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A flat magnetic disk or piece of metallic element with an official stamp, typically used as money
“ A spokeswoman said one person was arrested on misgiving of throwing a coin at a match official and another was arrested on intuition of hurling a bottle. ”
money in the form of coins
“ These taxes were collected in coin from the burghs and fresh coin was minted 3 times a year in 60 royal mints arranged throughout the nation. ”

To create a mint, or coins, out of ( a aggregate of alloy )
“ Due to the very abject price of silver at the time, it was possible to coin a eloquent chilean peso that was peer in size to the USA silver dollar. ”
To create or conceive of, typically a password, idiom or idea
“ even if Ehrlich did indeed coin the term in the early 1900s, the concept lay fallow until computational methods arose in the 1960s. ”

To concoct or make up something that is out of true or inaccurate
“ She did not try to invent or coin some excuse for her misdeeds. ”
To produce a forge or counterfeit replicate of

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