Coinless Laundry Systems

Coinless Laundry Systems If you are a multifamily rental property owner looking for an organic way to increase your tax income while offering your residents a self-service laundry option that provides them with a safe, commodious laundry know, a coinless laundry system may be precisely what you need. While mint operated laundry systems have been the traditional choice for self-service laundry rooms, coinless laundry technology has revolutionized the laundry industry in recent years, providing residents and owners with a issue of benefits that may make this equipment a more invoke option in certain laundry room situations. Coinless laundry systems eliminate the necessitate for residents to carry any cash at all, since laundry cycles are paid for with the pilfer of a smartcard. This cashless convenience helps to create a safer laundry have since there are no coin boxes or nonmigratory cash reserves to tempt thieves .
Coinless laundry systems use smartcard technology for their payment system. Enhanced security is not the lone advantage offered by coinless laundry systems ; these technologically-advanced laundry machines offer a wide range of convinced benefits for tenants and residents that includes :
Improved Reliability
With coin operated washers and dryers, residents pay for their laundry cycles using coin slides which can jam or break, leaving the laundry machines out of club until repairs can be made or substitute slides can be installed. Smart card laundry machines have no moving parts on their payment systems, so your residents can enjoy the uninterrupted serve of all the laundry machines.

Increased Revenue
Smartcard technology makes it easy for owners to implement premium pricing schedules, changing prices according to time of day, days of the workweek, and times of acme laundry use. Owners can well make small, frequent incremental price increases that are readily accepted by residents who would object to a 25-cent jumpstart in laundry prices .
Enhanced Security
Tenants are sometimes tempted to use slugs and foreign coins to steal laundry cycles when their laundry rooms use mint operated laundry equipment. Some unscrupulous criminals even go so far as to detach entire coin boxes from the washers and dryers so they can steal the cash. When you use calling card operated laundry equipment, there are no coin boxes to steal, and residents are required to pay for all their laundry cycles, which are directly debited from their smartcards.

Convenient Laundry Experience
Tenants appreciate the cashless convenience of coinless laundry systems ; there is no need to carry around coins or labor for change, and no want to use coin slides that can jam or break. Paying for laundry cycles is a breeze ; residents load value onto their smartcard time using cash, credit rating cards, or debit cards, and just swipe their card to pay for laundry cycles. property owners appreciate the convenience of the cashless laundry payment system as there are no coins to collect, no motivation to count and roll change, no need to haul the coins to a bank to make deposits, and there is an audit drag they can use to reconcile their tax income !
commercial Laundries carries a wide choice of commercial washers and dryers that can be outfitted with your choice of coinless or coin engage payment systems. We offer compromising buying and rent options, along with adept laundry room design services to help you create the laundry room solution that best fits your property and the laundry needs of your tenants.

Contact Commercial Laundries today at 1.855.254.WASH (9274) to start enjoying the cashless convenience offered by coinless laundry systems at your rental property today!

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