How to Withdraw “Rapid Listing Initiative” Coins from WazirX

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now, I wrote how to withdraw DOGE. A lector asked about how to do the same with SHIB. I wrote a tutorial for SHIBA INU tokens, even though the steps are precisely the like. I think there is confusion going on regarding how to withdraw coins listed under the Rapid Listing Initiative on WazirX, and there should be. Since many new crypto enthusiasts are inactive learning about the whole system. And when a arrangement involves money, you should always be careful and doubting.

Rapid Listing Initiative means tokens listed under this initiative won’t support deposits or withdrawals. Meaning, you can only trade these tokens on the WazirX exchange and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate move them in or out. There is no option to withdraw these coins directly, but since WazirX is connected with Binance, you can transfer the counterweight to your Binance account and withdraw it to your wallet. Pretty easy. The early way is to convert those coins to a “ withdrawable ” coin such as USDT, ETH and then withdraw it to exodus and exchange it to your desire cryptocurrency. This procedure is quite costly since there are multiple fees involved. The cost-efficient way is using Binance. Let ’ s see how you can withdraw coins listed under a rapid list inaugural from WazirX .

Step 1: Log in to Your WazirX account

Make certain your WazirX account is connected with your Binance account. Signup for WazirX here and Signup for Binance here if you don ’ metric ton have an account already. Go to WazirX & Binance connect foliate here and make certain your accounts are linked together .

Step 2: Transfer the funds to your Binance account.

Open your WazirX splashboard and chink on funds. On the top, you ’ ll notice the “Transfer to Binance” choice. Click on it and transfer whichever mint you wish to withdraw to your own wallet. Complete the transfer. The best part is this transfer is completely free .

Step 3: Withdraw From Your Binance Wallet to Your Crypto Wallet

Login to your Binance report. Click on the wallet link on top of the header and blue-ribbon Fiat & Spot (“Deposit/Withdraw”) option.

Click on Withdraw button. Select the coin you want to withdraw. In this case, the one you fair transferred from your WazirX explanation. Open your crypto wallet. If you don ’ t have one, download Trust Wallet or Exodus on your smartphone. You can later purchase a Ledger Nano or Trezor T for better security. Copy the mint “ receive ” address from your crypto wallet. paste this address in the “ Address ” playing field. Don ’ thymine worry, if the savoir-faire is wrong, Binance will show an error and not allow you to withdraw your crypto coins. Double-check the address and make sure they both match – the one you entered in the Binance withdrawal field and the one in your own wallet. Click on the “ Withdraw ” release to complete the transaction. You will receive an e-mail to approve the withdrawal in some cases. sometimes, you will have to authenticate the withdrawal using both e-mail and two-factor security. That’s it – Congratulations. You can now purchase any coin on WazirX and it doesn ’ t matter if it ’ s listed under “ Rapid Listing Initiative ”. You will silent be able to withdraw them, using this method. Be it DOGE, MATIC, ADA, DOT – any mint or nominal.

I hope this tutorial helped you. In lawsuit you ’ ve any questions or confusion, let me know in the comments below.

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