What Is Jesus Coin, and Does It Foretell the End of Cryptocurrencies?

With the rush of new cryptocurrencies hitting the market, it was only a matter of time before person took the craze to an extreme. What may have been harder to predict, however, was that this extreme would besides involve some light blasphemy. Forbes reports that a new cryptocurrency called “ Jesus Coin ” has launched and is drawing substantial amounts of investor interest and attention. And yet, the currentness itself seems to have been launched as a hoax or as a joke. With the success of a cryptocurrency arsenic bizarre as Jesus Coin, is this the latest and surest gestural that the whole diligence is a massive bubble that is waiting to burst ?

The Basics of Jesus Coin

According to Forbes, the launch of Jesus Coin was initially intended as sarcasm by a group of friends. however, curtly after the ICO of the coin, investors became legitimately interested in buying up tokens. The home page for the coin suggests that “ Jesus Coin has been developed as the currency of God ‘s Son. Unlike morally bereft cryptocurrencies, Jesus Coin has the singular advantage of providing global access to Jesus that ‘s safer and faster than ever before. ” It ‘s hard to imagine that this and other statements about the cryptocurrency were not written in joke, and so far the dollars have poured in.

The web site continues by stating that the chief benefits of investing in Jesus Coin are supposed sin forgiveness through outsource, “ record transaction speeds between you and God ‘s son, ” and an calculate grocery store capitalization of about $ 50 billion. Jesus Christ is the given founder and CEO of the company, according to the web site, with Judas Iscariot and Saint Peter named as regent and populace relations officer. And even, in malice of the bantering attitude of the currency ‘s web site, investors continue to buy coins .

The benefits of Jesus Coin, in the company ‘s own words :

  • Sin Forgiving – Jesus Coin is negotiating with churches to outsource sin forgiveness.
  • Transaction Speeds – Record transaction times between you and God’s son
  • Predicted to Achieve $50bn Market Cap – Predicted by Peter (not the disciple).


Forbes reports that Jesus Coin is fully compliant with the ERC20 ethereum keepsake standard, with one nominal of ether being equivalent to 12 Jesus Coins ( JC ) as of the ICO. The full number of JC will be capped at 13 million. The ICO began on September 12 and continues to December 25, another inside reference. trade will begin two days after, on December 27. Whether or not Christians would agree with the founders that “ Jesus would be pumped to have his own mint ” is a matter of debate .

careless of the specifics of Jesus Coin, the surface to prominence of a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke suggests that investors may be besides tidal bore to invest in any mint that comes along, careless of its actual merits or value. That is one of the surest signs of a bubble brain. Forbes acknowledges that there are merely 180 composition currencies recognized by the United Nations in the global, and however there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies as of this writing, with the count growing all the time .

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