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Bepro Network Monthly Report — May 2022

Bepro Network Monthly Report — May 2022Bepro Network Monthly Report — May 2022 We ’ re back with the monthly composition to let you know what we ’ ve been up to at Bepro Network. In January and February, we integrated the teams and started to outline the roadmap and the vision — now joint — of our product offer. In the months that followed, we focused our efforts on the community and the development/improvement of two resources that serve as the initiation of the Bepro Network : the v2 Bepro protocol & the bepro.js codebase.

As we enter the second half of the year, in this report we ’ ll make a quick retread of the former three months and the most relevant events that happened both on TAIKAI and on the Bepro Network. hera ’ second what we ’ ve been up to :


50 fastest-growing startups in Portugal
After the amalgamation, TAIKAI was considered by Rows one of the acme fifty dollar bill fastest-growing startups in Portugal. The analysis was based on employee growth, fund, and valuation.
You can learn more about it here. Bepro Network Community & Press Kit
Released the raw Bepro Network Community & Press Kit. These resources help the community to develop message aligned with our mark identity and guidelines, so it ’ sulfur easily recognizable throughout the web .


Introduced the BePromoter Ambassador ProgramBePromoter Ambassador ProgramBePromoter Ambassador Program right after the amalgamation, we focused on listening to the challenges and pain points of the community, in regulate to understand how we can build the best strategies for the growth of the Bepro Network ecosystem. We ’ ve been witnessing sustainable growth in the Bepro community over the years and we knew it was clock to introduce the ambassador ’ sulfur course of study.

The response from the residential district couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be better : over 900 applicants from over 40 different nationalities. We ’ ll share more details about the foremost phase of the program soon, but you can read more about it on our impression page. Devconnect Amsterdam
We ended the month in the Netherlands to join Devconnect — A week-long event gather focused on bringing the Ethereum residential district together and in-depth project case to the web3 worldly concern. condom to say the event was a blast and we can ’ thyroxine wait for the future one .


$BEPRO listing at Bitmart Exchange
As share of our continuous growth, we announced in early on May the $ BEPRO token list on the Bitmart Exchange. We ’ rhenium excited to have another central as a collaborator who supports our project. BitMart will allow us to push even further and introduce Bepro Network to new markets and individuals ( read more ). SpaghettETH Milan sponsoring
We participated in SpaghettETH as a sponsor and the main platform for the event.
We met a lot of talented builders and founders and talked about how they can leverage Bepro Network to scale their web3 projects.

SpaghettETH MilanSpaghettETH Milan Going forward
Without surprise to many of you, we ’ ve been focusing our efforts on the development and improvement of two resources that serve as the initiation of the Bepro Network : the v2 of the protocol & the Bepro.js codebase. In the future, expect new developments and integrations to happen on bepro.js, along with new and better features for our Bepro Network solution. On the community and web3 events english, we ’ re pleased to announce that we will be at Consensus 2022 by Coindesk on June 9–12, where we will host a talk on the future of Bepro Network and TAIKAI Labs. Just ping us if you ’ re around and want to connect .

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