1821 Spanish 8 Reales Silver – Santa Fe Trail Fine

The “American” Silver Dollar Used on the Santa Fe Trail

The Santa Fe Trail was America ’ s first gear commercial highway, connecting Franklin, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. This 900-mile elongate over the Great Plains was first pioneered in 1821 by William Becknell, and served as a thoroughfare for countless traders, pioneers and members of America ’ s military who aided in America ’ s westward expansion. On that chase, the “ Silver Dollar ” used in trade was actually a spanish Silver 8 Reales mint, just like the one offered here. It even comes date 1821, the year the trail was first pioneer ! Your coin will arrive in Fine ( F ) condition, housed in a burlap pouch accompanied by a storycard on the Santa Fe Trail .

  • TRIBUTE TO AMERICA’S SANTA FE TRAIL – This Spanish 8 Reales coin was struck in 1821 — the same year legendary frontiersman William Bucknell made the first journey along the Santa Fe Trail.
  • STRUCK IN HIGHLY PURE SILVER – Each 1821 Spanish 8 Reales Silver Dollar was struck in 27.07 grams of highly pure 90.3% fine silver and measures 38 mm in diameter.
  • SPANISH SILVER THAT WAS LEGAL TENDER IN AMERICA – These coins were used and accepted as legal tender since America didn’t have a ready supply of its own coins. In fact, the Spanish dollar was the coin upon which the original U.S. silver dollar was based, and it remained legal tender in the United States until the Coinage Act of 1857.
  • NICE FINE CONDITION – Your 1821 Spanish 8 Reales Silver – Santa Fe Trail Dollar come sin nice Fine (F) condition, a remarkable grade considering that this coin first circulated 200 years ago!

This spanish 8 Reales coin was struck in 1821 — the same year Captain William Bucknell made his celebrated travel along the Santa Fe Trail. Who knows, possibly it lined the saddlebags of a traveler who skirmished with amerind tribe ! impregnable yours now !

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