You might think pennies are simply copper and nickels are, well, nickel, but that ’ s not the case, at least not anymore. Pennies and nickels haven ’ metric ton been anywhere close to arrant metals in quite some clock time. In fact, most coins are a combination of both copper and nickel. here ’ s a immediate breakdown :

That ’ sulfur right ! Nickels have 30 times more copper in them than pennies ( while alone 25 % is actual nickel ). Pennies besides actually cost more to make than they ’ re worth and many countries have done aside with 1 cent pieces all in all ! Nonetheless, none of these elements are identical magnetic.

For contrast, let ’ s take a trip across the pond. In the UK, coins are besides deceptively minted, more then than their american cousins. While 1p and 2p coins are thought to be copper like american english pennies, they are in fact by and large copper-plated steel. possibly even worse are the 5p and 10p coins that, though many even think to be silver medal, are actually nickel-plated steel .
All of these british coins are primarily composed of steel. Steel is made using iron, the most ferromagnetic element we know of. Therefore any coin made of steel would be magnetic itself .
so are there any advantages in having magnetic coins ? not in truth. One might be that the charismatic touch of british coins can be detected by coin-operated machines, therefore preventing people from using fakes or slugs. If a mint is not magnetic, vending machines can however ensure coins are substantial by testing their electric resistance.

many other currencies including the canadian dollars, argentinian centavo, and EU ’ south Euro are besides magnetic, but the bottom line is that there doesn ’ thyroxine seem to be any definitive advantage to magnetic coins other than they make for some pretty bang-up magic trick tricks .
While our currency may not be magnetic, we distillery have batch of other magnets to keep us fill. Be certain to check out our broad range of products, accessories, and even DIYs !

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