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Neflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are big names that have shaped nowadays ’ mho ball-shaped video streaming industry. now Theta, a blockchain-based software protocol and cryptocurrency platform, aims to create decentralized video-streaming that could disrupt those models .
With Theta, video content delivery is faster because computers on the network can harness their blend power for greater efficiency. Theta besides lowers the monetary value of content rescue. The pour industry is expected to grow by over 12 % to $ 932 billion by 2028 from $ 419 billion in 2021, and Theta may have a boastfully function to play .
THETA mint is the administration mint that enables users to vote on changes to the protocol ; TFUEL is a native token for executing transactions .
This article takes a look at Theta, its potential as a disruptor in live-streaming engineering, how THETA coin and TFUEL crypto work, and why they might be of interest to investors.

How Does Theta Work?

capacity delivery networks ( CDNs ) like Netflix and Hulu, are restricted geographically, and many are finding it difficult to meet the necessitate for high-quality stream. Theta has a global pool of users with spare bandwidth, and they are rewarded for joining the Theta network and sharing their computer office. As more users join, there is more bandwidth, and the streaming quality of video recording improves .
The current, centralized live-streaming platforms act as a contact between contentedness creators and their audiences. One of the key concepts behind Theta is to cut out the middlemen to lower costs for consumers and provide higher revenues for content creators .
The network runs on its own blockchain, but it besides has two native cryptocurrencies, THETA mint and TFUEL. Theta crypto enables changes to the protocol, and TFUEL is a gas token used for executing transactions .
Theta uses a peer-to-peer ( P2P ) protocol to help participants who engage in content share ( or distribution in general ) get paid for it in real-time. Because Theta is an open-source project, users can build decentralized applications, or dapps, as they can on the Ethereum network .
Theta blockchain has three types of nodes — Edge Nodes, Guardian Nodes, and Validator Nodes .
Edge Nodes: Those who stream and parcel their Internet accelerate with Theta.tv. Edge nodes are paid in TFUEL for their contribution. • Guardian Nodes: Users who ensure that the transaction blocks proposed by the Validator Nodes are accurate. • Validator Nodes: These are companies that impale Theta coin to gain the right to process transactions on the network. Google, Samsung, Sony, and others have all staked at least one million Theta to do so. Theta uses a proof-of-stake ( PoS ) consensus mechanism called modified Byzantine Fault Tolerance ( BFT ), which is different from traditional PoS systems. Under the modified BFT system, validators and guardians work together to verify transactions and keep the network in synchronize, a process that may ensure greater security .

Advantages and Disadvantages of Theta

To recap, let ’ s consider some of the pros and cons of the Theta platform and THETA crypto .


With Theta, computers on the network can harness their blend power for greater speed and efficiency in video pour. This decentralized system may help lower the monetary value of content pitch .
besides, Theta uses a proof-of-stake ( PoS ) consensus mechanism that is based on collaboration between nodes and may keep the platform more in synchronize and consequently more procure .
Theta is an open-source project, so users can build decentralized applications, or dapps, as they can on Ethereum .
With control panel members from companies that are known to be diligence leaders, Theta engineering is well-positioned to impact the stream diligence .


Some of the platform ’ s primary coil disadvantages have to do with THETA crypto. The distribution of coins is more centralize because the original sale of tokens was not open to the public. This raises questions about the economics of how Theta crypto can increase in value as people join the network. About 30 % of the tokens are owned by early-stage investors, and if they were to cash out it could negatively affect the price .
As it stands, Theta has relatively humble bulk and liquid. So it ’ s possible that another decentralized system could emerge that uses Bitcoin, say, which is high volume and high fluidity, preferably than the less-liquid Theta nominal .

Advantages Disadvantages
• Decentralizes video recording pour, enhancing speed and efficiency . • Theta mint distribution is more centralized, which could impact value
• Potential to improve quality and cut streaming costs by 80 % . • relatively moo liquidity
• Open-source protocol allows for dapp development . • Competitors could emerge

• Industry partnerships may support invention and adoption

Who Created Theta?

Theta was founded in 2017 by Jieyi Long, a virtual reality and live-streaming technical, and Mitch Liu, an entrepreneur who founded startups in mobile bet on and on-line advertise. The two created a web site, Theta.tv, where visitors view contentedness and get paid in TFUEL .
Theta ’ s board of advisers includes digital communications royalty with names like Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube ; Twitch co-founder Justin Kan ; Jonathan Wong, director of product at Rakuten Viki ; and Kyle Okamoto, headman network officeholder at Verizon Digital Media .

