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Jeff Garrett Appreciation of Toned Coins
By Jeff Garrett for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) ……
Jeff Garrett My last article mentioned the gamey demand from collectors for beautifully tone coins. The prices realized for coins with great color can sometimes defy logic. As person who spends a distribute of time trying to be on top of rare coin prices, this partially of the market can be mystifying, even for an expert. I ’ megabyte certain for those who have much less experience, the subject can be even more unmanageable, if not absolute confusing .
Silver coinage comes in a wide crop of appearances. Most collectors state that they only want original coins for their collection, but in many cases only purchase crisp whiten examples. This is exchangeable to saying you want healthy food, but when asked to order, you choose the bacon cheeseburger. It is not difficult to understand this nerve impulse, as frigid white coins are normally very attractive. Coins with great luster can look amaze, and are what the coins looked like the day they left the dies.

unfortunately, most ash grey coins, specially those over 100 years erstwhile, normally display some grade of toning. This can range from ignite gold hues, to an about black oxidise appearance. Coins with unattractive tone can sometimes be conserved by dipping in silver tarnish remover, of which there are many brands. Jewel Luster is the most popular brand of silver drop, and has been around for decades. In recent months it has been reported that Jewel Luster was being discontinued by its manufacturer. I ’ m not certain if this is true, but quite a few dealers have stocked up, fair in case .

Enhancing Eye Appeal

Using eloquent dip can be a dangerous option for toned eloquent coins of senior high school prize. The results are army for the liberation of rwanda from coherent, and many great coins have been ruined in an try to make them crisp white. I hush have a 1923 Monroe Half Dollar that I purchased in the 1980s for around $ 3,000 that was completely ruined when I dipped the coin. I keep the coin as a reminder of the dangers when trying to restore a coin .
closely every principal you will meet can relate a like story. On the pass side, there is always the agitation of dipping an unattractive coin and being left with a sparkling jewel .
Coin conservation very should be left to experts as the results can be highly erratic. fortunately, NGC started Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) years ago to assist collectors in this catchy part of the hobby. The most crucial affair they serve is to help you avoid ruining a coin with aggressive clean techniques. If a coin is not a good campaigner for conservation, they will let you know .
For most, the confusing part of tone coins is what can be considered attractive tone. There is no formalistic scale or standard reference book on the national. Price guides do not have an extra column for tone coins. The variables are staggering and opinions on the subject range wildly .
As a collector, you in truth need to have a grip of this discipline, because when it ’ second time to sell your coins, the center invoke component will be an important issue. I have known far excessively many collectors who focus more on completing a collection and excessively little on quality .

Beauty Is Subjective

smasher is in the eye of the perceiver in numismatics. Some like bright egg white examples, and others love tone coins. It ’ s the middle crunch that gets ignored, particularly when the commercialize is dominated by collectors, as is the encase at the moment .
Toned Morgan Dollars

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I believe the risk is when you are faced with a bribe decision for an attractive coin at what seems to be an excessive price. This is where you need to understand market price to make the right decision. This is information you can not find in a book. You need to study actual coins and observe what they sell for. This is best accomplished by examining auction results — either in person or on the web. Most companies have great photography these days .
I have besides mentioned many times the importance of finding an experience mentor for your collecting pursuits. In most cases, these individuals have decades of feel that they are volition to share. There are many aspects of numismatics that can only be learned by seeing thousands upon thousands of coins. A kinship with person who knows their sphere of the market can be full of life to your long-run success as a collector. They can help you navigate some of the traps that early collectors sometimes fall into .

Artificial Toning

Speaking of traps, artificial toning is one of the trickiest parts of numismatics. Anyone who has ever submitted coins to a grade service has probably gotten a coin back that was ungraded because of “ questionable toning ”. Coins have been artificially toned since the beginning of numismatics. In the recently 1800s, a big numismatist died when cleaning large cents. He incidentally took a sip of cyanide alternatively of ginger ale while working on his collection .
Artificially Toned American Silver Eagles
Getting a coin back from the scaling services as “ questionable toning ” can be frustrating for anyone. It ’ s apprehensible, in my opinion, as the marking services are constantly assaulted with artificially enhance coins. It is their caper to protect the final end user of their products. No one wants to own a coin for years and then find out they have an inferior product when it ’ s meter to sell .
Collecting coins is enjoyable in many ways. Most coins are related to events in history and many have bang-up stories to tell. The hobby can provide a life of enjoyment, but to be a successful collector ( person who hopes their collection is a good investment ), you need to spend fourth dimension trying to learn the nuances of the hobby .
Numismatic education is full of life and will pay great rewards when it comes time to sell. Consider joining the American Numismatic Association (ANA). The organization is based on numismatic education. even better, you should try attending their annual Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs. There are classes on tons of subjects, including most of what has been discussed above. This one-week submergence in numismatics is amazing. Knowledge is ability, particularly in numismatics !
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