Why Does THETA Have Value?

first gear, Theta can be staked by users who want to join as Validator or Guardian nodes on the network. The more you venture, the more vote baron you have .
theta can be traded for many other digital currencies. And by investing in Theta you are investing in the network ’ s likely to make an affect in the video-streaming world .
Judging by the growth in the stream diligence Theta should continue to attract investors, barring any good competition. A recently awarded patent to Theta Labs for the decentralized CDN mannequin may help solidify its situation as a successful entrant in this space .

Price of THETA

As of Feb. 23, 2022, Theta was the 43rd largest crypto. It has a respect of $ 2.77 with a sum marketplace crown of $ 2.76 billion and a circulating issue of 1 billion. In April of 2021, Theta reached an all-time high of $ 14.38 .
Theta Price History

Why Use THETA?

The Theta chopine, and therefore THETA crypto, could be fueled by the growing markets for digital media and on-line television games. If thus, there could be significant long-run potential for investors. It ’ s probably that today ’ second internet will not be fast enough for future need with 8K stream, multiplayer synchronous video-gaming, and immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences .
Although CDNs on centralize networks can compensate for a while, decentralized networks may avoid the trouble of internet outages .
Theta ’ sulfur decentralized net means that anyone can become an border node and contribute computing office to the network. If one boundary fails, there are many others still in the network that can keep the network up and running .
Another reason to consider THETA ’ south value is its partnerships with companies that focus on e-sports, an industry that is seeking faster internet speeds for sports streaming .

How Can I Buy THETA?

Buying Theta ( THETA ) can be harder to find than other types of crypto, so you may have to do a little research. Be sure to review how crypto exchanges work, and make certain the exchange you choose allows trades in the cryptocurrencies of your option .

Step 1. Choose an exchange and fund your account.

once you ’ ve set up an account on an exchange, you can fund your report with a electrify transportation from your bank, or even with a credit or debit wag transfer ( but check with your savings bank in the case of restrictions. Fees may apply .

Step 2. Set up a wallet to store your assets.

just as you might keep money in a physical wallet, cryptocurrencies are held in digital “ wallets. ” Your wallet is basically a contractual agreement via the blockchain that you own ten measure of THETA or other crypto. ( More on how to store your crypto below. ) Be indisputable to select a crypto wallet that supports THETA .
bill that some crypto exchange accounts come with a custodial wallet .

Step 3. Trade THETA!

After you ’ ve funded your account, you can start deal. Once you ’ ve executed the trade wind, you can transfer your holdings to your wallet, unless your exchange provides you with a custodial wallet. You may want to leave your holdings there if you plan to keep trade .

Sharing Personal Data

like to trade securities, there are crypto fees to consider when trade crypto. Be certain to understand all the associated costs that may come with deal crypto on one platform versus another, or using one form of payment versus another .

How to Sell THETA

once you ’ ve decided to sell your THETA, the adjacent step is deciding whether you plan to cash out for a decree currentness like U.S. dollars ( USD ) or trade another type of crypto .

Step 1. Decide what to trade.

If you ’ ra exchanging THETA for USD, the steps may be different than if you ’ re buying another form of crypto like BTC, ETH, DOT, ADA, etc. besides, some exchanges may not do a direct trade wind from THETA to USD — or they may require you to complete a more extensive KYC identification .

Step 2. Find the best price.

Crypto prices fluctuate by the minute, sol do your research ahead so you know a good offer when you see one .

Step 3. Make the trade.

Complete the deal and move your crypto ( or cash ) to your wallet, unless you plan to keep trade on the commute .

Step 4. Keep taxes in mind.

Remember that crypto gains are subject to taxes. Be indisputable to consider the tax implications of selling Theta coin, and consult a professional as needed .

Does THETA Have Staking?

theta can be staked ; in fact, that ’ s where its value lies. Users need at least 1,000 Theta coins to venture. once you have 1,000 THETA in your wallet, you can stake up to 10,000 and be rewarded with TFuel tokens .

The Takeaway

Theta ’ s open-source, decentralized blockchain is expected to meet growing requirement for faster and better quality live cyclosis and potentially disrupt the current centralize network heavy-hitters like Netflix and Hulu.

theta can besides be valuable to investors because users can stake the crypto in order to earn rewards .
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